But if separate beds feels too drastically so there is now a solution: a bed that uses technology from the automotive industry.It does not belong to ovanligheten in a relationship that one party is disturbed by the other rolls around on the night.And there are those who, despite long-standing conditions never get used to it and over the years to lose many valuable hours.For many people is to sleep in separate beds, but in the worst cases, the lack of proximity lead to relationskrasch – a phenomenon called sleep-divorce.When people sleep, they are the most sensitive, so we are programmed to wake up when any concerns or touches us.The mechanism kick-started, as soon as someone in the bed rolls over to your side, and sleep is disturbed while the other person continues to sleep in peace and quiet.
Ford Europe is back with another interesting innovation, this one designed to solve the age-old problem of people who hog the bed.Tired of your significant other crowding your side of the mattress?This Ford smart bed can automatically roll them back onto their own side, helping each person get restful sleep without resorting to separate beds.The new smart bed joins the smart dog house Ford Europe introduced last year.Ford points toward the growing trend of “bed divorce,” in which a couple chooses to sleep in separate beds in order to avoid disruptions at night, which are often caused by one person crowding the other.The company has dubbed its new innovation the Lane-Keeping Bed, one that utilizes Ford’s automotive tech to solve an annoying household problem.
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Jeff Bezos and his private investigators are floating the theory that a "government entity" may have accessed the Amazon CEO's personal texts, Washington Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia said Thursday night on MSNBC.The National Enquirer previously published an exposé on Bezos' affair with former TV host Lauren Sanchez, which included leaked photos and texts, in the wake of the Amazon CEO's divorce announcement.In an appearance Thursday night on MSNBC, the Washington Post's Manuel Roig-Franzia said Bezos' head of security, Gavin de Becker, has floated the theory that a "government entity" may be to blame.The leaked texts ended up in the hands of the National Enquirer, who published an exposé on Bezos' affair with Sanchez in the wake of the billionaire announcing he and his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Bezos, were divorcing."[Gavin de Becker] has provided us with some very interesting insights into the backstages of this whole drama, including the investigation that has taken place," Roig-Franzia said on MSNBC.One theory is that National Enquirer publisher American Media (AMI) — or perhaps a person or outside government — may have leaked the texts in an effort to demonstrate support for Trump or embarrass the owner of a newspaper that has written critical coverage of the president in the past.
The saga of Jeff Bezos’s very public divorce slouches onward.The Amazon CEO published a personal post on Medium this evening containing leaked emails purported to be from the National Enquirer.The emails—at least one of which is marked “confidential and not for distribution”—threaten to publish revealing photos of him and his new girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, unless certain demands were met.Just a few short weeks ago, Bezos made a strangely public announcement on Twitter about his and his wife McKenzie’s divorce.It’s now believed the purpose was to preempt a National Enquirer story detailing his extramarital tryste with TV personality Lauren Sanchez, as well as text content of messages sent between the two (the photos were alluded to in the Enquirer’s stories on the subject.)Bezos has since retained the services of Gavin de Becker to investigate the source of the leaked texts, as well as determine if any political motives may have played a part in their release.
That brief flash encapsulated Bezos' public profile for much of his career.Amazon's founder and CEO carefully cultivated a persona as a captain of industry, futurist and smartest guy in the room.Yes, many criticized his ruthless business practices and lack of charitable giving, but most perceived him as a winner and a genius.This image was helped by him maintaining a quiet personal life that from afar seemed free of controversy: longtime marriage, four kids, close relationship with his parents.After he and his wife MacKenzie announced their divorce over Twitter last month, Bezos' extramarital affair quickly hit the gossip pages.Then, late Thursday, Bezos published a lengthy Medium post revealing an alleged blackmail plot by the National Enquirer, a publication with close ties to President Donald Trump.
Yesterday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos accused the National Enquirer of “extortion and blackmail” involving a story published last month.It’s a wild and intricate story, playing off deep and long-standing rivalries between Trump and Bezos.The announcement came in an early morning tweet with a longer statement attached.“After a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends,” the statement read, printed in the Kindle-friendly Bookerly typeface.The following day, a story in the National Enquirer detailed Bezos’ ongoing relationship with a woman named Lauren Sanchez.The exposé was well-sourced, quoting extensively from Bezos’ texts to Sanchez and making reference to “a cache of lewd selfies” that he sent.
