When we come up with our first website, we have our hopes but surely none of us can predict whether our site will be a hit or a miss in such a vast space such as the Internet. We always start off humbly and some of us are lucky enough to watch our sites grow to massive proportions. There comes such a time when our sites are accessed so frequently that it becomes difficult for our current web server to host our website well, and especially so if the site contains more of static content.

When such a time arrives that we have acquired such a high number of visitors and it is difficult to accommodate all of them at the same time, we have to shift to some other server which will serve our purpose way better than the current service provider.

At the present time, you have two options to choose before you. Firstly, there is the option of a VIP WordPress hosting service and secondly, there is the CDN servers that you can choose to use instead of your current one for hosting high traffic WordPress sites.

A VIP WordPress hosting account on the other hand is a much more costly option. Firstly, it is only for the most high profile enterprisers and websites. WordPress is charging $2500 for 5 sites and an extra $500 for every extra site on your package. In addition to this there is a setup cost of $1500 for each website. High traffic is not at all an issue for VIP WordPress servers. These servers can handle loads of traffic without much difficulty as these are also basically CDN servers. However, a VIP WordPress account comes with a lot of extras. As a website owner, the experience is much better as all the techniques are taken care of by the development team and the VIP support team which assist you in every matter that you need to be addressed. The security provided is also excellent and as a website owner, you just need to concentrate on your content and generate even more traffic for your site.

CDN or Content Delivery Network servers are quite a brilliant piece of work. It is easy to make out that these are a bunch of servers that are linked to each other. The cliché is that these servers are located at different parts of the world and when a user searches for your website on the web, his/her request is processed by the server which is nearest to his computer. Pure genius, isn't it? Well, CDN servers cut the response time by seven times and enhance the visitors experience on your website. The cost of moving to a CDN server depends on the bandwidth that you are using and not the storage that you require. The prices are quite competitive in the current market and larger websites which have a dedicated audience along with a steady income will easily be able to afford CDN servers.

A website owner should make his choice depending on the cost as well as the amount of freedom that you are looking for in order to be in control of your website. VISIT Here :(https://cdnguide.com/)