Seriously, look at this thing:A photo posted by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson @thorbjornsson  on Apr 17, 2016 at 1:27pm PDTHis name is Ástríkur, and the pup even has its own Instagram page under the handle @asterix astrikur.Scattered among his Instagram videos of weightlifting at the gym are cute snippets of Ástríkur and Björnsson out for daily walks and runs.You can barely spot the puppy among the similarly colored grass, but just look at this adorable workout:Björnsson captioned the video: "The most cardio I've done in years!!Björnsson refers to himself as Obelix, the fictional pal to Asterix.You can follow both Björnsson and Ástríkur on Instagram at @thorbjornsson and @asterix astrikur.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:The nation's top spy says hackers are spying on presidential candidatesThis wearable exoskeleton could one day turn your grandparents into cyborgsA new trailer for the 'Ghostbusters' reboot is here and it's much better than the firstSunday s 'Game of Thrones' director was surprised by fan reactions to this brief character interaction14 Stanford students reveal their ultimate dream jobsNOW WATCH: The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' follows an insane meat and egg fueled dietLoading video...
According to the company the technology is able to produce high quality parts to ten times faster and half the price compared to existing 3D printing systems. HP sued 3D printers market is currently dominated by Stratasys- and 3D Systems, Inc., says the BBC. HP about the washing machine-sized Jet Fusion 3D 3200 -printterin Prices start at 120 000 euro. 3200 model will be on sale in Europe in 2017, the first to include Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and the UK. HP models will be the representative that they can print the also multi-colored objects. Research firm Gartner estimates that last year sold about 245 000 3D-print inserts.
The latest trailer for July s Ghostbusters reboot is here—and if you were worried about that infamous earlier teaser being short on plot and, perhaps, light on A jokes , you ll be glad to know that the new footage has more story, more humor, and a lot more bustin .She and her fellow spook-chasers played by Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones are the only New Yorkers equipped to take on a new wave of spectral menaces who are running amok in the city—and whose presence may or may not be harbingers of a new ghost apocalypse.It s full-on panic in the streets, but the government won t help the team, and some unseen baddie out there s actually trying to make the phantom menace even worse at one point, the team s assistant, played by Chris Hemsworth, is possessed by a spirit, presumably one with a thing for Aussie hunks .This all leads, of course, to proton-packed showdowns with lots of out-of-towner ghosts including a rampaging monster, rumored to be named Rowan, who might remind you of a certain Stay-Puft mascot .Pause at: 1:49, to see a bunch of evil-faced, hyper-colored hot-air ghosts attempt to chow down on our team.Best Quote: No one should have to encounter that kind of evil, one guy phantom-splains to the team, except you girls—I think you can handle it.
About four years ago, a man called James had a freak accident while trying to board a train that resulted in him falling under the train, severing his left leg, and severely damaging his left arm among other grievous injuries.Originally, James was sent home with what he called "peach-colored and obvious" prosthetic arm and leg with limited capabilities and a hook instead of a hand.Eventually James became part of an experiment where he was fitted with a prototype bionic arm.The limb in question is connected to the nerves and muscles in the shoulder and the bionic arm was fitted at the studio of a prosthetics artist called Sophie De Oliveria Brata, creator of something called the Alternative Limb Project.Muscle signals are detected by sensors attached to the skin of his shoulders that are connected to a harness on the top of the body that operates the arm and hand.The arm has a laser light, a flashlight, and a USB port in the wrist to change his phone.
This year's Google IO developers conference had both a brand new mostly-outdoor venue and a rather brightly-colored surprise.Paint colors and actions are selected by users like yourself with a smartphone app dedicated to said actions.The robot itself is not strictly new - there've been robots like these dedicated to painting devices and vehicles for a number of years now.The robot and the rotating block on which the white cube sat were controlled separately.We've got to applaud the people who proposed this display for Google I/O, imagining the meeting at which that took place.We'd love to give you credit as this is, indeed, a place where credit is due.
