PIM is the abbreviation for Product Information Management, and this article is going to briefly describe what PIM stands for and list the benefits of PIM for eCommerce as well as the steps to integrate Production Information Management System with Magento 2. As soon as PIM needs specific software to be used well, the article is going to discuss the best PIM software that is helpful to establish PIM working well.

Why use PIM?



When a retailer needs to have an eCommerce site, the company needs to decide on a contractor and develop the entire online store. Of course, at some point, a developer needs to have content for the eCommerce website. To make the process of content creation and information transmission easier, the company and the contractor need to have a connector between ERP and Magento. However, even having a connector does not help much in having the necessary content for the eCommerce website. The pictures and the product descriptions are often misplaced and the information is lost. As a result, the eCommerce store is going to have a bad brand image, bad SEO, lower conversion rate, and higher returns rate.

To avoid this, spreadsheets are connected to Magento and used to maintain timely information in the eCommerce website system. However, there are a lot of spreadsheets, as soon as each type of product needs to have its own spreadsheet. Managing tens of spreadsheets is a great workload, and takes too many hours of work and a considerable effort to keep the information updated, especially considering the constant information flow in the database of the eCommerce retailer.

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