Also known as acne Rosacea, Rosacea is a skin condition that leads to permanent red spots on different areas of the body. To reduce the effects of disease on long term, patients need to get best-in-class Rosacea treatment which is reliable and proven.

Till date the actual reason behind Rosacea is unknown, however people suffering from the ailment are aware of the severe consequences it carries. This chronic skin disorder leads to bumps and redness on the face, eyes, neck, ears, back, chest, scalp, etc. The disease is non contagious affecting adults particularly in the US. More often people with fair skin complexion are targeted, especially in the Irish and Scottish ancestry.

The redness caused by the disease is often recognized more severe by flushing. This causes the small blood vessels on the face to grow permanently and become extra visible via the skin as tiny red lines. In the latter stages, flushing becomes permanent and redness does not resolve. Since the disease is incurable, rosacea treatment is still available that can control the related signs and symptoms. If rosacea is not treated over a certain period of time, it will start getting worsened.

How is Rosacea Treated?
Bumps and pimples caused by Rosacea can be treated via oral and topical medications. A topical therapy to reduce facial redness is easily available. When appropriate, laser or other procedures like skin resurfacing is also available to remove visible blood vessels. This technique is quite proven to reduce acne scars, blemishes, wrinkles and Rosacea.

Preventing Rosacea is not that easy. However, it is possible to limit one’s exposure to factors that can cause the skin to flare up. Once the diagnosis is made, it is advisable to avoid factors like spicy foods, smoking hot liquid and other irritating cosmetics that are known to trigger the condition.

Other than this, facial microneedling treatment is also recommended, In this procedure, new growth factors are introduced into the skin like collagen and elastin. It is minimally invasive procedure and helps in introducing new growth cells and is one of the secure ways for skin rejuvenation. This therapy is preferred over other dermal skin therapy and laser treatments. It is an excellent medical aesthetic treatment for acne, scar and Rosacea. It is also recommended for the overall improvement of facial skin appearance. The treatment has also shown its effectiveness in inducing hair growth. In general, a minimum of 3 treatments are recommended. The results of the treatment can be seen in a short time period. It will leave patients with a toned, tighter and brighter skin. Patients just need to wait for a week or two to see noticeable results.

Rosacea is a progressive condition that worsens with age. It is important to diagnose it on time by consulting the best practitioner near your area. For improved results, you must opt for laser skin resurfacing treatment.