In today’s fast-paced digital world most of the household chores turn to on-demand apps. The need for the on-demand app is increasing g day by day make our lives easier. In the Middle East region leading mobile app development companies in Dubai have left no industry behind, including the laundry and dry cleaning services industry. The laundry apps like Cleanly, Laundrapp, and Taskrabbit offering washing, dry cleaning, and laundry services across many countries in the world are showing that the on-demand laundry services business has become one of the largest marketplaces. So most of the entrepreneurs create a laundry app with the help of a leading Mobile App Development company in Dubai to establish a successful business.

What is Washer men app and how does it work?

It is a mobile app-based laundry service that operates in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, provides pick-up and delivery of laundry straight to the doorsteps of their customers. The company initially started as an asset-free business model where they connected customers with laundromats, now they have taken over the supply chain aspect of the business by launching its own 30000 sq ft laundry and cleaning facility.

Users can place their dry cleaning and laundry request by specifying the pick-up and drop off times, they deliver within 48 hours, but for a premium (50%), you can have it delivered in a day. The nearest pick-up driver to your location will collect your laundry items from your doorstep and send it to the cleaning facility. The company uses color-coded bags depending on the type of service, you don’t even have to be at home when they come for pick-up or drop off. This high level of convenience has made Washer men quite popular among Dubai and Abu Dhabi demographic. it’s now easier than ever to get your clothes washed.

Services offered by Washer men

Dry Clean
Laundry on demand
Laundry pickup and delivery
Wash and Fold
Ironing Services

Washer men cost

Washer men have the charge as the following for their services:
• Shirts & Blouses- Cleaned and Ironed — AED 12
• Dresses — Cleaned and Ironed — AED 30
• Suits- Cleaned and Ironed — AED 45
• Wash, Dry, & Fold — AED 55

How much does it cost to develop an app like Washer men?

DxMinds is the leading App Development Company in Dubai offers high-quality mobile app development services using trending technologies like AI, ML, Chatbot, Blockchain, IoT and many more. Today customers are expecting VIP treatment, so while planning to get into laundry business, it’s important to tap mobile technology to meet consumers’ requirements. Being a leading Apps development Company in Dubai the cost to develop an app like washermen at DxMinds depends on many factors, approximately it will come around USD 10000 to USD 30000.

Why choose DxMinds?

Being one of the best Mobile Application Development companies in Dubai building bespoke mobility solutions using new-age design & technology. A team of expert developers, designers and project managers helps startups and brands to work smart. Let's have a look at the best app development services offered by DxMinds are

· Mobile App Development

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The experience in mobile different industries and in-depth — knowledge in app development makes DxMinds as the Best Mobile App Developers in Dubai, they can provide the best laundry app for the business with the following advantages,

· Provide enhanced customers experience

· Get control of the business more efficiently and increase profits

· Grow beyond boundaries

· Make a solid medium of wide recognition

· Create a happier customer-base

DxMinds will provide a laundry app with the following functions

  • The Client Panel or Page

Through this portal the customer can get in touch with the laundry services, the app developer needs to develop a registration or login page where the client can log in using his name, email and mobile number.

  • The Laundry or Staff Page

It is usually managed by the owner, having a login portal where the owner has to feed his information before he can begin managing the orders.

  • The Admin or Main Panel

It controls both the client as well as the staff page, the main function is properly handling the database management and other issues related to the app.