When it comes to choosing the best and durable toilet for your home or workplace, there are many options available to choose from as the industry of it is growing very fast. Before buying a toilet for you home or workplace you must keep in mind some of the things that will help you to buy the perfect one that is reliable, durable, and of high-quality. You must keep in mind the sizes, flushing system, seats, bowl shapes, and finishes of the toilet. But it is not an easy task to do and can make anyone's head spin.

The features you should keep in mind while choosing the best toilet are:

1. Toilet Capability:

Its water saving capability, toilet bowl types, brand, warranty, and ADA approval.  Water conservation is a serious problem, so in 2006 Environment Protection Agency (EPA) started to introduce water sense to encourage water conservation in toilets as a lot of water was wasted by simple flushing of toilets.

2. Toilet Shape and Size:

In the case of toilets size and shape of the toilet seat does matter. There are two types of toilet shapes, i.e. round or elongated. The round seats are seen as outdated while the elongated seats are fresh in the market.  

3. Types of Toilet:

In the case of toilet bowl types i.e., one piece and two-piece are present in the market.  The two-piece toilet bowls have a separate tank and toilet bowl that the user can attach or detach by his will during installation, but due to its larger size, it is relatively more challenging to clean. The one-piece toilets are more expensive and durable but more comfortable to clean than two-piece toilets because it doesn't have separate bowl and tank.

4. Is the Toilet ADA Approved?

You can see on many toilet seats that it is ADA approved. Many people don’t have an idea what does it mean? These are the specifications based on 2010 ADA standards and design such as the water sensing capability, and the size of the toilet seat must be not less than 17 inches and not greater than 19, etc.

Our aim for making these best toilet review is to help you choose the best toilet based on your decision.