With the growing popularity of taxi services, many business persons have tried their hand in this business and became a massive success in a short span of time. If you have an existing taxi business or have plans to launch one, then you can go with the Careem clone app. It costs less and takes up a short time when compared to an app built from scratch.

What do we offer in our package?

Our app package has three crucial panels based on the roles available:

Passenger app:

Customers can register with the app and place a request for a ride. They can choose the type of ride they want and pay using any one of the payment gateways available.

Driver app:

Drivers can log in with the app and obtain proper approval from the admin. They can serve user requests and receive their earnings from the admin. They can also refer to other drivers and earn reward points.

Admin panel:

With a powerful admin dashboard, business owners can manage their processes efficiently and access any data at any time. They can also manage fares, bookings, commissions, and more.

Feature-set of a taxi clone app:

The taxi app has a set of must-have attributes that will help in making the app user-friendly and responsive:

User App:

  1. Social media account login
  2. Instant/Scheduled booking
  3. Live tracking
  4. Ride history
  5. Secure payment gateways
  6. Estimated fare
  7. Detailed receipts
  8. Preferred languages and drivers
  9. Offers and rewards
  10. Easy cancellation
  11. Reviews and rating system

Delivery Executive app:

  1. Upload documents
  2. Accept/reject user requests
  3. Availability slider
  4. Driver referral rides
  5. Ride status update
  6. Trip history

Admin panel:

  1. God’s eye view
  2. Fare management
  3. Add bank accounts
  4. Access to data
  5. Analytics and reports
  6. Manage services, appointments, and zones
  7. Language settings
  8. Create offers and rewards

Why should you choose our service?

You should choose our seamless and cost-efficient app solution due to the following major factors:

Whitelabeled solution:

Integrate your brand name and logo with our app and establish your brand quickly in the market.

Customizable app solution:

The Careem clone app can be customized in accordance with your varying business needs in the future.

Easy server installation:

Our support team will install the app on your server free of cost and ensure that it runs successfully without any errors.

Readymade solution:

The taxi app is a readymade app solution that can be customized and launched in the market in a few days. Unlike an app built from scratch, it does not need several days and high budget allocation.

Secure app solution:

The apps we build will comply with a set of security standards and protocols that will help make the app safe for all users.

Cross-platform support:

The app will run on both Android and iOS platforms successfully. Our developers will make sure that it is bug-free.

Bottom line:

Our range of clone apps is built by the most experienced team of developers, so you can, without any doubts, approach our experts for developing and launching an optimized Careem clone app for your taxi business.