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Located just 170km Southeast of Darwin in Northern Australia, there is a wonderful natural wonder waiting to be explored. Kakadu National Park Australia is the home to over two thousand different plant species and hundreds of mammals and reptiles who live in the vast expanse of protected land just beside the historical Mary River Wetlands. Listed as a World Heritage site for both the natural aspect as well as the cultural one, there is an ancient world to discover that will not only invigorate the body but also the mind.

Explore Kakadu

With almost two million hectares of land that spans across the Northern tip of Australia, there is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of four major rivers that run through the park, trek through the floodplains and lowlands along with the Southern hills and basins where it would be possible to witness the hundreds of native wildlife species that includes over two hundred different birds and several dozen mammals.

View some of the most exquisite plant species that would be extinct if it were not for the protected land and the care of the ancient Aboriginal people who have lived within Kakadu for over fifty thousand years. With an unbelievably rich history and thousands of sacred Aboriginal historical sites that belong to the Bininj/Mungguy people who today, still reside within the park, there is a rare chance not only to learn about the native cultures, but also to see ancient art sites, like the famous Ubirr Rock Art site that include visitor tours throughout the year.

Stay a While

Whether choosing to camp on site or finding accommodations just outside the park near the Mary River Wetlands, Kakadu National Park is by far one of the best place for an adventure holiday. In the past there were many accommodations located closer to Darwin which made back and forth travel to the park a bit tiresome, now there is a wonderful new ecologically sound resort area for adventure seekers who would love to enjoy some of the comforts of a hotel resort, while spending time in nature. Known for innovation and conservation, Wildman Wilderness Lodge is a new concept accommodation that offers guests exploring Kakadu National Park Australia a warm comfortable stay while ensuring a minimal carbon footprint.

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