Interactive video is an innovative approach to marketing that can increase audience engagement, especially among millennials.Still, many in marketing and advertising remain in the dark about the opportunities interactive offers and how to best leverage its capabilities, including data and customer insights.Although interactive video is getting easier to create, marketers and advertisers still struggle to understand how it works and how they can leverage it for their brands.And if so, what do you need to know to reach your goals?Brands are putting more and more content on the Web, increasing competition for consumers mental bandwidth, thereby lowering the odds of any meaningful engagement.Creating an immersive and tailored experience leads to longer view times, increased interactions, and more social sharing, which is exactly what content creators are looking for in 2016.
As frustrating as this time of year can be if your favorite TV show gets axed, the silver lining is that cancellations make room for new programming.Set to premiere this fall, the series centers on the ever-resourceful Angus Mac Macgyver played by Lucas Till and his missions with former CIA agent Lincoln George Eads .The preview features quick thinking, clever solutions, and narrow escapes.An adaptation of the 2001 film, CBS Training Day series follows young police officer Kyle Craig Justin Cornwell after he s partnered with a morally ambiguous veteran detective, Frank Rourke Bill Paxton .He stars as Jack Gordon, a well-known adventure reporter who ends up in charge of a group of eager millennials working in an outdoor magazine s digital department.CBS has still more shows coming as well, including Bull, a drama starring Michael Weatherly; Pure Genius, a medical drama; Kevin Can Wait, a comedy featuring Kevin James; Matt LeBlanc s new comedy Man with a Plan; and Doubt, starring Katherine Heigl.
View photosMoreIn this May 16, 2016, photo, Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy, speaks at Shoptalk, a retail and technology conference in Las Vegas.The soft patch goes beyond the unseasonably cool weather.Here are four trends that were highlighted at the Shoptalk conference, which ended Wednesday:— STORE EXPERIENCE MATTERS: Major stores are trimming their fleet, but the physical store isn't dead.Many have followed and executives are relying on this strategy to help speed deliveries to customers.Michael Tobin, senior vice president of strategy and innovation at Macy's, says it's working out those issues.— MAINSTREAM BRANDS LOSING LUSTER: Shoppers, particularly millennials, are losing their appetite for major brands that can be found everywhere unless there's a strong emotional connection.
Bhavin TurakhiaThe most successful companies are built on great people, and how well they are able to hold on to good talent.Startup cultures are defined by the leadership of a company and the people that work for organisations.Also Read: How to find the right business partner for your startupCompanies slowly adopt the collective conscience of their leadership, and so in a sense, they become an extension of the personalities of their founders.Competitive founders tend to birth startups that are progressive, and CEOs that tend to take time over-analysing data to come to decisions will probably create slower moving organisations.A startup s culture in the early days becomes its guidebook, and eventually grows to represent the identity by which it is perceived.A recent Forbes article that summarised the findings of an employee engagement study conducted by Tinypulse hypothesised that  employees who give their work culture low marks are nearly 15 per cent more likely to think about a new job than their counterparts.The knowledge that you are changing the world, or creating something that is potentially earth shattering is profound.Also Read: The trick to attracting Millennials to your startup brandFor good talent, it s the reason why they will wake up to come to work every morning.Another aspect to this is adopting a flat organisational structure — flat structures are more conducive to ideation, discussion, and rapid development and execution, which is exactly what startups need.Perks and the WorksThis comprises the likes of flexible work hours and vacation days, no dress code, free food, an ever buzzing workspace et al.
Glu Mobile, the mobile game developer behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is out to do it again with a new game, this time following the chronicles of pop princess Britney Spears.The game lets you design outfits, play live shows, record singles, build a band, generate album art, and enjoy master versions of all the classic Britney singles.While it s not surprising that Glu Mobile has decided to spin off a game with another pop culture, it s interesting that it chose someone who appears, well, much less often in the media than she used to.But hey, teens and millennials still remember and love Britney, right?We re guessing the umbrella attack and head shaving part will be left out of the storyline.Whether or not you end up playing a residency at Las Vegas, of course, is another story.
I shared the pros and cons of how the same tools and instincts that are designed to help us, can often be used against us.In January, at the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Summit in La Quinta, California, a gathering of leaders in the field explored opportunities and challenges to improving the fundamental systems of global health.The conference focused primarily on education, human rights, poverty alleviation and climate change.Over 900 commitments were made out of April s program, with specific ideas and inventions proposed for the balanced use of advanced data systems and device while factoring in possible risks and benefits.With a very diverse and enthusiastic group of students participating, there was a definite consensus on the implications of what we were exploring and it was clear that the promise for opportunity is as limitless as the potential for innovation.The impact and consequences of how we use technology will naturally have a greater impact on the lives of millennials and on a world and a future that will be left in their hands.
