Today mobile apps have become a vital part of human life. The core function of the mobile phone was telecommunication but now mobile apps made many things possible which was previously unimaginable. Living a good life in the UAE has to save money as much as they can. In this technology world, App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia developed several apps that will help you not only in getting the best products effectively but also saving money too.

Let’s have a look at top discount apps in UAE developed by leading App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia.


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An app that allows you to have fun in the cheapest ways, it provides offers for the entire year, so that you can enjoy the Dubai lifestyle while saving up money. You can find almost everything Dinners, brunches, salon trips even home cleaning services on Groupon.


As the name, the repeat is a free app that rewards you for being a repeat customer. You can download the app and look through restaurants you love the most and the more you go, the more you are rewarded for coming back sooner.


This apps offers several venues across the city, including restaurants, beauty salons, spas, and leisure activities. Apps Development Company in Saudi Arabia made it with the main focus to serve tourists and provide them with a free supply of offers to enhance their experience in Dubai.

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This is one of the most popular online wallets in the UAE and can be used at over 3,000 stores. A free to download and use app allows that once you gather up points, you can redeem them at any of the participating stores.

The Entertainer

The entertainer app is all about the 'buy one get one free' concept at participating restaurants, hair salons, bars and general entertainment venues with a huge list of participating venues.


This app allows users to compare prices in the UAE for thousands of products from over 500 product categories and more than 50 online stores. This app is smart enough to see through fake discounts and you can also set the app to alert you when prices drop for a particular product.
Mobile apps become an integral part of human life and the app development market is highly competitive. So if you have a plan for mobile apps choose the Top Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia.

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Mobile apps and smartphone provide are plenty of services to human that makes mobile apps more demanding. In the Middle East, Mobile Application Development Companies in Saudi Arabia try to make each app unique to attract more customers. Following are some of the best services

· Online shopping
· Food delivery and taxi service apps
· Banking apps
· E-tickets
· Entertainment apps
· Reading and educational apps
· Social media apps and video calling apps

In the transformation of mobile phones from the ordinary communication device to smart device Mobile Apps Development Company in Saudi Arabia which using trending technologies having an important role. Today in business also mobile apps have become an integral part of a partnership with the best Apps Development Company in Saudi Arabia benefits more to business.

Mobile apps allow direct communication channel and Geo-targeting marketing Increased recognition builds customer loyalty
The website helps to creates awareness and the app makes the sale
A great tool for customer engagement
Helps you stand out from the crowd
Boosts brand recognition
Improved visibility

Let’s have a look at some of the famous apps in the Middle East region.


meal delivery apps it uses GPS rather than asking for location every time, and offers instant confirmation that the restaurant has received the order and can deliver it.

Helpling ME

This app promises to “book a cleaner in Dubai in just 60 seconds” with the service is offered for Dh35 per hour, with a three-hour minimum, and charges for extras such as ironing or cleaning out the stove or refrigerator.


The sole purpose is to save your money, dining deals, as well as ones for fitness and activities and there are even ways to send unused offers to other people, too.


One of the best travel app in UAE, allow travel without having to wade out into oncoming traffic to flag a taxi down or having to worry about how much cash you are carrying.


this app offers unlimited access to over 49 pools and beach clubs across the UAE, over 56 five-star gyms and discounts at hundreds of affiliated restaurants after paying the membership fee.

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