Juventus Football Club, otherwise known as Juve and Juiced, is an Italian professional football team based in Turin, Piedmont, Italy and plays in the Superliga De Luxigo, the second highest tier of the Italian league system. The ultras group of Juvedts is considered to be one of the most passionate and demanding groups of fans of a team. The club represents the entire heart of Italian sport with their unique mentality and respect for the game. This article will try to give you an insight into Juvedt's ultras group and give you a brief biography of their leader, uzzi.

Juvedt became the coach of Juvedts at the age of 34 in 1994. He inherited the club after two decades at the helm of Reggiana who had won promotion from the first division. He changed the course of history by winning the Claussells Cup and lifting Juvedt's trophy twice. He guided Juvedts to a three-year spell in the top flight of Italian football, where they finished third in the Intertoto Cup and secured a spot in the next season of the competition. Later that year, they were granted another season in the top flight, but missed out on qualification for the Champions League.

The following season saw Juvedts once again miss out on qualification for the Champions League and were relegated to the third tier of Italian football. Despite this, Juvedts did bounce back in the following two seasons, winning six and losing four of their ten matches in a row. However, despite these encouraging signs, the club was given a vote of no confidence by the Italian Football Association (Federation of Italian Football) in November 2021. Uefa decided that Juvedt's tactics of bringing the team down hard to allow more goals was to blame for their downfall.

During the hearing, fuzzy stood up and made his speech. "My colleagues have given me a mandate," he began. "I cannot participate in these proceedings if I am happy with this. If I am proud of my team, then I am not a hypocrite." His words were met with deafness from the benches and the ultras, whooped and went wild. Uefa president Claudio Favada attempted to appease the ultras by warning them before hand that he would dismiss any players involved in the altercation, but to no avail.

That season, the ultras turned against the Juvettas entirely. They openly heckled Juvetta players in the stands, threw eggs at their bus and even broke one of the floor tiles in an attempt to hurt Juvetta's players. This, after a very public spat between the players and coach Juilo Riviera, who were being investigated for financial irregularities, ended with the ultras publicly accusing Uefa of favouritism and betrayal.

The following season saw an ugly war erupt between Juvettas and ultras. As is usual in such situations, the ultras became increasingly hostile and volatile. They openly attacked Juvetta players, broke the ground rule and refused to play their matches. When a match was stopped due to dangerous Ultras rioting, match postponement was threatened. Thankfully, Uefa restored the matches, but this did little to ease the growing สโมสรยูเวนตุส.

This season, Uefa are threatening to ban Juvetta outright, while many fans have threatened to boycott the club. Some have suggested that Juvetta are moving towards becoming a Real Madrid B team. However, despite this latest round of animosity between the two sets of supporters, there has been enough stability to start formulating plans for the club. Already the ultras have issued a set of guidelines for this season. These include strict demands for season ticket buyers to purchase extra tickets for home games. In addition, season ticket holders will also have to listen to a pre-season message from Uefa President Michel Platini.

The ultras have been active in trying to get Uefa to do more than what they have already done. On top of banning the Ultras, they have also threatened to shut down the stadium until further notice. All this has come too late for many fans. As a result, they have taken matters into their own hands. Fans have begun holding up banners reading "We are Juvetta ultras" as well as carrying whistles.