Typically, a Blue Moon is defined as the second full moon that occurs during a calendar month, but the full moon this Saturday May 21 will be the only full moon of May 2016.On the page for August 1937, the "Maine Farmer's Almanac" gives the calendrical meaning for the term "Blue Moon."And that extra full moon also meant that one of the four seasons would contain four full moons instead of the usual three.Pruett ultimately came to the following conclusion: "Seven times in 19 years there were — and still are — 13 full moons in a year.It's unfortunate that Pruett did not have a copy of that 1937 almanac at hand, or else he almost certainly would have noticed that his two-full-moons-in-a-single-month assumption was wrong.For instance, in the aftermath of the massive eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in June 1991, there were reports of a blue-colored moon and even a blue sun worldwide.
agorafinancial.comAdChoicesAd covers the pageReport this adThanks for the feedback!InappropriateRepetitiveIrrelevantThanks for the feedback!But like any technology, the computers and the Internet, they do come with their own set of dangers, opening them up to abuse by less than conscientious individuals.Designer Keiichi Matsuda has and his vision, narrated in the video "Hyper-Reality", is rather frightening.You see neon colored text and images everywhere, floating like ghosts loosely attached to surfaces and people's heads.The video ends in a sort of comedy-tragedy duality, depending on your interpretation of the events.
Ars Technica plays Overwatch, starting at 7:30 p.m. EDT Monday, May 23 12:30am BST After an extensive beta period, Blizzard's first foray into first-person combat, the new team-based shooter Overwatch, finally launches on Monday, May 23.While Ars staffers and contributors have logged significant time in the beta, we're not ready to turn in our "review" call just yet, especially with a game so reliant on online play.The game goes live at 7pm EDT, and while all of Ars' eager gamers are pre-installed and ready to rock on our gaming PCs, we're going to give the game's servers a little while to breathe before soft-launching our livestream at 7:30pm EDT today and "officially" starting at 8pm, or 1am if you're in the UK .What exactly is a "hero shooter," anyway?While most hero shooters have stuck strongly to MOBA traditions like mobs and jungling, Overwatch has taken a looser approach, and we'll talk at length about how Overwatch mixes the formula up, and whether that's for the better or for the worse.The new release positions Blizzard to attract new players who are unfamiliar with titles like Team Fortress 2 by offering a wide array of characters, a smooth sense of progression within each map, and easy-to-grasp abilities.
This arresting collection of styling cues continues within the i3's cabin, which is surprisingly open and airy for a small automobile - a testament to its tall roofline and the decision to use light-colored woods and accentuate the gaps between screens, panels, and dashboard throughout the vehicle.Although the materials used throughout the interior of the BMW i3 walk the line between recycled-chic and upscale niche, it's their presentation that seals the deal and makes driver and passengers feel as though their are riding along inside something special.It's also worth noting that the concept of carting around more than just a pair of people in the BMW i3 isn't an unrealistic one.Every other battery-powered hatchback rival - the Volkswagen e-Golf, the Ford Focus Electric, the Nissan Leaf, and compliance cars like the Fiat 500 EV and the Chevrolet Spark EV - are front-pullers, which gives the i3 somewhat of an edge when it comes to handling and overall vehicle dynamics.Where the EV's narrow rubber and domed profile come into greater play is out on the highway, where gusts of wind can easily overcome the car's grip and nudge it ever so gently over the white or yellow lines.Cabled, you're looking at charge times of about four hours on a 240-volt connection or 30 minutes with a DC Fast Charger standard household 110-volt current balloons charging times up to 20 hours .
Today we've gotten up close and personal with the newest innovation in E Ink display technology - Advanced Color ePaper.This ACeP solution is able to produce all eight primary colors using colored pigments only.What you're seeing here is a set of 20-inch displays created to show off the new technology at SID's Display Week this week in San Francisco."We expect ACeP to become the basis upon which another generation of EPD display products can be developed," said Frank Ko, Chairman of E Ink Holdings.We're crossing our fingers for ultra-low-power smartphones in the distant future.The folks at E Ink expect this technology to go into commercial production in the next two years.
