Managed WordPress hosting is a favorite option of many webmasters online for good reason. Its robust features and growing community make it the first choice of many users. Without wasting time on the introductory part of the article, here are 6 main benefits of managed WordPress hosting.

1) The speed of the site

The first thing that is remarkable for many WordPress users is the speed with which websites or blogs loads. Site loading times are directly correlated with new visitor conversion rates, with statistics indicating that slow sites are losing customers who would buy their products or services if the site were faster. Secure WordPress hosting generally has fewer sites, which allows sites to load very quickly.

To maintain the site, managed WordPress services use content delivery networks. The loading speed of a site is important because it directly influences search engine rankings as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty. With shorter loading times, web content typically has a higher conversion rate, higher user return traffic, better word of mouth for your brand.

2) Automatic updates

The WordPress platform automatically updates the client's installations with each new version of the software. This means that users do not have to update their core, themes and WordPress plugins because they are done automatically on the platform.

3) Excellent security

Managed WordPress hosting services are secure because the platform is managed by professionals with a deep understanding of platform firewall creation and administration, and so on. Secure WordPress hosting provides a robust service that prevents the site from being attacked by malicious software, allowing the site to run continuously so that it is readily available and accessible to users.

The web platform easily infected with malware also affects client computers, propagating them when users visit it. Due to malware, sites are also quickly affected in their ranking because crawlers also detect the virus and either delist the website or reduce web rankings.

4) Superior technical support

Managed WordPress hosting providers to ensure that their customers receive 24-hour technical support to resolve issues faster. Since the technical team focuses solely on managed WordPress hosting, you can leverage the vast knowledge available to run an excellent Web solution.

5) Good uptime

Secured WordPress hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime without any unforeseen interruptions. Dimensioning flexibility allows users to benefit from unlimited storage space even when storage resources are low during peak hours.

6) Backup at the most important moments

Even if there is a problem on your site, a powerful backup service via Managed WordPress hosting will surely restore the system to work properly. With high redundancy strategies and optimal data recovery, even after major unplanned outages, this solution is among the best in the industry.

Secure WordPress hosting provides nightly backups of WordPress to prevent the loss of web content. With an increasingly dynamic Internet, where hackers and new malware attacks are common, it's a welcome relief for many. This means that you do not have to worry about your own backup of data regularly or about the technical requirements to run it regularly.