LinkedIn is not only the social profile like facebook, twitter rather it is a great platform for making new connections with business related people. You can use your LinkedIn to find your next dream job and LinkedIn also works like a job board. So having a good LinkedIn is so important and to make a good profile you can follow tips from this article.

Make a Strong Linkedin Profile

A LinkedIn profile can be considered to a piece resume, wherever you show your past education info, work expertise, skills, current work position and profile image.

Along with these features you can add profile headline and outline which would play great impact.

The headline offers yourself an expert ‘identity’, a front that may or might not showcase a number of the additional elaborated elements of your profile, hidden faraway from viewers UN agency aren't connected to you. A outline would bring out your temperament which might complement your CV (CV) if an leader were to look at your profile.

Turn Off Activity Broadcast:

As your LinkedIn is connected with many people and if you update your profile they may think that you got new job. This means that if you happen to choose to update your LinkedIn with ‘old details’, for instance, if you are finally coming out as the HR manager that you are, your connections will think that you’ve only gotten the job recently. If you turn off your activity broadcast temporarily, you can silently update your LinkedIn profile without letting them know.

To do this, go to ‘Settings’, and under ‘Privacy Controls’, you should be able to see ‘Turn on/off your activity broadcasts’.

Proofread Your Entire Profile:

Once you have finished updating revise your edit as you wouldn’t want your LinkedIn profile to have any sort of grammatical or spelling errors. You should also word your profile summary and important information effectively so that it is communicated to the reader without confusing them (something learnt from communication school). You can also get assistance from linkedin resume writers.

Try putting yourself in the eyes of the reader and see if you understand what your profile is about. Basically, treat it like how you would treat a job resume.

Customize Your Profile URL:

By default, your LinkedIn profile URL will consist of random alphanumerical characters. If you want to get a customized profile then simply go to Settings > Edit Public Profile > Customize Your Public Profile URL.

You can get Professional resume writers to make your LinkedIn profile better.