Because of the arisen pandemic COVID-19, the situation around the world has become quite critical. Because of this, a majority of enterprises are operating their businesses from home. However, the biggest concern that haunts businesses is managing operations online.

Many software companies have launched business collaboration tool to make virtual collaboration more reliable to deal with this issue. However, CloudPBX has now become the first choice of enterprises that eases communication with virtual teams and handles their daily operational tasks such as saving crucial files and exchanging data. This online collaboration tool has amazing features such as video collaboration, conferencing, call park option, project-management section and many other things.

Although there are many online collaboration tools in the market, they do not keep up with the businesses' needs, and money spent on them is futile.

There are numerous reasons why you can consider opting CloudPBX from Digital Future:

  • The tool reduces employee mobility and alleviates the burden of internal operations such as managing files, data etc.

  • You will not have to wait for telecommunication companies to install phone lines and establish new connections. You can do it all from the comfort of your home just with the availability of the internet.

  • This reduces the communication cost while also providing flexibility, reliability and redundancy.

  • Another benefit of this tool is that you don't have to pay any money for its maintenance, i.e. updates and network routing. This all will be done on your behalf by the hosting company.

CloudPBX can work as a backbone for your business to provide you with secure & fast communication in no time.