For anyone who has seen this highly "anti-millennial" video by Alexis Bloomer you probably realize that there are quite a few strong and hateful opinions floating around about the millennial generation.As a millennial myself, I was annoyed with the video, and my team and I thought it would be interesting to "Debunk" some of the myths that exist.So we did some research- a lot of research, and we were able to PROVE that the majority of these statements about millennials are in fact false.What are your thoughts on millennials, and what facts can you share to back you up?Perhaps this will also provide those of you targeting millennials with some new insights on how to reach out to them/us effectively.
Not to mention making sweeping generalizations by claiming her own experiences represent the 80 million other millennials.Still many Baby Boomers and Gen Xers love to spurt facts about how entitled, selfish and lazy we are.But too often we are simplified into just a few less than complimentary characteristics.Using data from the Census Bureau and other reputable sources, we took a excavated into those beliefs with the aim of busting some popular myths about millennials.Without giving too much away, we found that most, if not all of the myths are overblown or widely misreported often, I believe, as a measure of resistance against a rapidly changing world .Check out the interactive wheel of myths below and full investigations into the 7 most common myths:
Here are some tips to help give you a jump start.Studies show that Millennials actually associate their identity with what they buy.They want to know that the brands they associate with properly represent and enhance their lifestyle.Facebook livestream has taken off as of late, because people love the concept of being "live", and interacting with their favorite influencers in real time.Produce Content in Multiple FormatsInfographics, long form text posts, webinars, video tutorials, short guides.Beyond that, you're simply diluting your content.
To the extent that Diane decided to push him a little...Diane: Why don t you just go talk to them?There s a code to it.We love you as children; after all, we have 3 of you guys!Maybe not a better one, but one that we like to consider as heart based as opposed to... cloud based!So you met the guy or the gal, you seemed to have had a connection, at least that s what you think, but you ll leave without asking if it s ok to be in touch again?Others go for a week before following up on a date so they won t look stupid.
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I ll pause here to let you watch the entire video in full with sound on :The mask was no ordinary Chewbacca mask, but made the cry of a Wookiee when the mouth was opened."So far, 34 million people have watched the video, telling Payne they "can t stop laughing" or saying how much they loved her "pure inner joy.""And in the comments, Payne was still laughing:In addition to video hosting sites like VidMe and YouTube, the video even found it s way to Reddit, where Peter Mayhew, the man who famously played Chewbacca in the "Star Wars" films, responded:Previously, the most watched video on Facebook Live was a BuzzFeed video about smashing watermelons, which received over 10 million views.Tech Insider has reached out to both Payne and Facebook, and neither has responded at the time of this post.Read the original article on Tech Insider.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.Copyright 2016.More from Tech Insider:Google and Levi's are building a smart jeans jacket for some reason GOOG A 'Game of Thrones' actress dropped a potentially huge spoiler about Arya Stark and Jon SnowResearch suggests people with this type of commute are happier than everyone elseHere's how to use Uber, the incredibly easy app that can change your lifeScientists found 4 genes that help program the shape of your noseNOW WATCH: 2 millennials watched the original Star Wars for the first timeLoading video...
The B2B marketing profession is in danger of losing its newest generation of managers and potential future marketing leaders, new research has revealed.According to the Hays UK Salary & Recruiting Trends 2016, an annual survey of over 20,000 employers and employees in the UK, over half 60 per cent of millennials in marketing anticipate leaving their jobs within the next 12 months and a third 34 per cent expect to leave within six months.Over a quarter 26 per cent of this age group state they wanted to leave their current role due to a lack of future opportunities, suggesting businesses may need to provide more investment in training and clearer communication around progression.More than a third 40 per cent of millennials believe there is no scope for progression within their current organisation and over half 51 per cent feel uncertain or negative about their career prospects.Many marketing functions are already suffering from severe skill shortages in mid-level roles, with 71 per cent of marketers saying they expect to encounter a shortage of suitable applicants this year."While the new wave of younger millennials about to graduate from university will require training and support to transition into the commercial, fast paced marketing world of today, those millennial marketers with several years expertise will be actively considering their future and looking to take the next step, aspiring to leadership roles.
Millennials are spending more time than ever watching short-form video content on their mobile devices, and players like Facebook and Snapchat are reaping the benefits.These platforms — which capture billions of video views each day — are competing to capture growing mobile audiences and challenge the historical dominance of YouTube.The ensuing bout will create a new set of opportunities for content creators looking to cash in on the mobile video craze.BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has developed a slide deck discussing how Facebook and Snapchat are shaking up mobile video.Today, it can be yours for free.As an added bonus, you will gain immediate access to the team s exclusive FREE newsletter, BI Intelligence Daily.To get your copy of this slide deck, simply click here.
