What is the Cost of AI App Development?

Website is the most common channel that businesses use to display their products and services to their customers, mobile applications are on a rise to capture an audience on the move. Generally, commuters prefer to find the smartest and quickest way to work to fulfill their requirements. A mobile application steers it exactly right with a custom dashboard, RSS feeds, personalized ads, features, and accessibility thus giving it an edge to a mobile website.

While there are so many technologies that businesses are using in their mobile apps such as location-based tracking, Augmented Reality, Connected Sensors, payment integrations, however, Artificial intelligence has penetrated our mobility and application world in a great sense. AI-based mobile applications are trying to solve problems and perform tasks that we could not have even imagined a couple of decades ago. Some of the well-known experiences of AI applications are our mobile device smart assistants with the likes of Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant, which gives us a hands-free experience through voice recognition capabilities. Besides software, even the hardware companies are recognizing the true potential of AI applications, as more of the hardware manufacturers are developing and integrating AI chips in their hardware.