For everyone who vapes out, there is a reason why they have a favorite vape juice that adds to their personality. Just like having different flavors of ice-creams and sodas can be a thing, the same applies to vape juices, sour e-liquids as well. It reflects your personality. Read on to figure out which flavor is for what kind of personality.

The Apple Paradise- For the bossy leaders

If you are a hardworking person, look at yourself as the future boss, are reliable, then apple flavor vape is for you. Many leaders out their love apple-flavored vape juice. To add on, the pear makes it even more satiating.

About Apple Paradise- Apple Paradise is a cornucopia of mouthwatering ripe apples and pear, which offers an inhale of crisply blended apples, and an exhale of a subtle pear.

Berry Blast- For the chatty types

If you are one gossip monger or a chatty person, you should go for Berry Blast. Egocentric people, who care for one’s problems, or yearn for attention, should go for this one. Try out the berry blast vape juice or the e-sour, if you haven’t yet. The sour e- liquids enhance the power of vaping by satisfying the throat

About Berry Blast- This iconic flavor unites a whimsical pairing of all berries. When inhaled, it offers a blast of sweetness that is sure to catch your attention.

Lemon Lush- The Safe Type

If you like to play safe, then traditional juice flavors like tobacco, mango, lemon should be the right pick. People who take conventional vape juice do not prefer to take risks. They are not adventurous and usually lie behind the scene. However, they are hardcore vape lovers.

About Lemon Lush- A perfect pairing of tarty lemon and juicy watermelon, this will remind you of the yummy yellow candy. Also, it gives a rush of lemon too.

Vanilla Almond Custard- For the Happy Goer

For those who can be positive about everything, vanilla almond is the best. These kinds of people are friendly, love chilling, and of course, vaping. Just like vanilla, these kinds of people are everyone’s favorite.

About Vanilla Almond- It infuses the flawless pairing of luscious vanilla, creamy custard and has a hint of almonds.

Bottom Line

Surprised that vape flavor can relate so much to personalities, of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one flavor. Go out there, and you will figure out that there is one flavor made for you. Please check out The Finest for more details on vape juices and vaping.