Google recently launched the fourth version of its analytics & we can’t stop raving, catch this exclusive all-feature prognosis edition from Martech Cube.

Analytics has become the most important tool for marketers as well as businesses. Today, it is being increasingly used in defining crucial marketing strategies.

As soon as we hear the term analytics the first things that strike our mind apart from Data Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Business Analytics, etc. is ‘Google Analytics’, a tool that has evolved as a loyal companion of millions of businesses and helped them in understanding the preferences of the customers and developing better Customer Experience.

Recently, on 14th October 2020, Google introduced updated Google Analytics also dubbed as Google Analytics 4, with powerful new features. The new version of Google Analytics has Machine Learning(ML) at its core with an aim to provide new ways to monitor and track key data trends, and alert marketers and business owners to new opportunities. Its new property type includes

  •  Expanded predictive insights
  • Cross-device measurement capabilities
  • Deeper integration with Google Ads
  • Improved granular data controls. 

Wednesday’s announcement is an expansion and rebranding of the last year launched App + Web property and marks the first major step in evolving beyond Universal Analytics.

All the new features of Google Analytics are designed to improve marketing decisions and obtain better ROI. Let’s have a closer look at the key features of new Google Analytics to get a closer view: 

  • Smarter Insights

By applying advanced Machine learning models of Google, the new analytics now automatically alerts marketers about the important trends in their data, such as a product seeing an increase in demand due to the new needs of the customers. It also helps in understanding the possible future actions of the customers. Google is still in the process of adding new predictive metrics to the update.

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