BPJS - This step is triggered after the rising rise in premiums that will apply from January 2020.

The head of the Branch of the Health BPJS Kulon Progo regency, Agus Tri Utomo said the BPJS membership of Self many have already dropped the class.

The rise in the premium of BPJS Health are stipulated in Presidential decree Number 75 Year 2019 on the amendment of Presidential Regulation Number 82 Year 2018 about Health insurance.

For the participants of the independent, dues-class III Rp 25,500 per month to Usd 42 thousand, class II rose from Usd 51 thousand to Rp 110 thousand, and the tariff class I change from Usd 80 thousand to Rp 160 thousand.

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Previously, Executing the task of Head of the Department of Health, Kulon Progo regency, Sri Budi Utami said the District Government will increase the budget for health insurance from Usd 13 billion to Usd 28 billion in 2020.

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