Donald Trump - Based on the results of a survey of public opinion Reuters that the most current, the majority of the supporters of the party of Democrats want impeachment of the President of the United States (U.S.) Donald Trump.

Reuters did an interview online against 1118 the sample is adults aged over 18 years who come from the continental US, alaska, and Hawaii.

The respondents consisted of 876 registered voters, while the number of democratic voters as much as 454 people, of the Republic of 457 people, and an independent 113 people.

The composition of the sample has been tested to ensure that the composition reflects the population.The interview was conducted on 7-8 October 2019.

Interval the credibility of this survey which is about 5.2 percent for the Democrats, 5.2 percent for the supporters of the Republic, and 10.5% for voters are independent.

But, the number who reject impeachment down 2% from last week to 39%.

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