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By the Jain Dharma, Lord Mahavira is considered as a great spiritual hero and to be the last Tirthankaras.The whole life of the Lord Mahavira is celebrated in festivals and legends and works as a role model for the Jain's.Mahavir swami is known as the spirit of Jainism.As per the Jain philosophy, all Tirthankaras were born as human beings but they have achieved a condition of perfection or enlightenment with the help of self-realization and meditation.Shree Mahavir Namokar Chalisa, is a striking forty-verse prayer, full of praise and implore with the dedication of Mahavir Prabhu.DOHA: Sheesh nawa arihant ko, sidhan karu pranam.Upadhyay acharya ka, le sukhkari naam.sarva sadhu aur saraswati, jin mandir sukhkar.Mahavir bhagwan ko, man mandir ke dhar.Jainism is a transtheistic belief, holding that the world was not formed, and will survive forever.It is considered to be independent, having no governor, judge, creator, or even destroyer.
Market HighlightsThe fourth revolution has resulted in rapid globalization, which has created extensive job opportunities.Hence, urbanization and increase in industrial activities are major factors that are observed to underpin the expansion of the global public safety solution for smart city market.The rise in the demand for Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, and their active adoption across different verticals is enabling enterprises to deliver better professional safety solutions for the safety of the public in smart cities.The surging application of the smart city concept is expected to promote the development of the market in the near future.Reports that conveys an understanding of the information and communication technology industry has been presented by Market Research Future, which creates reports on industry verticals that judge the market progress and options for growth.Thus, the use of public safety solutions for a smart city to improve safety measures is expected to gain impetus in the coming years.In addition, transit agencies are also making a deliberate effort to incorporate IoT in the transportation security models, in order to simplify metro cities conveyance.In addition, the hike in the per capita income is expected to bolster the market growth.On the contrary, the high price of such solutions and the lack of trained personnel for execution of such services are expected to be some of the major constraints on the rapidly expanding global public safety solutions for smart cities market in the coming years.Get a Free Sample @ OutlookRegionally, the public safety solution for smart city market growth pattern has been studied in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and Rest-of-the-World (RoW).
Spellbound Tours’ Voodoo, Vampires, and Ghosts Tour is a trip through the dark side of Salem’s sinister past, including visits to actual locations from the infamous witch trials.Visit documented haunted sites, including what is considered by many experts to be the most haunted home in the country.See the frightening and beautiful Old Burying Point cemetery, final resting place of cruel Salem Night Tour Witch Trials hanging judge Judge Hathorne.You will be trained in the latest scientific methods of ghost detection, and learn to recognize the tell tale signs of a true haunting!You will hear shocking true tales of vampirism- from the past, and from our current day!Find out what what makes an otherwise normal person lust for blood, and hear authentic New England vampire folklore.Spellbound has been around since 1999, founded by a professional parapsychologist and investigator.
AppearanceThe fertilizer processed by the NPK production line is grayish brown or dark black with loose powder, while the inferior organic fertilizer is bright black with dense powder.Of course, under normal circumstances, a small amount of impurities is inevitable.2.Pay attention to the color in the cup.The inferior organic fertilizer is still black and turbid, while the real organic fertilizer is completely fermented and decomposed after being treated by the dumper, and it will show different colors of brown from top to bottom.Most of the impurities deposited in the light gray area at the bottom of the cup are sand and stone; the brown part in the middle area is mainly organic matter; the top layer is incompletely decomposed fibrous grass and cut tobacco.3.Judgment of fertilizer efficiencyThe lighter the color of the aqueous solution, the worse the fertilizer efficiency (light and light yellow fertilizers have low efficiency; brown fertilizers have good effect).3.1.
Lawyer Alan Dershowitz accused Waters of intimidating the jury and said judge Peter Cahill should have granted Chauvin a mistrial.
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"That a family had to lose a son, brother and father; that a teenage girl had to film and post a murder ... just for George Floyd to be seen and valued is not justice," AOC tweeted.