While smart city news occupies an increasing amount of media bandwidth, a new survey reveals that millennials would rather live in a connected youthful city.According to the Urban Millennial Survey most millennials interviewed said they want to live in a youthful city that is connected like a smart city, but is also dynamic, open, curious, inventive and playful.YouthfulCities, an organization which helps cities understand and engage the Millennial Generation surveyed 15,000 people aged 15-34 years old in 34 cities about the infrastructure needs of their cities and the benefits and challenges of city life from their perspective.Millennials are a powerful economic and social force so it is no surprise that city leaders around the world are clamouring over each other to crack the code of understanding them, said YouthfulCities co-founder Sonja Miokovic.Robert Bond an IP technology specialist with London-based law firm Charles Russell Speechlys believes that city leaders should be clamoring to understand all of their citizens, not just millennials.According to a recently published report by Grand View Research, the smart cities development market will hit $1.4 trillion in 2020, nearly triple the global market size of that market today.
It came up with the bizarre Selfie Spoon last year so you kind of knew any follow-up contraption would be equally absurd.Part hoverboard, part cereal bowl, and part bonkers, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cruiser from food maker General Mills is a hoverboard with a built-in cereal bowl.That s right, if you re too busy to knock together a bowl of cereal before leaving the house for work, you can ride to work and eat at the same time.Pitched as the ultimate solution for multi-tasking millennials, the machine incorporates an ingenious self-leveling bowl for ease of use, and vital spill-shield technology to prevent a mess while riding.Yes, it s merely a marketing exercise focused on boosting sales of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and, more broadly, at getting cereal back on the breakfast table or on a hoverboard?following years of declining sales.
Nowadays, the Millennials call them running shoes.This is fine because the inexperienced generations run in them, mainly; while the wisdom-filled elders lounge, hang-out, walk and occasionally, run in them.We re not as fond of organized running, at least without any real or charitable purpose.At CES in January, I came across the Under Armour booth complete with high-tech sneakers.This unique, health-oriented app measures time, cadence, duration, distance, splits and captures GPS info to deliver accurate data.Here are the technical specs:**UA Record-equipped technology tracks and stores virtually every running metricInnovative UA SpeedForm technology delivers zero distraction while running**Smooth, ultrasonic welded seaming with Bemis tape for next-to-skin support & comfort**Two-color, small holed mesh offers enhanced breathability**Embedded sock-liner within cavity of midsole for added cushioning, moisture-wicking & seamless comfort**ArchForm offers additional support & soft cushioning for an even better fit & feel**Dual-layer Charged Cushioning delivers the perfect cushioning & energy return for optimal performance**Blown rubber outsole is lightweight yet incredibly durable**Anatomically placed flex grooves allow an optimal heel-to-toe transition for a smoother ride**Offset: 8 mm**Weight: 10.4 oz.
Both companies announced a new exclusive global partnership that was exciting enough to help GoPro shares rise almost 5 percent to close at $9.71.As part of the deal, GoPro will be all over Red Bull events and the two companies will distribute content rights on events they produce together.The Red Bull and vodka aka, the Dirty Steve is a popular drink among millennials and others who like to get obnoxiously drunk at nightclubs all over the country.That can only end well, right?Middle Innings:Your Tweets Get Longer, In A Way: Twitter made it official Tuesday, when the company said that it will soon not count things like photos, videos and other media against the 140-character limit for tweets.Send your thoughts to @rexcrum and I ll see if I can find an answer in 140 characters or less.Bottom Of The Lineup: Here s a look at how some leading Silicon Valley stocks did Tuesday…Movin On Up: Gains came from FireEye, Polycom, Ultra Clean Holdings, Xilinx and Ubiquiti Networks.In The Red: Twitter shares fell 2.6 percent, and other decliners included SolarCity and ZyngaThe tech-focused Nasdaq Composite Index rose 2 percent to 4,861.The blue chip Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 1.2 percent to 17,706.And the broad-based Standard & Poor s 500 Index added 1.4 percent to end the day at 2,076.Quote Of The Day:  Running that cover illustration is Variety s own burden to bear.— A Yahoo spokesperson, in response to a Variety magazine cover that portrayed Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer in a Jesus Christ-like position carrying a large Y on her back.Sign up for the 60-Second Business Break newsletter at GoPro employees, including CEO Nick Woodman, in happier times when the action-sport camera maker went public in 2014.Courtesy Christine Barna, Nasdaq Tags: GoPro, Red Bull, tweet, twitter, Yahoo
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Increasingly, consumers are more interested in seeing what other consumers have to say than they are in reading your own self-promotional puff pieces.It s far more powerful when other people that aren t on your payroll are saying it, says Jeev Trika, CEO of Bowl ads aren t going to impress -- but what will reach this audience is a lively conversation thread, real reviews by their peers and a company that takes time to respond to their social comments, Trika says.Use right-brained, creative tactics that go beyond the numbers.There are two great fallacies that lead to tepid results in content marketing.The younger and more tech-savvy demographic in particular will respond more positively to organic user reviews from their peers than they will respond to a Madison-Avenue-generated television commercial.