National Enquirer publisher American Media (AMI) says its board will investigate claims made by Jeff Bezos in a blog post accusing the paper of "extortion and blackmail."In a statement to Business Insider, AMI says it believes it "acted lawfully" and "in good faith" in the reporting on the Amazon CEO's affair with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez.Bezos' team has been investigating who leaked private text messages and photos to the National Enquirer, which published an exposé in the wake of Bezos' divorce.Bezos alleges in his blog post that AMI and its chairman David Becker threatened to release nude photos of him if he didn't cease his investigation into who was responsible for leaking the messages.American Media, the publisher of the National Enquirer, has released a statement saying it "acted lawfully" in its reporting on Jeff Bezos, but that its board will "investigate" his claims that its executives attempted to blackmail him by threatening to release nude photos of the Amazon CEO.The Amazon CEO published a blog post Thursday accusing the National Enquirer of "extortion and blackmail."
The bedroom antics of Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and owner of the Washington Post, have been thrown back into the limelight after he accused the owner of a US gossip magazine of trying to “blackmail” him over 10 private sexual images — including a dick pic.The 55-year-old, who is going through a divorce from wife MacKenzie Bezos, alleged that intermediaries of National Enquirer chief David Pecker threatened to publish the embarrassing photos as part of a bid to intervene in a Washington Post investigation of the Enquirer’s parent company American Media Inc.Pecker has yet to respond to the claims, but as much as we try to avert our eyes from Bezos’s new lease of life, it seems the universe has other ideas.Unfortunately for Bezos, the first set of text messages obtained by the National Enquirer last month – which the father-of-four sent to his married mistress Lauren Sanchez – are embarrassing enough without the accompanying images.They also remind us all of a fundamental truth: reading anyone else’s sexts is always unsexy.Credit where credit is due, Bezos has stuck to the golden rules: compliments, details, enthusiasm.
Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has accused the National Enquirer and its owner American Media of “blackmailing” him with the threat of releasing intimate photos and text messages.In a statement published on Medium, Bezos claimed that the tabloid had threatened to publish photos and messages between him and the woman he has been dating, Lauren Sanchez, unless he called off an investigation into how it obtained the messages.The National Enquirer published a series of stories last month revealing Bezos' relationship with Sanchez after he announced he was divorcing wife, MacKenzie Bezos, after 25 years.Some of the stories included text messages between the couple and claimed that Bezos only made the divorce public knowledge after learning it was preparing to publish a story.Bezos has hired investigators to find out how the outlet obtained the messages and intimate photos.In his statement, Bezos included what he said were emails from American Media's chief content officer and deputy general counsel.
But right now, it’s as if our ‘parents’ are embroiled in a particularly acrimonious divorce.”And in the same way that a messy divorce might trigger anxiety and uncertainty in children, those emotions are infiltrating people’s everyday lives.Britain is mum, the EU is dad, and its citizens are the children caught between.It’s not a cause of their anxiety disorder exactly, he says, but it’s certainly adding to that feeling of concern and hopelessness, that feeling of not being in control.Gary Waters via Getty ImagesThe 35-year-old says her anxiety has been worsening since the referendum vote in 2016.
Jeff Bezos says that the National Enquirer argued that it would be in the public interest to publish intimate private photos of him, because they reflect on his judgment as the CEO of Amazon.Bezos had a snappy response: He personally built Amazon up to become one of the most valuable and important companies in the world."I will let those results speak for themselves."Despite Bezos' snappy comeback, it's worth noting that his divorce from wife MacKenzie Bezos does carry some risks for Amazon shareholders — risks that could become exacerbated by this whole dramatic episode.It's the position of the National Enquirer, it seems, that it would be in the public interest to publish intimate photos of Jeff Bezos — including at least one racy selfie — because they would reflect on his business judgment as CEO of Amazon.That's according to Bezos himself, in a defiant blog post claiming that the National Enquirer, and its publisher, David Becker, were engaging in "extortion and blackmail" over those photos.