A proposal to settle privacy lawsuits with the video app TikTok might give users enough compensation to buy a cup of coffee—and that’s just not good enough, a lawyer representing an objector to the accord told a judge
A woman pays respect to a mural of George Floyd by the Cup Foods where he was killed by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota." src="" />Derek Chauvin has been convicted of two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, concluding a trial that drew intense national interest and amplified concerns over the disparate ways police treat Americans of colour.The former Minneapolis officer, who is white, may now face time behind bars. His sentence will be determined by Judge Peter Cahill. The 12 jurors reached their verdict after 10 hours of deliberation that began on Monday.Chauvin was one of three officers who pinned down Floyd, a Black Minnesotan, for 9 minutes and 29 seconds last spring as Floyd repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe. Yet Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck the entire time, and Floyd’s death sparked international racial justice protests in his name.Over three weeks of testimony, prosecutors argued that Chauvin’s method of restraint had hindered Floyd’s ability to breathe as he was pressed facedown on the street outside a convenience store called Cup Foods. A small group of bystanders ― several of them minors at the time ― took the stand to explain why they were so concerned for Floyd’s safety as they witnessed him fighting to breathe underneath Chauvin.  Testimony from his loved ones helped to illustrate the way Floyd’s life and struggles mirrored those faced by many Americans: He had been grappling with addiction for years after initially receiving an opioid prescription for pain. He had recently lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic, and tested positive the virus in early April. He was still grieving for his mother.“On May 25, 2020, George Floyd died facedown on the pavement right on 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis,” prosecutor Steve Schleicher said in his closing arguments. “Nine minutes and 29 seconds. During this time, George Floyd struggled, desperate to breathe, to make enough room in his chest to breathe. But the force was too much. He was trapped.”“Facing George Floyd that day did not require one ounce of courage, and none was shown on that day,” he told the jury. “All that was required was a little compassion, and none was shown on that day. ... This wasn’t policing. This was murder.”Throughout the trial, defence attorney Eric Nelson worked to sow reasonable doubt among jurors, trying to convince them that Floyd’s preexisting health conditions mattered more to the final outcome than Chauvin’s actions. The officers, Nelson suggested, were simply following police training and doing their best to make decisions under pressure while facing a possible threat from the small group of onlookers, several of whom were filming the incident on their phones. Nelson used the drugs in Floyd’s system and his documented heart disease to substantiate the argument.Anticipating the defence’s focus on Floyd’s health, prosecutors were aided by several medical experts who said Floyd died of asphyxia, a common term for a lack of oxygen. They dismissed claims that drugs or underlying health issues played major roles in his death.Dr Martin Tobin, a top pulmonologist who works for a Chicago hospital, spent hours on the stand explaining with the help of slides, graphs and 3-D renderings how Floyd’s positioning made it difficult ― and then impossible ― for him to breathe. Jurors followed along as Tobin showed how various parts of Floyd’s anatomy were impacted, encouraging them to feel corresponding parts of their own necks.Chauvin’s position over Floyd made it so his left side was “in a vise”.“A healthy person subjected to what Mr Floyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subjected to,” Tobin testified.Several of Chauvin’s former colleagues provided criticism of his actions, breaking the so-called “blue wall of silence”. Most notably, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo testified that Chauvin “absolutely” violated the department’s use-of-force policy.Chauvin, however, chose not to testify, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination on the final day of the evidentiary portion of the trial.Experts called by the defense pointed to the unpredictable nature of police work and suggested the unusually large amount of video evidence still might not have told the whole story at the scene.Police had been called to Cup Foods after a young cashier told his boss that he suspected Floyd had used a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes. The store had a policy that if a cashier accepted a fake bill, the amount would taken from their own wages. The cashier, Christopher Martin, 19, testified about the guilt he felt over Floyd’s death.“If I would have just not taken the bill, this could have been avoided,” Martin said in court.Several of the state’s first few witnesses similarly felt emotional over the incident. Darnella Frazier, 18, the girl who filmed the video of Floyd’s arrest that went viral in the aftermath, said Floyd appeared “terrified”.