What is Hotel Management Software?

Hotel Management Software is an extensive set of tools and systems that automate and streamline many of the crucial processes connected with managing hotels, allowing the manager and the staff to focus on more important tasks. Why manage all of the bookings yourself when you can make use of a professional hotel online booking software? Since the hotel booking engine will be most likely the first experience your guests will have with your brand, its functionality is crucial to their satisfaction.

With a professional online booking engine, your customers will have a pleasant experience when choosing their booking. With the ability to add options and various types of bookings, you can fully customize the system to best reflect your hotel. This will allow you to grab the attention of the customer right from the get-go, increasing your conversion rate. A professional Hotel Management Software will help you customize your online booking to bring the best out of your brand.

Is cloud-based software better than on-premise solutions?

If you’re searching for a streamlined experience, available from any device, anywhere - cloud-based solutions are definitely a choice for you. With an easy-to-learn interface that your staff can get quickly familiar with, you can improve the efficiency of your workforce. Efficient staff means fewer expenses and more customer satisfaction, increasing your income while reducing the outcomes.

On-Premise solutions have been used by hotel managers for decades, and many managers are afraid of switching to cloud solutions. While such solutions might be more comfortable to use from the manager’s perspective, they are often harder to get the hang of and are lacking in quality. They also require constant care from your IT department. Cloud-based solutions - as the name suggests - are constantly being operated in the cloud, giving you immediate access to the newest software and requiring no additional input to operate.

Bring your hotel to the next level with SabeeApp

SabeeApp is a professional hotel management software in the cloud, bringing innovation to hoteliers who want to streamline and automate their workload. SabeeApp allows you to synchronize your rates and availability in real-time and gives you access to advanced analytic tools that will help you save time and increase your revenue. By using SabeeApp, you will be able to focus on the most essential tasks that require your attention, leaving the rest of your workflow to be operated by the software.

SabeeApp provides an in-depth Front-Desk System, Channel Manager, Internet Booking Engine, Payment Gateway, Guest Advisor Tools, a Unified Inbox, Revenue Management, and many more features - all packed into one user-friendly interface. Streamline your hotel operations and give SabeeApp a try today!