For the past 45 years, Roto Pumps have been effectively handling over 5000 different types of fluids. They are global leaders in delivering customised solutions for the finest quality industrial pumps. These technologically advanced industrial pumps are suitable for different industries such as Sugar, Oil and Gas, Marine, Wastewater, Paper, Tirrana- Agriculture, Food, and Biogas.

Roto pumps are globally trusted and reliable Progressive Cavity Pump Manufacturers. The Progressive Cavity pumps designed by Roto Pumps have a uniform metered flow. The in-built valves of these pumps are designed to bypass 100% capacity. Roto Pumps customize these pumps keeping in mind the viscosity and chemical properties of the liquid to be transferred. Standard PC pump, Wide Throat PC Pump, Dosing Pump, Food Pump, Vertical Pump, General Purpose Pump, and Tirrana Agriculture Pump are few Progressive Cavity Pumps are manufactured using futuristic technology to cater to a wide range of industries.

Roto Pumps are technologically advanced and high-quality industrial pump manufacturers. They provide optimum pumping solutions for all industrial requirements. Roto's Dosing Pumps deal with clean and clear fluids and are best for low-flow applications.

Dosing pumps are also used for chemical dosing. These pumps ensure smooth and non-pulsating flow of fluids. They are the best choice for the precise metering applications. Roto Dosing Pumps are capable of handling liquids of varying degrees of viscosity and lubrication. Due to these features, Roto Pumps are the best Dosing pump manufacturers.

To transfer contaminated liquids like sewage, slurry, and sludge, a Wastewater Pump or Sewage Pump is used. This pump is made from highly robust material as it handles highly abrasive media regularly. Coated with a wear-resistant material, this pump prevents the media from damaging the pump during the process. The strength and ability of Roto’s Wastewater Pumps to handle aggressive chemicals and solid-laden liquids make them an ideal choice for a range of industrial applications.

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