Importance of healthy breakfast
Every one want a healthy body for a soothing and disease free life. But what do you really mean about a healthy body ? Healthy body doesn’t mean only a muscular body but a body which is look fit inside out . For a healthy body, with exercise and yoga your diet should also be healthy from the starting to the end of the day . How will your day go is decided by how you start the day so let’s talk abot healthy breakfast connection with your day and body .

Many studies say that breakfast is most important meal of the day because this is the first meal for your body after overnight fast and if you see breakfast literally means break – fast . There is old saying that ‘ Eat breakfast like a king , lunch like a princess , dinner like a pauper’.

Yes, many of you will say we have a busy lifestyle and not willingly we have to skip our breakfast . And yeah! This is the reality of today’s lifestyle ,but with work health is equally important if you can’t take a king size breakfast grab any fruit like an apple an apple a day keeps the doctor away or any other fruit and a glass of milk for a kick start to your day , a boiled egg will also be good , if you have some time in your hand make so pooha or upma a great treat for your taste and body .