Nowadays, the growing trend of the sublimation printing process is nowhere to stop, especially in T-shirt production. However, have you ever thought about what is sublimation printing and how it works? In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the entire process of sublimation along with plenty of other useful information.

In simple words, the sublimation printers are those particular printing machines that work by transferring the design into the materials such as fabric by using sublimation ink and heat. Sublimation printers are now pretty common for T-shirt designs, mug designs, and several other custom designs.

The Working of a sublimation printer is no longer complicated because many new technologies have made it much simpler and easier. During the process, a design is usually printed on special sublimation paper. The inks used in the design of the sublimation paper are quickly converted into gas through heat and pressure. Once the desired amount of heat and pressure is applied to the fabric, the print settles down on the fabric or any other material permanently.

The process of sublimation printing also resembles tattoo printing except for few differences. Moreover, the result of the sublimation printing is also very impressive as it won't crack or peel easily after multiple washes. Even though many other reliable and affordable printers are available in the market, the quality of sublimation printers is always ahead.