from sofiyan-PUBG PC

The new weapon is a MG3 light machine gun, which changes the fire rate between 660 rpm and 990 rpm. The gun also comes with tracer rounds for every fifth shot fired and the last 10 bullets in a magazine to keep track of where the bullets are going. The MG3 will only spawn in Normal matches via Care Packages.

Decoy grenades are new throwables that mimic gunshot sounds. The grenade can be used as a tactical item to distract opponents. The decoy grenades will only be available on Sanhok in Normal Matches.
  • Sanhok weapons.
  • Miramar weapons.
  • Assault rifles.
  • DMRs.
  • Sniper rifles.
  • LMGs.
  • SMGs.
  • Shotguns.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds PC version price is Rupees 499-999 and can be found in steam software

On an online video game store called Steam, PUBG PC is available for Rs. 999. I’d recommend you to purchase it during Steam Sales when prices of games get slashed down. You can only. purchase it online from there.