Computer programming never gets enough of the technical skills. Every second day, developers realize the drawbacks and shortcomings of the concurrent languages.

This results in the development of the new languages and powerful tweaks in the current languages.

The traditional and mainstream choices are not enough for the creativity of the mind.

Only a few P/L has managed to stand the test of time with its niches and powers.

C languages are powerful but difficult to master, whereas Java is a robust language with a long history of its powerful skills.

On the other hand, Python is the comparatively new entrant in the market originated by Guido Van Rossum.

The main reason for the popularity of Python web development is the easy learning curve.

Anytime you can plunge onboard for python development without much preparation behind.

Install python in your computer, open the notepad app and you are ready to code.

Python is the straight forward language which is designed immaculately to generate clean and easy to understand the line of code.

The code closely resembles the English, which uses words like ‘not’ and ‘in’ for making it more comprehensive.

Accompanying the Python web development framework software development company is the game-changer.

Codes compiled here are faster, effective, and stable. Like other languages, Python too has not stayed the same.

In 2000, the core development team of Python moved to and in October 2000, Python was re-launched in its better avatar.

With the backward compatibility and new designs, Python 3.0 was introduced in December 2008.

The multi-paradigm language offers the developer the object orientation, functional, and structure programming. Python is today available in multiple versions:

Applications where Python is used:

  • GUI based apps such as Image processing applications and graphical design applications.
  • Scientific and computational applications
  • Gaming applications
  • Web framework and web applications
  • Enterprise and Web applications
  • Operating systems
  • Prototyping

Products that are using python

  1. Industrial Light and Magic
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram

1. Industrial Light and Magic:

ILM is the special effect powerhouse to create the FX for Star Wars. ILM chose python 1.4 over Perl because it was much faster for the integration into existing infrastructure.

Python is easy to interoperate with C and C++, which makes it simple to import python into lighting software.

This lets Python developers use python for wrapping software components and extend the standard graphical applications.

2. Google:

Google has given a great Yes to python. Google founders formally decided to use Python where they can.

Python enables for easy maintainability and faster delivery. According to the Google engineers, the scripts originally developed in Perl were coded again in Python due to easy deployment.

Google’s very first web crawling spider was recoded in Python due to the complicacy.

3. Facebook:

According to the press post in 2016, Python is currently responsible for the infrastructure management services such as TOR Config for handling network switch setup.

Other services include FBOSS for Whitebox, switch CLIs, and execution of maintenance works.

4. Instagram:

The famous social media platform Instagram boasts that it is using the largest deployment of the Django framework. Django is a powerful framework written for Python developers.

Advantages of Python for developers

The diverse use of Python is the result of its advantages and the number of features it proposes. Some of the most popular benefits of programming languages are

1. Third-Party Modules

Python Software development allows you to take the help of the Python Package Index (PyPI), which contains numerous modules for making Python interactive and communicative with other languages.

2. Extensive libraries

Python comes with a wide frame of libraries, which covers areas such as Internet Protocols, Web service tools, String Operations, and OS interfaces.

Also, you may find many reusable tasks scripted into the library which makes the programming easier and reduces the length of code.

3. Open Source development

Python language is free to use and distributable for commercial purposes. The development of python is handled by a community which is the strength of Python.

The community can collaborate for the code through hosting conferences and mails.

4. Ease of Learning

Python is more famous for its cluttered simple to learn syntax. This syntax, code style protocols, and PEP8 help developers in facilitating the code formatting.

Also, the popularity of the language has contributed to the rich resource bank for encouraging development and continues the high rate of adoption.

5. User friendly

In python, it is possible to build runtime data structures fast using dictionary DS and built-in list.

Also, developers can give dynamic high-level data typing. This data typing reduces the length of the support code.

6. Speed and Productivity

Python is an elegant language that has a clean and object-oriented design.

Python app development avails better process control capability and has strong integration and processing capabilities.

Also, you can build the application fast with its unit testing framework. For complex multi-protocol network apps, python is a great choic


Python has been there for a long. The reason behind, why it is hugely appreciated lies behind its features and the adaptability with the time.

Every framework and every programming language has some drawbacks, the only need is to change with time.

Python was originally built for maintaining the easy code and increase the speed of complex application in mobile app development company.

Many big brands use Python, but it does not mean to need to follow them. Ask yourself your requirements and the project size before starting with one language.