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Today we are going to see how to build an app like Letgo with the latest technology.

In the market place, there are colossal script are obtainable.

Well in the online classified world Letgo plays an excellent role for the users.

To require a mobile app like Letgo, that is remarkably beneficial for your business.

Trioangle Technology is the one best web and mobile development company, which dispenses excellent software for every customer.

They offer PassUp - Letgo clone script, which is fabricated with the awe-inspiring working structure for the users to grip the mobile app.

Come on its time to know about PassUp

PassUp is a mobile application(Android) that permits users to buy and sell their used or fresh stuff. They can take the role of both buyer and seller as per they desire.

The seller can easily upload their photos what they willing to sell it off on the app. The buyer can use the geographical options, can browse and make the best offers on the stuff.

This the features in the PassUp - Letgo clone.

Advanced filter – The users can simply click on the filter option and find out their categories of the product and can allocate the location according to the city and region.

Location-based search – In the filter, after the categories, the user can enter the code and zip code and they can find out sellers nearby location within 10kms.

User Reviews & Ratings – Find highly reviewed and rated products and sellers

Multilingual compatibility – Can speak any language

User management console – Profile updates, account information, previous purchase details etc.

Product image sliders – Top selling or recently added products on sliders.

Tracking option for seller response – Track responses of sellers for a price quote sent.

Internal chat system with sellers – Proceed to chat and close the deal instantly.

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