Theresa May has told European Council president Donald Tusk that he caused “widespread dismay” when he said some Brexiteers had a “special place in hell”.Tusk yesterday said on Twitter that he had been “wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely”.Speaking after a series of meetings in Brussels on Thursday, May condemned the language, “which was not helpful and caused widespread dismay in the United Kingdom”, she said.The prime minister was holding talks in an attempt to persuade EU leaders to reopen the Brexit divorce deal first agreed in December, after it was roundly rejected by MPs.May was hoping to persuade the EU to allow her to introduce some “alternative arrangements” to the Northern Ireland backstop, the fallback position that would see the UK remain closely tied to EU rules if a full trade deal can not be agreed, and prevent a hard border in Ireland.But during her talks with EU leaders, May was told the deal signed in December could not be changed.
Italian restaurant chain Zizzi is going to split one of its London restaurants in half, divorce-style, to accommodate people who both love and hate Valentine's Day.Zizzi One New Change (that's an address, not app update notes) near St Paul's will become Lovers Or Haters HQ, with a section for each.The idea was the result of a survey showing that half of us hate V-Day and the other half adore it.Therefore, people on either side will have a part of the restaurant dedicated to their preferences, with either pink and hearts galore or grumpy nothingness, like their personalities.Honestly, it seems a bit daft to have the same restaurant housing both sides -- would it not have made more sense to have a lovey-dovey one for the couples and a Valentine's-free-zone somewhere else for people who wanted to avoid the whole thing?The Valentine's section of the restaurant will be bedecked with balloons and streamers, and offer a special VD menu for £19.95, including a three-course meal and a sharing platter of desserts.
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Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson was squarely put in his place over Brexit negotiations live on Sky News last night, as reporter Beth Rigby called him “deluded” to his face.Despite flat rejections of her plea to reopen the UK’s ‘divorce’ agreement with the EU, Johnson insisted Prime Minister Theresa May is now in a position to “go to Brussels and get the freedom clause that the UK needs.”An incredulous Rigby interjected: “Just as she rides off on her unicorn to Brussels, the reality check landed in my phone, this is from [European Council president Donald Tusk]’s spokesperson: ‘The backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement and the withdrawal agreement is not open for renegotiation.The December European Council conclusions are very clear on this point…’”Shaking her head in amazement, Rigby then tells Johnson: “You lot are deluded, it’s not happening, it’s not happening.”An increasingly flustered Johnson fired back: “With the greatest respect to Donald Tusk, it takes two to tango.
What happened: Youzan, a Hangzhou-based mobile e-commerce platform, announced at its annual meeting on Jan. 17 that the company would adopt the “996” working schedule, in which workdays start at around 9 a.m., finish at 9 p.m., and extend into the weekend.When asked how employees are supposed to balance family and work under such a tight schedule, a company executive said they could refer to Huawei, which reportedly told its employees that divorce might be an optional solution.Youzan founder Zhu Ning responded in an open letter on the media outrage, saying that the incident could be a good thing because it gives the public a chance to learn about the company before joining.Why it’s important: 996 is the new norm for Chinese internet companies, which are competing to move fast and stay ahead in the market.Companies like 58.com, Xiaomi, and a handful of others have adopted this new practice.The changes in policy at many of these companies have angered staff members, especially millennials.
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He dismissed warnings about the impact of a no-deal Brexit, and said it was “overwhelmingly likely” that Brussels will offer better terms, ie the UK to have the right to decide unilaterally to leave the backstop.Finally, he proposed that we up the ante by threatening to withhold half of the £39billion agreed as the divorce payment until the terms of a deal are met to our satisfaction.MPs that represent manufacturers know how worried these companies are about the possibility of no-deal.With complex supply chains involving components manufactured across Europe and “just in time” manufacturing meaning that some manufacturers have as little as two hours worth of components on site at any one time, companies large and small are united in condemning the prospect of leaving the EU without a deal.Most of the attention being paid to the prospect of leaving without a deal has been on the short-term consequences; I am equally concerned about the long term.Global companies, with manufacturing facilities across Europe and beyond, will look less favourably on the UK as the destination for the manufacture of their next model – or a new model altogether – if we leave the EU without access to the single market having been negotiated.