If we go by the proverb- “Morning shows the day”, the picture about life comes clear. In other words, when we draw motivation from a particular source, everything automatically falls in its place. The struggle is to find such inspiration in the mundane life. To say, the scenario simply justifies our endeavor in dealing with the constant workloads. But what if we have the ultimate office and desk Accessories to fight the work pressure? Desktop Planner can be a wise choice to get started!

To start afresh, all you need is to choose from a variety of office and desk accessories that are practical and ornate. Most of us receive some form of desk accessory from our colleagues. If we like it, the item makes its way to the desk. But, if they’re pragmatic, you can surely put them to good use. Let's explore the best picks of office and desk accessories hereby-


While we mostly rely on digital calendars for referring to dates and arranging meetings, a physical calendar can be a more feasible option. If you want to note down important tasks, it will be easier than ever with the help of the desk accessory. Moreover, you can find many printable calendar pages to pin-up every 30 days on the soft board.

Charging Docks

Didn’t have the idea of fancy charging docks to decorate the office desk? You can get several ornate yet compact charging docks while hunting for office supplies. They are of great help on desks with limited plug points.

Desk Plants

Put some small plants on your work desk. Generally, those with small pots come in cute designs and can be kept in the corner. Either way, you will also be able to neaten the workspace. How good to hear!


What next? Pushpins as office and desk accessories! However, they are worth an investment when buying office supplies. These days, pushpins are available in different shapes and witty designs. Just opt for unique shapes and de-clutter your space the way you want!

Pen Holders

This is a very common choice for office desks. Why not have a look at Leather Talks’ exclusive range of Pen Holders?

Mouse Pads

Well, I’m speaking about personalized Mouse Pad for the creative minds. Indeed, that’s also viable if you order online. In addition, you can also put up your treasured picture on it. The choice to customize is all yours!

Lastly, a Desktop Planner can come to your rescue. Crafted in multiple designs and colors, Leather Talks’ range of Desktop Planners aims to serve various purposes on the go. Excited to try the brand’s shelves? Check it out now!