During a public hearing on piracy in late April showed Justice Minister Morgan Johansson S This government has a very different view of the matter. - I think that the setting takes too lightly the issue of copyright infringement, and perhaps colored the years. Let me be very clear: we believe that theft is theft, even if it is about intellectual property rights and this government stand up for copyrights and will continue to stand up for the copyright, he said of the old Reinfeldt-quote. But what, Morgan Johansson and the red-green government actually show? "We will therefore continue the fight against those who do not respect the rights, especially as regards those who commit crimes on a commercial scale. Therefore, we have already begun work to further review the need to introduce a gross breach of copyright, "writes Morgan Johansson in response to a written question from MP Jorgen Warborn M.
After a year of development, the CyanogenMod released its new browser to replace the previous standard built-in reader. The browser, which goes under the name Gello, is based on the Chromium just like Chrome and bring some extra features in addition to the classic things you would expect to appear in a browser. The reason it has taken so long, according to the developer that the browser is based on Chromium right, and that the right environment has been required to build the app then it does not work like a regular app which can only be added to the system. The browser offers some interesting features including side navigation which lets the user swipe through history, a night mode and full screen mode, and an option to activate the colored status bar applying colors by the look of the website's icon. There is also an included power-saving mode, the ability to save web pages offline, and share sites with both link and a screen just like in CyanogenOS. Gello is open source and is available from the nightly release of CyanogenMod 13 May 23 Note that it is up to the person or the developers of CyanogenMod for each unit to implement the browser.
Despite competition from tablets boasting full-color LCD displays, devices that use black and white electronic paper, like Amazon s Kindle, have remained popular.The company s new Advanced Color ePaper—or ACeP, for short—isn t the first electronic paper display to incorporate color.Devices like the Pebble Time have been using color ePaper displays for a while, although with a limited number of tints.Previous versions of the technology also rely on colored filters over a monochromatic display, which reduced resolution and affected the vibrance and legibility of the displays unless used in bright light.All eight primary colors can be reproduced on the ACeP displays, and resolutions of up to 150 pixels per inch—comparable to the Kindle DX from a few years ago—can be achieved.Eventually your Kindle could replace your iPad as your go-to for reading full-color digital magazines, although there s no timeline for when the new color ACeP technology will be rolled out to consumers.
Consistently happy Iceland is helping with researching the key to happiness.A school district in North Carolina is proposing a ban on skinny jeans and leggings.From sex-changing mosquitoes to micro pigs, genetic experiments happening right now.And commutes into and out of your county, visualized with moving colored dots that would be pretty if they didn t represent stress and congestion.Photo: Traffic stacks up on Almaden Expressway in San Jose on April 14, 2012.Karen T. Borchers/Bay Area News Group
The company E Ink, the same company that produces e-paper screens found in many eboks readers, has developed a new product that it calls for "Advanced Color ePaper" ACEP. As the name suggests, can Advanced Color ePaper display color and the new type of e-paper screen is able to display 32,000 colors. E Ink has already one type of e-paper screen that can display colors, but it is capable only of displaying 4,000 colors. Until further notice, it seems not like E Ink is committed to developing e-paper screens to tablets and ebook reader. It can display 150 pixels per inch ppi and primarily meant to be used in, for example, billboards and the like. via TechCrunch
But they aren t without their drawbacks, primarily in the area of color reproduction — e-ink displays on the market today have a limited gamut.Thanks to a new technique by E Ink Holdings, the Taiwan-based firm responsible for the Pebble Time s color e-ink display, among others, e-ink screens may soon sport the same wide range of hues as their alternatives.The experimental panels don t draw significantly more power than current-gen panels, for one, and they aren t any less legible, or prone to irksome reflections.Significantly, though, the ACeP uses a layer of fluid, carefully incorporated into the microcapsules that make up e-ink screens, that s capable of reproducing all the colored pigments — all eight primary colors, in other words — in every pixel.Don t hold your breath for a more colorful Kindle in the next few months or even years, though — E Ink s chief was rather vague about ACeP s near-term prospects.But the company s produced a 1,600 x 2,500 prototype — best suited for digital signage, it said in a press release — that it ll be showing during the 2016 SID Display Week in San Francisco.
