Blockchain is definitely one of the prominently emerging technologies with a high potential for disrupting many industries. Blockchain technology has proved its efficiency in the financial industry by serving as the foundation of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, enterprises are not hesitating to adopt Blockchain technology for the development of Blockchain-based applications.

At the same time, job opportunities related to Blockchain have also witnessed a drastic rise in recent times. So, many aspiring professionals search for online Blockchain courses to give the much-needed initial boost for a career in Blockchain. Developing knowledge regarding Blockchain technology and its implementation across different domains could provide a considerable competitive advantage in the existing IT labor market.

However, any beginner would obviously wonder about the possible approaches to start learning Blockchain. The following discussion offers you insights on the prerequisites to start learning Blockchain and the ideal traits you should look for in free Blockchain courses.

Important Prerequisites to Start Learning Blockchain

The foremost aspect that beginners should consider for learning Blockchain refers to the prerequisite skills for the same. A newbie in Blockchain must have prior knowledge and experience in computer science, information technologies, and information security.

  • Distributed Systems and Data Structures

Beginners must also have a fundamental impression of distributed systems, data structures, cryptography, and networking. Since Blockchain technology is basically a distributed ledger, you would need knowledge about the working with the network and distributed systems. Cryptography is one of the basic tenets of Blockchain technology, evident in the use of digital signatures and hash functions.

Therefore, beginners would need promising mathematical skills to pursue a career in Blockchain as a developer. A newbie would need a comprehensive understanding of data structures for learning about the complicated nature of Blockchain. Knowledge of data structures helps in understanding how databases are replicated throughout the Blockchain network.

  • Smart Contracts

The next important prerequisite for beginners to learn Blockchain is an in-depth understanding of smart contracts. Smart contracts are the programs that support automation of transactions. The essential feature of smart contracts refers to its role in improving the capabilities of Blockchain by eliminating middlemen in transactions. Therefore, beginners must have a basic understanding of smart contracts as they would have to learn the approaches of executing smart contracts in free online Blockchain courses.

  • Decentralized Applications

Beginners aspiring to learn about Blockchain technology must also turn their focus towards decentralized applications. You would have to develop fluency in different platforms for creating decentralized applications on Blockchain. As a matter of fact, the potential of Blockchain for other sectors could be truly realized only if you look beyond its financial applications, i.e., cryptocurrency. Beginners can notice applications such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, EOS, and NEO as prominent examples of the use of Blockchain technology.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, beginners must also fulfill some of the essential prerequisites as follows,

  • Ability for simplifying design
  • Basic understanding of Blockchain security
  • Expertise in interoperability
  • Understanding the Blockchain Expertise as a Service model
  • Motivation for leveraging Blockchain expertise to support business goals

How to Find the Right Free Online Course to Learn About Blockchain?

Now that you know the prerequisites to learn Blockchain technology, it can be easier for you to identify trustworthy online Blockchain courses. If you don’t want to dive right into purchasing paid online courses, then you could always go for a Free Blockchain Course. As appealing as ‘free’ sounds, there might be some doubts in your mind regarding what exactly you should look for in a free course for learning Blockchain.

Basically, free online Blockchain courses serve as the ideal tool for helping you cover the prerequisites to start learning Blockchain. With the right free online Blockchain course, you can find the perfect gateway to the massive Blockchain ecosystem. Here are some of the important traits that can help you find efficient free Blockchain courses.

  • The free online course on Blockchain technology should provide a brief yet practical understanding of Blockchain fundamentals.
  • The course should cover the definition and significance of all critical enterprise Blockchain terms.
  • Most important of all, you should look for an explanation of smart contracts in the free online course. As you all know, smart contracts are one of the basic concepts in Blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, the course of your choice should provide a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of smart contracts and their execution.
  • The next important concern that you should look for in a free online course to learn Blockchain technology is Blockchain digital transformation. The course shall provide a simple overview of the implementation of Blockchain in transforming enterprise operations.

Bottom Line

As you can all see that free online courses are a perfect choice to start learning Blockchain technology, it is important to know the criteria for selecting online Blockchain courses. Free courses cover only the fundamental concepts, just like scraping off the top of an iceberg.

You would need the assistance of free courses for strengthening your foundation for a long term Blockchain career. After that, you need to select effective learning paths to develop your career prospects in Blockchain. Use your instincts and recommended best practices for selecting the right free online Blockchain course to take your career to the next step with Blockchain technology!