Stay Tuned Without Holiday Weight Gain: Bodyweight of a person matters a lot for maintaining a good personality. But unfortunately one often gains weight, when on holidays for a good number of days. Trying to lose weight during the holiday season may be impractical as one’s input is more than output, meaning by intake of calories is more than its burning and this extra calorie gets deposited in the form of fat. Consequently, if on a daily basis this extra fat keeps on increasing then obviously one will start looking obese, especially around the belly. In India, it usually happens between September to December due to festivals and year-end holidays. In America people often gain extra pounds between “Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day”, a six-week duration marked by celebrations, eating and drinking.

This is especially true for people who are already overweight than normal-weight people.

So instead of dieting after the holidays, one can set the more achievable goal of maintaining weight throughout the holidays. For the extra weight gain then one has to focus on shedding pounds after the holidays and if one maintains it, and then will not have extra weight to lose in January.

It may seem impossible to enjoy the holidays and maintain the weight simultaneously, but it’s not so, one can easily do it.

Some of the tips are shared below