DR Rebecca  Ng

DR Rebecca Ng

Media Brite Smiles is a well known dental clinic located at 1025 N. Providence Rd. Media, PA 19063 that is dedicated to offering exceptional.

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Think about how much your teeth functions everyday— wouldn’t it be nice to have a long -lasting solution that will work as well as a real tooth? Many people are scared of the implantation process because they feel it is a complex, painful job; however, this not at all true– it is comparatively straightforward process with various benefits. Then, your jaw may need a bone graft to ensure there is enough space for the implant, although this is not compulsory for every patient. They will then place a temporary crown that will remain for four to six weeks while a permanent crown is created from a model of your teeth. After Surgery and Care for Implants Post-surgery, you may get minor pain and bleed for a short time. Swelling of the gums and face is unique, and the patients individually report that these symptoms are quite resistible.