View San Francisco startup is launching its cloud-based smartphone, the Robin, in the country for the highly competitive price of $297 Rs 19,999 — nearly $100 lower than its original launch price of $399 Rs 26,900 in the U.S.SEE ALSO: Running out of storage is a thing of the past with the Nextbit Robin phoneIf you missed Robin's release earlier this year, here's a refresher: Boasting good specs and a refreshing teal-colored plastic design, the phone's main feature is its innovative integration of cloud storage.At the launch event in Delhi, Nextbit CEO Tom Moss stressed India's importance as the second-largest smartphone market in the world and on ensuring that the phone was good value for the money — an important consideration for the country's price-sensitive consumers.As such, Nexbit's initial focus will be on tech enthusiasts, but for long-term viability, its bigger challenge will be appealing to the mass market.The Robin is powered by Marshmallow 6.0, and is close to stock Android, but Moss argues that its intuitive understanding of which apps people use the most and the least will give it an edge over other smartphones in India's Android-dominated market.The Nextbit Robin boasts an unusual teal-colored design, but its real differentiator is how it deals with storage: When it runs out of local space, it automatically and intelligently backs up data and apps to 100GB of cloud storage, which is included in the purchase price."Most of the world is really saturated in terms of growth and India is really the engine that's driving the growth in smartphones for the whole world today," Moss said.
Over at Computex, Aorus has been showing off an addition to its 17.3-inch gaming laptop, the X7 DT, which now boasts an RGB keyboard.The RGB Fusion keyboard is a per-key backlit affair, meaning you can change the color of individual keys.In total, 16.8 million color variations are available, and the keyboard can also be programmed with macros, giving you all the expected gaming shortcuts you could wish for.The company is also making its limited edition 'camouflage design' military-style color scheme available across Aorus X3, X5 and X7 machines, for those who want something of an antidote to some of the brightly colored gaming machines we often see in the laptop world.The Aorus X7 DT boasts an overclocked Skylake Core i7 CPU which is backed up by an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics card that should provide plenty of pixel pushing power.That's a full desktop GTX 980 GPU, mind you, making this machine fully VR-ready, yet it still maintains a nicely thin frame at 25.4mm with a weight of 3.2kg .
Over at Computex, Aorus has been showing off an addition to its 17.3-inch gaming laptop, the X7 DT, which now boasts an RGB keyboard.The RGB Fusion keyboard is a per-key backlit affair, meaning you can change the color of individual keys.This can allow for all manner of effects, such as highlighting particular keys WASD for example , or you can use it for flashy illumination schemes which employ the backlighting to make patterns such as waves or ripples.In total, 16.8 million color variations are available, and the keyboard can also be programmed with macros, giving you all the expected gaming shortcuts you could wish for.This new RGB Fusion keyboard will be available with the next generation of X5 notebooks, too.The company is also making its limited edition 'camouflage design' military-style color scheme available across Aorus X3, X5 and X7 machines, for those who want something of an antidote to some of the brightly colored gaming machines we often see in the laptop world.
What do we love most about the newest YOGA?The outer edges are black and smooth, while the lid and bottom panel are smooth and, in our case, gold-colored.Lenovo has two varieties up on its website, one with a 6th-gen Intel Core m5-6Y54 1.10GHz processor, and another with the 1.20GHz m7-6Y75 processor.Battery life is highlighted as one of the YOGA 900S most notable features, with Lenovo saying you can get up to 10.5 hours of battery life.You ll see that number dwindle if you re maxing out the screen brightness while playing videos and such, but it is mostly accurate in best-case-scenario usage.For most people, it's exactly what they need in wrapped up in a package miles above what they wanted.