in this DIY we're going to show you how to install a best water purifier under 10000 unit the UV light actually attacks microorganisms and breaks down the DNA and deactivates any viruses bacteria or pathogens it also stops their reproduction how does this system work the water passes through the 5 micron filter and that takes out any solids in the water it then passes through the carbon filter which removes any turbidity organics removes odor and it removes any residual chlorine in the water it then passes through the light chamber where the water is sterilized and disinfected to be 100% safe drinking water this particular unit is restricted to an 11 liters per minute flow rate whilst the one in my left is restricted to 4 liters per minute so these particular units ideal for point-of-use areas whereas underneath the kitchen sink or wherever you are going to be using that water for your drinking water if you wanted to use a larger system where you want to sterilize all the water coming into your house.


you'll be using a point of entry unit and that would have to use a larger flow rate which would go up to 49 liters per minute so we're going to be using storing this point of use unit underneath my kitchen sink and I'm going to install a separate tap which is going to be used for my drinking water which is 100% sterilized this unit comes with a filtration unit all assembled as you can see it comes with the UV lamp it also comes with the tap which we're going to install into my kitchen sink and it also has a countdown counter which monitors the lifespan of the lamp you have to replace the lamp every year this will monitor and give you a reminder that you can actually see when you need to change the lamp because once the lamp goes there's no more sterilization of that water.


so it is quite important to make use of the counter the whole kit comes the plug-and-play module which is easy to install you do not need to be an experienced plumber or call in a professional to do this yourself to start off my installation the first thing I'm going to do is Mount this underneath my sink unit at the point of use you'll see there is a bracket on the back which has got a stand a little simple key slot I'm just going to mark out that distance into my cupboard and then I'm gonna put some screws in there and hang that into place when positioning the unit under the sink make sure you leave enough clearance space underneath to allow the filters to be removed I've got my filtration unit in position underneath my sink and now I'm gonna connect up the water supply now the most trickiest part of this installation is connecting the tepees and really it's not difficult all I'm going to do is undo the cold line water inlet underneath my sink and insert this tee piece on the top and sure you have turned off the water supply to your home and then put my pipe back on top.


so I'm not gonna be affecting any flow rates regarding to my normal tap from there we'll have the tee piece which will come out and that'll go to my water filter when undoing the fitting there may be some residual water coming out of the plats make sure you have a bucket and a mop handy to prevent any water damage to your kitchen cupboards when trimming the pipe to length make sure you get a clean cut starting from the outlet of the tee piece we are going to run our blue pipe put on our little nut and our olive and that all secured onto our tee piece from there we're going to run through to the inlet of the filter all the way through and then we can come out of the outlet through to the UV sterilizer and in from the other side of the UV sterilizer connecting up to the bottom of my tap the system comes with its own drinking water tap.


I need to draw a 12 millimeter hole into the side of my kitchen sink and I'm gonna mount the tap accordingly and connect the pipe on the underside this will then be my filtered drinking water supply the final fitting is going to be connected on the underside of my tap so we will insert nuts followed by the collar followed by the insert just to prevent that from collapsing and once that goes through the top this is going to come on to the underside and mark up my piping is all connected all I have to do now is actually put in my UV lamp connect up the power supply and I'm good to go when handling the UV lamp as you can see it comes protected just pop it out and try not to hold on to the main glass section make use of these end pieces pull the padding out pop that in then we're going to plug the power supply into the back and obviously mount this slightly above it and that is going to my counter which will tell me when I need to replace this lamp which is normally in around about a year's time ensure that the earth wire is mounted my installation is complete and that was simple and easy to do it took me just over an hour.


now I have 100% safe drinking water coming out of my dedicated drinking water tap remember these are the point-of-use units which are 11 liters per minute or 4 litres per minute remember if you do want to be sterilizing the whole supply of water to your home you must use the point of entry units which accommodate a much higher flow rate when you are using the tap for the first time you will notice the water will come out murky that's just dust and the filters and after about 10 litres you'll see crystal-clear water coming out of your tap when using with boreholes and well points it is important to note that the UV sterilizer doesn't remove iron from the process separate folders are required for iron removal if you enjoyed this clip like it share it you can also subscribe to our youtube channel where we have a range of additional DIYs which hopefully will suit your requirements