Telkom Group is rumored to be removing a block of service video on demand Netflix on the first weekend in July 2020. That is, all users of the internet service Telkom Group, ranging from Telkomsel to Telkom will be able to enjoy the service streaming film such.

this Decision will put an end to unblock Netflix made by Telkom on all their internet service since January of 2016. "We wait for the yes. Later it's time to be delivered," said Vice President of Corporate Communication Telkom, Arif Prabowo, when asked for confirmation, Thursday (2/6).

Previously, Telkom gives three terms so that Netflix can be accessed by users of Telkom and Telkomsel, both through the site and application. “ All partners of the provider of the content has cooperated with Telkom Group to be willing to meet the rules that apply and the collective agreement to ensure the comfort of customers. The same things we expect from Netflix," he said.

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