“When I look at George Floyd, I look at my dad,” Frazier testified. “I look at my brothers. I look at my cousins. I look at my uncles. Because they are all Black. ... And I look at how that could have been one of them.”Frazier’s 9-year-old cousin who was with her at the time also spoke up in court.Outside the courtroom were scenes of resistance: protesters carrying Black Lives Matter signs and flags rallied, at one point observing 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence led by the Rev Al Sharpton ― the amount of time it was initially reported that Chauvin had knelt on top of Floyd. (The trial subsequently revealed the restraint to have lasted nearly 10 minutes.)The mood shifted toward urgency by the end of the trial, after police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota ― a half-hour drive north of Cup Foods ― killed a Black man on April 11. Daunte Wright, 20, was shot by a veteran officer who says she mistook her firearm for a stun gun.Wright’s mother, Katie Wright, joined Floyd’s family in front of the Minneapolis courthouse to give a heart-wrenching press conference about her son.To the south, in Chicago, a police accountability group released body camera video on April 15 showing the shocking death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, who had empty hands raised when an officer shot and killed him.Chauvin’s conviction will undoubtedly raise questions in police departments across the country about use-of-force policies and how officers’ actions will be evaluated.“Police departments need to be reexamining their practices,” Barbara McQuade, University of Michigan law professor and a former US attorney, told HuffPost. The Chauvin case may “send a message”, she said, “that police officers will “no longer get the benefit of the doubt from a jury the way maybe you did 10 or 20 years ago”.“And so you need to conform your behavior to a higher standard, because if you don’t, you will be held accountable,” McQuade said.Related...Jury In Derek Chauvin Trial Reaches Verdict Over Death Of George FloydJury In Derek Chauvin Trial Begins Deliberation As Minneapolis Braces For VerdictWhat Brits Need To Know About The Derek Chauvin Murder Trial
Ethan Nordean and Joseph Biggs are accused of coordinating and leading dozens of Proud Boys members in an attack against the Capitol on January 6.
A TV psychic has been left to pay a £100,000 legal bill after claiming that a car accident had left him unable to complete his readings as usual.Maurice Amdur – whose television credits include appearances on This Morning and Entertainment Tonight – sought £250,000 in damages from the insurers of a driver who hit him at a roundabout near Marble Arch in 2015.At the time, Amdur claimed the pain from the accident was so bad he was unable to concentrate long enough to perform psychic readings.He also said that the accident had caused him issues sexually, leading to the demise of his relationship.Amdur’s case has now been thrown out, after he lied about not being able to give psychic readings for two years after the accident.Although he claimed his injuries deprived him of the ”mental sharpness and ability to concentrate sufficiently to do a good job”, it has emerged that he did, in fact, perform readings between 2015 and 2017.Judge Elizabeth Backhouse said (via Metro): “I am prepared to accept that Mr Amdur does believe that he has a ‘gift’ and that he considers that he behaves with integrity when working as a clairvoyant, unlike others in the field who are ‘charlatans’ as he called them.“It does seem to be the case that Mr Amdur has had the TV exposure he claims and he appears to have enjoyed a wealthy lifestyle, judging by his assets. He considers that he was on the cusp of a major upturn in his career as he had a number of opportunities for TV work at the time of the accident and in the months after it but he was not well enough to take those up.”She continued: “I am prepared to accept that he may not have felt well enough to do as many as usual or to work to normal capacity, but I am satisfied that he did some readings.“Clearly he must have known that he did that work and I find that in this respect he has been dishonest.”Because of this, Admur has been forced to pay the legal costs for the trial, which is expected to surpass £100,000.MORE ENTERTAINMENT:Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals How That Other Infamous Borat 2 Moment UnfoldedMorrissey Issues Furious Response After The Simpsons' Less-Than-Flattering Parody Of HimJason Momoa Had An Adorable Response To Birthday Request From The Rock's Daughter
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Sadly, recent studies of medical errors published on, estimate that medical errors may account for as many as 251,000 deaths annually, which makes medical errors the third leading cause of death in the U.S.While the numbers reported typically range between 45,000 and 95,000, experts acknowledge that less than 10 percent of medical errors are reported.This is a problem because myths can prevent injured patients or their loved ones from seeking the settlement they deserve for their injuries.Top 4 medical malpractice claims myths1.Medical malpractice lawsuits are frivolousOver the years, it has become popular mythology that medical malpractice lawsuits are frivolous and drive up the price of healthcare.The truth is that 80 percent of medical malpractice cases are filed for severe injuries to the patient, including disability or death, and that 97 percent of cases have strong evidence that injuries were caused by medical errors or medical negligence.When cases are concluded with a monetary recovery, the firm is repaid for the out-of-pocket costs they have advanced from the proceeds of a settlement or judge or jury verdict.4.
