Everything is bigger and better in Texas; we have a pride unmatched by the rest of country’s states that comes from historical triumphs, a strong economy, and the ability to produce greatness (including famous musicians, politicians, etc.). What a resume! Texas is also known for its southern hospitality, which is what brings us here today. In a state that values friendliness so much, it makes sense that good customer service is the focus of many local IT service providers. Below are some of the key advantages associated with picking local MSP services over national ones.

You Get More Attention.

When compared to local MSPs, national MSPs usually have a considerably larger number of clients that they are serving. This means that hundreds – or even thousands – of their clients are fighting for the provider’s attention. A company that is stretched too thin can translate to poor customer service, which means slower response times and more client frustration. Local service providers, on the other hand, usually have a more limited client base, which means they must maintain positive customer relationships and have stellar customer service to stay in business. This can work to your advantage, as these local MSPs are usually willing to spend more time catering to your specific needs and addressing any issues that may come up in a timely and pleasant manner.

You Get a Tailored Approach.

National MSP services are meant to serve thousands of clients, which means that they likely have a more general, one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with various client projects. This can lead to lackluster results that may not line up with your business goals. Having this type of generic tactic does not really work for local service providers, though. Local MSPs value and depend on the business their clients provide, which pushes them to take a more tailored approach to handling your business’ IT needs. Choosing a local company can give you a more personalized service that keeps your strategies and goals in mind.

Local Providers Accept More Responsibility.

Unfortunately, many national MSPs tend to brush off issues their clients may have. Being a huge company with thousands of clients means that losing a few here and there does minimal damage to their business. It becomes increasingly frustrating to deal with a provider that only does the bare minimum when addressing your IT problems. Local MSPs, however, depend on their own diligence to retain existing clients and gain new ones. This means that when something goes wrong, you can count on a local service provider to work through the problem with you until it is fully solved.

If you are considering hiring a trusted MSP, get the local touch with TXSG, your Texas-friendly IT service provider. We strive to maintain strong customer relationships, and we work with our clients to create tailored solutions to fit each of their needs. With all of that Texas pride running through our veins, you can count on us to provide friendly, honest, and caring IT support. Reach out to us today to see how our southern hospitality makes Texas proud of us.