Former US president Donald Trump launched a new “communications platform” on Tuesday that will allow him to speak to his followers even though he is currently banned from Twitter and Facebook.So far, the reaction from Twitter users seems to be a collective shrug.According to Fox News, the platform has the catchy title of “From The Desk Of Donald J Trump” and can be accessed through Trump’s website.Currently, FTDODJT (a term that absolutely no one is using) allows the former president to post tweet-like posts trashing his enemies, fake news and his humiliating election loss.However, it doesn’t allow his supporters to post their sycophantic responses ― yet.“This is just a one-way communication,” an inside source told FoxNews. “This system allows Trump to communicate with his followers.”The page launched just one day before Facebook’s independent Oversight Board is expected to uphold the site’s indefinite ban on Trump, according to NPR.Although it appears to lack the bugs associated with Frank, the social media platform recently launched by Trump supporter Mike Lindell, many people say “From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump” is more of a blast from the past than the future of social media. Trump’s “new communications platform” is a website that looks like it was designed by me in 15 minutes— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 4,'s a blog?— Anousha (@anoushasakoui) May 4, 2021It took him months to set up a... Blog? But with fewer features?— John Iadarola (@johniadarola) May 4, 2021It's basically a personal blog for someone who can only think thoughts 280 words long.— Eliot Higgins (@EliotHiggins) May 4, 2021Is it called putting out inane press releases that every journalist immediately tweets anyway?— Jordan Zakarin (@jordanzakarin) May 4, 2021this is tumblr. donny invented tumblr— jason wilson (@jason_a_w) May 4, 2021Trumplr— Fiddler (@cFidd) May 4, 2021from a design and cost perspective, it's pretty clear trump should've just started a substack— Max Tani (@maxwelltani) May 4, 2021Related...Conservative Columnist Nails The Big Differences Between Biden, Trump's First 100 DaysRudy Giuliani's Son Tries To Out-Rudy Him In Wild CNN AppearanceHow Many False Claims Did Biden Make In His First 100 Days Compared To Trump?
Most important full form NPR and NRC There is comprehensive population data of all the citizens of India.For all citizens of the country such as date of birth, marital status, place of birth and nationality, it is necessary to register NPR and give correct details to the government.
A Washington, DC, medical examiner ruled earlier this month Sicknick, who died one day after the Capitol attack, died of "natural causes."
Spotify’s podcast subscription product will require podcasters to host their shows on Anchor. | Spotify For the first time, Spotify is letting podcasters on its platform offer subscriptions to their shows. The company announced its paid podcast subscription product for the US today, which will initially allow select partners who host their shows on Anchor to charge for content. Twelve independent shows, including Tiny Leaps, Big Changes and Mindful in Minutes, will offer bonus subscriber-only content, and NPR will launch ad-free versions of popular shows. A waitlist will open today, so podcasters can sign up to be included in the expanded rollout in the coming months, which will include international market availability. Notably, no Spotify-owned shows will go behind a subscription wall at first. Podcasters won’t have to pay Spotify... Continue reading…
After months of waiting, if you're an adult in the United States and you want a COVID-19 vaccine, you can have one. Thank God. I drove more than an hour each way to get my two Pfizer shots. Soon, I'll safely see my friends and relatives again. And, oh yes, I can travel for business again.But not everyone is as gung-ho as I am. One in four Americans would refuse the vaccine, according to a recent NPR/Marist poll. That's a real problem. The spread of misinformation has made them paranoid — and that's more dangerous than any vaccine. If it only put them in danger, I wouldn't care. It doesn't.To read this article in full, please click here
A monumental change is coming to Apple Podcasts’ business: the company is launching subscriptions within the Apple Podcasts app. During its spring event today, the company announced that people will be able to subscribe to content from the app for extra perks, like ad-free and bonus content, as well as early access. It’ll launch in 170 regions and countries next month. Initial partners include Pushkin Industries, QCODE, and NPR. It appears that content creators will have to pay Apple $19.99 per year in order to offer subscriptions, and Apple will take 30 percent of revenue for the first year and 15 percent for the years following. The app is also getting a redesign with channels to help people find new content curated by their favorite... Continue reading…
The past year transformed the way audiences respond to advertising. The pandemic, quarantine and social unrest radically altered consumers’ sensitivities, and real-time news cycles made every campaign message fraught with potential pitfalls.  As NPR reported in 2020, organizations raced to keep up with the public’s changing perceptions of marketing and what resonated — or fell […] The post Deep Dive: How AI steered The Ad Council’s campaigns during crisis appeared first on Digiday.
While he was in office, Trump pressured Fed Chair Powell against raising interest rates - the central bank traditionally operates independently.
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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images Former President Donald Trump’s ban on guest worker visas has expired, allowing foreign workers to reapply for entry into the United States. The news is a win for tech companies including Apple, Twitter, and Google, each of which vocally opposed the policy. Former President Donald Trump said the ban was a response to rising unemployment in the United States, due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the campaign trail, Joe Biden pushed back on this claim, calling it an attempt to distract from the Trump Administration’s failure on the virus. The ban focused on H-1B visas, but impacted a broader range of workers, NPR reports. Executives at big corporations and students participating in work-study programs were also caught up in the fray. W... Continue reading…
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The beauty of podcasting is that anyone can do it. It’s a rare medium that’s nearly as easy to make as it is to consume. And as such, no two people do it exactly the same way. There are a wealth of hardware and software solutions open to potential podcasters, so setups run the gamut […]
Illustration by William Joel / The Verge 14 current and former employees explain what went wrong Continue reading…
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Overdose fatalities hit a record high during the 12-month period ending May 2020, with more than 81,000 deaths.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is looking into allegations of racial bias and hiring practices at Facebook, a probe which the agency has designated as “systemic,” Reuters reported. In July, Facebook employee Oscar Veneszee, Jr., who is Black, filed a complaint with the EEOC along with two people Veneszee recruited but whom Facebook did not hire. The complaint alleges that the social platform discriminates against Black job applicants and employees and promotes racial stereotypes. Veneszee told NPR that Facebook has “a Black people problem,” and that the company has failed to create a culture to attract and retain Black workers. The EEOC has not brought allegations against Facebook, Reuters notes, and the agency’s... Continue reading…
Covid-19 has laid bare crippling interoperability issues
Parler now claims Amazon and Twitter were in cahoots to knock it offline.
Right-wing social media website Gab has reportedly been hacked, and CEO Andrew Torba said on Twitter that “demon hackers” were to blame, using a transphobic slur to describe them. Wired first reported that a hacker, who goes by “JaXpArO and My Little Anonymous Revival Project,” carried out the hack to expose Gab’s users. Private messages from some 15,000 Gab users were used to create a dataset of more than 40 million posts from the site, including private posts. User profiles, some users’ hashed passwords, and passwords for groups also were affected by the hack, which reportedly used a SQL injection vulnerability to siphon some 70GB of data. Activist data transparency group Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), plans to share the... Continue reading…