David Cameron’s lobbying of senior ministers and officials, who he knew as prime minister, on behalf of Greensill Capital was “acceptable”, a cabinet minister has claimed.Environment secretary George Eustice, Cameron’s former press secretary, said the ex-PM cannot be “begrudged” for taking on a role lobbying for the now-collapsed finance firm Greensill after leaving office.Eustice also claimed the current system for regulating how ministers declare private sector interests was “actually a pretty good one”.Labour said the minister’s comments showed “the government’s latest approach appears to be to shrug their shoulders and say ‘scandal? What scandal?’” The Tory minister’s defence of Cameron and the rules came after Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkin, who chairs the Commons liaison committee which questions the prime minister, has also warned that a failure to be “more transparent” than previous governments could see the so-called “red wall” seats turn away from the Tories.A series of probes have been commissioned, including by Downing Street, as Westminster looks to understand the role Cameron played in securing Whitehall access for Greensill.The firm was selected as an intermediary lender for some government Covid-19 support loans at the start of the pandemic.The controversy follows disclosures that Cameron personally lobbied chancellor Rishi Sunak on Greensill’s behalf via text messages and was able to arrange for its founder and his former Downing Street adviser, Lex Greensill, to have a “private drink” with health secretary Matt Hancock.The saga deepened last week after it emerged the former head of government procurement, Bill Crothers, took a part-time position with the failed firm while still in his Whitehall post.The Sunday Times has now reported that Cameron contacted a former Cabinet Office contact who has since moved onto a senior NHS position to help secure a lucrative health deal, allowing Greensill to roll out its advance payment app, Earnd, to doctors and nurses.Greensill’s collapse now risks thousands of jobs, particularly in the steel sector.Shadow communities secretary Steve Reed said the revelations surrounding Greensill were “shocking” and evidence that the “era of Tory sleaze is well and truly back”."The era of Tory sleaze is well and truly back."Labour's shadow communities secretary @SteveReedMP says there should be an 'open parliamentary investigation into what's been going on' following the Greensill lobbying row.#Ridge:— Sophy Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) April 18, 2021The Labour frontbencher told Ridge on Sunday on Sky News: “You’ve got a former prime minister (David Cameron) employed by a wealthy organisation who is then using his personal relationships with existing ministers, including the chancellor of the exchequer, persuading them to do favours, favours that would not have been open to other businesses or organisations.”But Cameron was defended by his former aide Eustice, who suggested that the former PM should have written more formal letters to the likes of Sunak rather than informal messaging.#Marr: On Greensill Capital, was David Cameron’s behaviour acceptable?Environment Secretary George Eustice: "The key thing is that he’s not broken any of the rules... it is acceptable"— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) April 18, 2021The environment secretary told Ridge: “I think the real point is. ‘has he done anything wrong?’ Well, on the face of it, no. There’s a review that is going on, we mustn’t prejudge that.”He then told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “I think the key thing is that he has not broken any of the rules.“It is acceptable, because it was within the rules.“The point I would make is that ministers, when they leave office, including prime ministers, aren’t allowed to take any such paid roles for two years – these are rules that David Cameron himself brought in.