Radiator Panels are the most popular and effective heater that the Proheat team installs. We supply one of the best designs with our Delonghi Radiators, which are known for their high-performance rating and their high efficiency. These heating systems are beautifully designed, with an elegant and sleek European look. This means they can suit any home, whether it be a new and modern build or an old Victorian home. They are sure to add that sought-after touch of sophistication with minimal effort, all while heating your home perfectly. Radiator Panels the range is another popular radiator design. They work exactly the same as our standard ribbed front panel radiators but have a gorgeously sleek flat front finish. This makes them the perfect heating feature for modern homes, as they look more discrete while heating your home efficiently and effectively. Our Proheat Vertical Radiator range is a great heating option for when you are working with limited space. As they are vertical in nature, they only take up a small width of your wall but can reach from floor to ceiling to provide the optimal amount of heat. This makes them the perfect option for small units. They are available in either flat front or ribbed front designs, so you can choose the best option to suit your interior design preferences.