Recording Studio Newark NJ is a hot spot in New Jersey. It's the home to The Audio Connection, a recording studio that was used by many famous and legendary recording artists such as Sonic Youth, Dirty Future, Animal Collective, and many others. They also have a recording space for musicians who are just starting out. Their other space is called Track Gardens. Both recording spaces are available to musicians who need them.

A Recording Studio Newark NJ garden studio will be able to provide isolation on both the input and output levels to ensure the greatest clarity and quality. Sound proofing on the input side of the studio will allow engineers and musicians to insert microphones, monitors, and headphones without affecting anyone else in the main room. Sound insulation on both the input and output sides of the studio will also prevent noise from leaking into other areas of the main room. The studio will also feature acoustic ceilings that will make any sound bouncing off of the ceiling in an acoustical way, which is very helpful when monitoring or recording.

In addition to the recording studio, they also have an art gallery where local and out of town musicians showcase their work. Music lovers will surely love the exhibits of local artists and bands that are featured on a regular basis. There are also lectures on music theory and other related topics. This studio not only provides a home to an industry leading recording studio, but it also provides education to budding musicians.

The Recording Studio Newark NJ is located just minutes from New York City, which is why many musicians and recording enthusiasts fly into this city to stay for a while. There are numerous recording schools in the area, but the Recording Connection is the only studio with an actual live studio where students can learn to create music with real instruments. The Studio is also unique because they offer a two-track method of instruction. Students have the ability to learn and practice along with learning from experts in the studio.

It also offers a large soundproof room, students still have the opportunity to create their own music by utilizing their own equipment. They can plug in and play with their keyboards and instruments right in the comfort of their own homes. If they feel the need to set up their equipment in the studio, they can bring their own cables, microphone cables, or audio interfaces. All of this equipment will be housed in a soundproof, locker room, similar to what you would find at a music school.