“He left office some five years ago and you can’t begrudge people moving on to another career.”Eustice conceded “tweaks” to the rules may be needed following No.10’s review, which is being led by City lawyer Nigel Boardman, and various parliamentary probes.“But fundamentally, I think the systems we have in place with ministers declaring interests with the ministerial code and the focus on that and how ministers conduct themselves in office is actually a pretty good one,” Eustice told Ridge.Responding to Eustice’s interviews, Labour’s shadow Cabinet Office minister Rachel Reeves said: “Less than a week since the government announced the Boardman review, ministers are openly admitting it has no powers whatsoever.Having failed to deflect the blame, the Government’s latest approach appears to be to shrug their shoulders and say ‘scandal? What scandal?’.“The public know that the cosy relationship between the Conservative government, commercial lobbyists and taxpayer money stinks of sleaze. It’s one rule for them, another for everybody else.“We don’t need the ‘tweaks’ Eustice said they might consider today, we need to tackle Tory sleaze with a full, independent, transparent inquiry – and we need stronger measures to put integrity and honour back into heart of government.” Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey dismissed Eustice’s claims, insisting that relying on the ministerial code leaves the prime minister as “judge and jury” in deciding if a minister has breached ethics standards.“I’m very worried that the ministerial code isn’t properly enforced,” Davey said.“We’ve seen (Sir) Alex Allan, the independent adviser for ministerial standards, resign and [a replacement has not been appointed].“I’d like to see an independent body enforcing the ministerial code, not the prime minister – that’s wrong.“It’s wrong that a politician should be the judge and jury of who decides who has broken the ministerial code, and what I would like to see is an independent body, just like we have IPSA over MPs pay and expenses, that could say: ‘this minister has broken the code’ and whether they can’t have their ministerial pay.“That would be the sort of penalty that I think the public would like and would rebuild trust in British politics.”Related...Voters Must Know Ministers’ Financial Affairs Before May Elections, Labour SaysRishi Sunak's Role In Greensill Lobbying Scandal To Be Probed By MPsDavid Cameron Lobbying Review Being Led By 'Good Friend' Of Tory Government, Says LabourGreensill Scandal: Whitehall Chief Under David Cameron Took Job With Finance FirmTexts Confirm David Cameron Lobbied Rishi Sunak To Help Save Greensill CapitalBoris Johnson Must Cancel India Trip Amid Covid Variant Concerns, Labour Says
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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge A judge in Australia found Google misled users about personal location data the company collected via Android devices, a violation of Australian law, the Associated Press reported. According to Federal Court Judge Thomas Thawley, the violations occurred between January 2017 and December 2018. Users creating a new Google account while setting up a new Android device were led to believe that the “Location History” setting was the only Google account setting that would determine if the company collected identifiable data about the user’s location. In fact, another Google account setting that was turned on by default — the “Web & App Activity” setting— allowed Google to collect and store personally identifiable location information when it... Continue reading…
The former Elle columnist E. Jean Carroll published an account accusing Trump of raping her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the mid-1990s.
