It is not a surprise that students will first want to know the facilities of any college before joining as the campus is the place any student will spend their maximum time. Especially if they are opting to stay in hostel buildings within the college premises themselves.


The first and foremost aspect is the Library of a college. It is like the epicenter of academic life. Here, the university has a wide range of collections that will support the student to have complete personality development. Even the Librarians are also fully trained to assist the students to find books on any kind of a subject they want to with a huge database and advanced technology of information and resources.

A Radio Station and also a Studio

The radio channel that runs in this college is Radio Active 90.4 FM and runs under the CSR initiative under the Jain University Bangalore. This station timing is 24/7 and also addresses any social issues that are of concern within the campus. It works alongside the main NGOs of the city and serves as the main source of the training department for the students in media and journalism from the University.

And then there is a media studio in the university that is used as an encouragement to the students who want to use it for producing creative arts. Any training that involves screening and production can be undertaken here. All the necessary equipment that is useful for both audio and video creation is available. There is advanced editing software and all its necessary electronic support. Not only is the studio air-conditioned but also has soundproofing to it inside. It acts as a creative ground for both students and teachers to meet at a higher wavelength of creative discussion.

The IT Cell and Services

Not only is it important that there is a computer lab but also a dedicated IT center is essential in the present era which consists of online research to submit any papers of work. Hence, the University made sure that the IT center is powered with high-speed WiFi network. The capacity of the student to computer ratio is high and has customized applications that support the engineering programs.

Lab facilities in the university

All the modern technology that is needed for the students is made accessible in these labs along with dedicated faculty to assist around. Not only does this serve the students as a fully functional study lab but also will end up being a rewarding experience in learning the theoretical studies in a real-time practical environment. The timings of the labs are flexible and offer cross-discipline equipment relating to all branches of education within the University.

The Seminar Halls

This is one platform where all students can gather and get connected with other department students whilst they are performing and showcasing their research, work and skills. Not only for seminar purposes of presentations but even the recruitment activities and student club activities can be conducted in this hall.