Businesses are constantly making efforts to develop a mobile app that can be easily compatible with all devices. UI design plays an extremely important part in deciding what the user experience will be like. Minimal design is major trend and helps apps in being more creative. There is a high level of user interactivity with a minimalistic design. This is due to the focus on features and functionality. When an app has a simple UI, it not just attract users but also improves the brand value.

Color scheme helps in setting an emotional links between the user and mobile app. There are many predefined color schemes which can be used to enhance user experience. Special effects are really good when they are used in the right quantity. Flat design is the latest trend in minimalistic design. Flat designs are those that have less curves. Also, it has elements with no shadows and textures. White space helps in creating a certain amount of room for elements to breath and balance. To know more about minimalistic design, read the article here.