People with eating disorders have faced a hellish time during the pandemic, socially isolated and facing reduced services, just when changes in routine have put them at their most vulnerable. The heartbreaking death of former Big Brother contestant Nikki Grahame at the age of 38 has only brought to the fore how many others have been silently suffering.  Grahame had struggled with anorexia nervosa since childhood. Just a week before her death, her mum Sue Grahame spoke of how lockdown restrictions had impacted her daughter’s mental health – from the social isolation to the closure of gyms.“Last year really put the cap on it,” she told This Morning. “The isolation... it’s been really hard for her. Really hard. She felt very cut off and spending too much time on her own with not enough to think about other than food and that took a grip as well.”In March, when her illness had worsened, Grahame checked into a private hospital after a group of friends crowdfunded money to pay for her care.Tragically, she passed away on April 9.There are an estimated 1.6m people in the UK suffering from an eating disorder – however this figure is likely to be higher, as some may not seek help. While the pandemic has been stressful for many people with poor mental health, those with eating disorders have faced a range of triggering factors, including gym closures, food shortages and a massive disruption to everyday routines. A spokesperson for eating disorders charity Beat confirmed to HuffPost UK that they’ve seen a 302% rise in demand for helpline services since the first lockdown in March 2020.Beat’s director of external affairs, Tom Quinn, says: “We know the pandemic has been particularly difficult for people affected by eating disorders ... It is not surprising, as those affected and their families have had to cope with extreme changes to their daily routines, support networks and care plans, all while also dealing with the additional stress the pandemic has brought.  “It is now more essential than ever that anyone struggling gets the help they need without delay. We would urge anyone worried about their health to contact their GP at the earliest opportunity.” But help isn’t always available, as Jemma Meeson, founder and clinical director of mental health practice The Family Treatment Service, points out.“Public sector eating disorder services are so overburdened and underfunded,” she says. “They have seen increases in referrals of up to 75% and it is just not possible to give people the care they deserve, or that the clinicians would like to deliver.”Eating disorders have the highest mortality rates among psychiatric disorders, and anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder in adolescence – partly explained by the severe physical complications arising from the issue, but also the rate of suicide.It is a difficult illness to treat as young people and adults may not reach out until they are very unwell. Meeson notes they then have to wait a long time for proper help, or receive a minimal amount of treatment, which results in the illness becoming more serious and recovery more difficult.“We all know that early intervention results in the best possible recovery outcome,” she says. “Not providing children and young people with the resources to recover means that their illness may not be cured and that they go into adulthood with enduring anorexia nervosa.”While the UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) Group, a private clinic, has noticed a drop in admissions for eating disorders during the pandemic, it attributes this in part to the ‘stay at home’ messaging, rather than a drop in cases. In 2019, the clinic received 121 admissions, which more than halved in 2020 to 56. It’s a pattern that continues: in 2021 so far, it has had just nine admissions. Admissions numbers could also reflect a lack of means to pay for private care during what has been a very difficult period financially for a lot of families.Nikki Grahame’s friends were able to raise almost £69,000 for private treatment after she’d “exhausted every avenue possible” on the NHS. But not everyone is able to stump up such huge amounts in such short timeframes.“It was so deeply saddening to hear of Nikki Grahame’s passing,” says Dimitra Theofili, eating disorder specialist at the clinic.“We already know that the NHS is backlogged with children and young adults requiring treatment for eating disorders; a backlog that has been created because of the Covid crisis. But this is an illness that worsens over time, and if a person asks for help, they must be given it immediately and continuously.”For those who had a tumultuous relationship with food prior to the pandemic, the past year “could have hit them very hard and worsened their disorder”, Theofili explains. This is because routine is key to being in control of an eating disorder – and multiple lockdowns, no food on the shelves during the height of the crisis, gyms being closed, and face to face support networks being stopped will all have been incredibly difficult hurdles to face.