The world of blockchain is an interesting place. Right now, in 2020, it is easy to say that blockchain has matured enough to be used by businesses and enterprises. And, if you are reading this, you are thinking about how to become part of the growth? Well, all you need to do is learn blockchain and implement it in your projects.

Maybe you are working in a company that recently started to focus on blockchain. And, now you are in an uneasy place where you have to start learning about it.

The good news is that the internet is full of interesting resources including articles, videos, and other forms of resources. However, the best way to learn anything is to do a course on it.

That’s why, in this article, we will list the block chain courses that you should take to learn blockchain skills online. The courses that we list are completely online. That means that you just need a computer device and an internet connection to take the courses!

Exciting, right!

But, before we go list the blockchain courses, let’s first learn the benefits of doing blockchain courses.

Benefits of doing online blockchain courses

There are many benefits of doing online blockchain courses or online courses in general. These benefits include:

  • Flexible schedule: You can complete top blockchain courses at your own pace and schedule. Most of the online courses are self-paced and you will not have any issue completing the courses.
  • Lower costs: The blockchain courses online have lower costs compared to their offline counterparts.
  • No restrictions: You can take these courses anywhere you want without any geographical restrictions whatsoever.
  • Career advancement: The blockchain courses online gives you the ability to do career advancement.
  • Networking opportunity: You also get to meet similar minded people across the globe. You can learn about their goals and learn from them as well.
  • Self-discipline and responsibility: Doing online courses is all about self-discipline and responsibility. By doing one, you are indulging responsibility and taking the necessary steps to complete it.

5 Best Blockchain Courses for building blockchain skills online

In this section, we will go through the top blockchain courses that you can take to build your blockchain skills. Let’s get started.

Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals

If you are completely new to blockchain, then you should take this course. The course offers flexible learning and can be completed by investing only 15 minutes per day. Yes, it is a very basic course and should take you around 4-5 days to complete.

The course can be taken by anyone including software developers and startups, advisors and business analysts, decision-makers or anyone who wants to get started with blockchain.

The key topics that are covered in the course include:

  • What exactly is blockchain technology
  • Must know (enterprise) blockchain terms
  • Smart contracts basics
  • Blockchain digital transformation

Certified Blockchain Professional Course(CEBP)

The CEBP course is a perfect fit for learners who want to grasp the basic blockchain ecosystem and technology. Also, by taking the course, you can also learn how to approach blockchain implementation and stay updated with actionable tools.

The key topics covered in CEBP course include:

  • Blockchain technology fundamentals
  • Enterprise blockchain platforms
  • Blockchain in trade finance
  • Blockchain applications
  • Blockchain use-cases

By the end of the course, you can call yourself a blockchain expert!

Certified Blockchain Architect Course(CEBA)

In the Certified Blockchain Architect Course, you learn the blockchain architecture aspect and use them in development. To take the course, you need to have proper blockchain understanding.

The course is aimed at manager level professionals and developers who want to learn the necessary skills to integrate blockchain in their company’s ecosystem.

The key topics covered in CEBA course include:

  • Blockchain fundamentals
  • Enterprise blockchains
  • Ethereum overview
  • Hyperledger Fabric overview
  • R3 Corda Overview

Certified Blockchain Security Expert(CBSE)

Security is an important part of the blockchain and if you are interested to know more about it and get certified, then the CBSE course is for you. By completing the course, you will be able to perform blockchain vulnerability assessments and threat modeling. You will also be able to secure blockchain systems and distributed applications.

The modules in the course are:

  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Threat modeling for the blockchain
  • Fundamentals blockchain cryptography
  • Consensus algorithm security
  • Blockchain node and network security
  • Smart contract security
  • Testing blockchain systems
  • Enterprise blockchain security


This leads us to the end of our list for blockchain courses that let you gain blockchain skills online. So which course are you going to take? Comment below and let us know.