“Unfortunately, for many, an eating disorder is for life,” says Theofili. “Treatment provides the person with the tools they need to manage their disorder every day. The pandemic threw normality out of the window and forced people into a life of restriction and isolation; scenarios that an eating disorder thrive on.”In a study into the impact of the pandemic on eating disorders, 83.1% or participants reported a worsening of symptoms. The findings indicated that difficult emotions (such as fear and uncertainty), changes to routine, and unhelpful social messages were all triggers. While some participants described employing positive coping strategies (such as limiting their time on social media), many reported disordered eating and alcohol became their go-tos.Food shortages during the first lockdown will not have helped matters, says the specialist. “Society was possessed with a need to stock up on food, and for someone in recovery from bulimia or binge eating disorders, this time of uncertainty, fear and vulnerability could have meant they went against what is encouraged in treatment to avoid stockpiling.”Some people have further restricted what they have eaten to compensate for not being able to exercise enough, Theofili notes, while those who binge-eat tend to do so to control feelings of depression and anxiety – “emotions that ran sky-high throughout the last year”.As she sees it, “2020 was a year where people didn’t understand or appreciate that other illnesses ran in parallel with the coronavirus pandemic. Illnesses like cancer, dementia and eating disorders cannot be paused, they are progressive illnesses that worsen over time if left untreated and unsupported.”Meanwhile, mental health services are ever more stretched. In January 2021, the head of the Royal College of Psychiatrists warned that NHS mental health beds were so full that patients were going without treatment or having to be sent outside of their local area for help. In February, psychiatrists reported a “tsunami” of eating disorder patients in England. Dr Agnes Ayton, chair of the Eating Disorder Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said conditions such as anorexia had been thriving in lockdown and added that in Oxford, where she works, around 20% of people admitted were usually urgent referrals, but this had risen to 80%.The issue has been compounded by a lack of beds, which were already in short supply – infection control issues, like the need to socially distance, have limited them even more. This has pushed up waiting times and is further delaying treatment for those who desperately need it. “During the pandemic, we cannot run to the same level of capacity in hospitals but this means our list of people waiting for a bed has grown,” Dr Ayton told PA News in March. “The number of people referred for admission with severe eating disorders is a small proportion… but you’re talking about people who are at really high risk of dying or at potential risk of dying.”Despite these serious challenges to services, anyone who is struggling with disordered eating during lockdown is urged to reach out as soon as possible – whether to friends and family or to health professionals. “Everyone should be entitled to the help they need, for free, locally to them,” says Meeson, from The Family Treatment Service.“If you are finding this difficult to access then the Beat website has great information on overturning a bad decision by your GP if they decide not to refer you to specialist services.”She adds: “Let’s hope that this awful loss of life to an illness that can be treated isn’t in vain and that at least public awareness is raised, both of the dangerousness of anorexia, and of the importance of getting help.How to help someone with an eating disorderIt can be hard to know where to begin when supporting someone with an eating disorder.Dr Christian Buckland, psychotherapist and spokesperson at the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), offers some tips on how to start that conversation, because listening and being there for them is the most helpful thing you can do.1. Don’t put off talking to them about your concerns. Research shows that early intervention is key to a safer recovery. Eating disorders are not a phase that people grow out of, but a sign of emotional distress, so it is important that you open up a discussion.2. Encourage them to discuss their feelings in general, not just food. Talk to them about your concerns in a calm, safe space. Encourage them to talk about their feelings in general. Don’t focus solely on their relationship with food. Telling them to eat better or healthier is probably going to close down the conversation, so listening is the most helpful thing you can do.3. Don’t take rejection personally. Don’t feel angry or rejected if they don’t want to talk. No matter how well you know them, they may not feel comfortable or ready to open up. Keep in mind, an eating disorder is usually a sign of deep underlying emotional distress. Often those struggling with an eating disorder are not ready to change and will disagree with your concerns, and that’s okay. Just be patient with them.4. Encourage them to seek help from a trained professional. Suggest they meet with a trained professional. This is often easier than talking to friends or family. If they are open to the idea, help them to find an accredited psychotherapist. There are often physical complications associated with an eating disorder, often requiring medical interventions. Therefore, it is important to find a professional who has the experience of working with eating disorders. You can also encourage them to attend an appointment with their GP. Useful websites and helplines:Beat, Adult Helpline: 0808 801 0677 and Youthline: 0808 801 0711 or email [email protected] (adults) [email protected] (youth support) Samaritans, open 24 hours a day, on 116 123Mind, open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0300 123 3393 UKAT, for 24/7 confidential information and support on eating disorders, and to request a free callback, visit the UKAT website.Related...Big Brother Star Nikki Grahame Has Died, Aged 387 Things People With Anorexia Want You To Know8 Common Ways The Pandemic Has Affected Our Mental HealthAdults With A Severe Mental Illness Are Being Urged To Get VaccinatedOpinion: No One Has The Right To Judge Your Lockdown Weight Gain7 Things Author Samuel Pollen Wants You To Know About Eating Disorders In Men