In September 2015, a California judge ruled that none of the companies claiming ownership of Happy Birthday to You ever had any right to it at all.The world's most recognised song originally appeared as Good Morning to All, written by Patty and Mildred Hill in 1893.While that version has been in the public domain for decades, Warner/Chappell music has claimed ownership of the Happy Birthday version since 1988, when it bought the ditty as part of Birch Tree Group's holdings.That publication deal assigned Summy the copyright of all the songs in the book.The Summy Company later registered copyright in 1935 for an arrangement of the song with the same music and the now-familiar birthday-themed lyrics, crediting Preston Ware Orem and Mrs. R.R.Ever since 1935, the Birch Tree Group -- and later Warner -- insisted on royalty payments for all performances of the song for business purposes, from waiters serenading customers to musical greetings cards and TV and film use.
the Parliamentary ombudsman Petri Jääskeläinen has ordered to withdraw the prosecution, three of the Helsinki district court judges against the negligent performance of official duties violation, the ombudsman Addition, the prosecution gets one of the Helsinki detention unit officials.the Indictment based on the fact that detained foreign nationals separately from the conservation decisions is not the ombudsman, dealt with in the district court in accordance with the law.the detention unit, the director may decide that a detained alien is considered separately from other detained taken.Because the decision increases the freedom degrees, the district court is required by law to be taken in the matter without delay and at the latest within four days after isolation from the preservation begins.the ombudsman told the bulletin that the pre-trial investigation on the basis of the years 2006 and 2015 in the period between the detention unit had been sent to the district court a total of 246 reported separately from the retention.
Nathan Brenner was found guilty last year by a magistrate of two counts of operating a commercial passenger vehicle without a licence, and one count of driving a commercial passenger vehicle without driver accreditation.But Victorian county court judge Geoffrey Chettle on Wednesday dismissed the charges and ordered the Taxi Services Commission to pay Brenner s appeal costs.He was charged after an undercover officer used the Uber app to travel from the Hilton hotel to South Yarra.The opposition transport spokesman, David Hodgett, says the government has wasted taxpayers money trying to fight Uber instead of regulating the service to provide industry certainty.This is not about taxis versus Uber but rather what ways we can get our city moving in the most efficient way, he said.The time for excuses is over, the Uber Victoria general manager, Matt Denman, said on Wednesday.
Donald Trump revealed Wednesday he would consider nominating Texas judge Don Willett to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.He was nominated to the Texas Supreme Court by Rick Perry in 2005, and has been re-elected twice.But Willett is also the self-proclaimed Tweeter Laureate of Texas, and has spent the last year mocking Trump on Twitter.For instance, when Public Policy Polling found that 9 percent of North Carolina voters would choose Deez Nuts over Hillary Clinton or Trump, Willett responded on Twitter with this gem:In March, Trump tweeted that he would spill the beans on Sen. Ted Cruz s wife, Heidi, and Willett responded with a tweet that was much more favorable toward her:Twitchy noted in April that after South African pro golfer Louis Oosthuizen got a hole-in-one after ricocheting off another golfer s ball, Willett had this to say:I hit within inches of the hole & then Lyin Louis gets a hole-in-one by banking off my ball?!— Justice Don Willett @JusticeWillett March 9, 2016— Justice Don Willett @JusticeWillett November 9, 2015Willett has not yet commented on Trump including him in the handful of jurists he d consider to appoint to the Supreme Court.Neither flash nor html5 is supported!
District Judge Robert Bryan declined to intervene in the ongoing case against a suspect called Jay Michaud, who is one of 137 people now facing charges in the US in relation to the FBI's probe into Playpen, an illicit website formerly hosted on the Tor network.As Mozilla noted in its initial court filing, Tor, which is used to anonymise internet browsing, is partly based on the same open-source code used in its popular Firefox browser.However, in the wake of a plea from the US Justice Department citing "national security" Judge Bryan reversed his decision on Monday 17 May and said prosecutors no longer had to make any bug disclosure to Michaud's defence team.Thousands of people around the world are under investigation as a result of the case, however law enforcement recently encountered issues after two defendants secured rulings that declared their warrants invalid.These setbacks were largely due to "jurisdictional issues" that surround the FBI's use of malware to snare the suspects.During the period it was under its control, the agency used a court-ordered malware technique in an attempt to identify as many of the website's 214,898 members as possible.
E-ventures claims that it did not breach any of Google's terms of service but instead was hit in September 2014 because of "economic" and "anti-competitive" reasons.The Court finds that this speech is capable of being proven true or false since one can determine whether e-ventures did in fact violate Google s policies.The Federal Trade Commission is said to be examining the Mountain View, California-based company over alleged anticompetitive behavior regarding its Android operating system.Judge Steele did not agree, saying:While publishers are entitled to discretion for editorial judgment decisions, plaintiff has alleged that Google s reason for banning its websites was not based upon editorial judgments but instead based upon anti-competitive motives.Among other things, Google claimed the suit was barred by the Communications Decency Act CDA , which essentially gives Internet service providers a free hand to publish as they see fit.Here, plaintiff has included allegations within its Second Amended Complaint that Google failed to act in good faith when removing its websites from Google s search results," the judge ruled.
While some people might find this to be slightly annoying, it's just a security measure that Apple has put into place.This is actually a very smart move on Apple's part.Not long ago we wrote about the fact that a judge can compel a person to use their fingerprint to unlock a phone, as it is simply physical evidence.However, they cannot compel you to reveal or enter your passcode, as that is a violation of your Fifth Amendment rights.One thing is for sure, Apple is still trying hard to ensure that all data on your device is kept secure from everyone, including the US government.VIA: AppleInsider
People hold signs calling for the release of imprisoned WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning while marching in a gay pride parade in San Francisco, California June 28, 2015.Imprisoned WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning filed an appeal this week, three years after she was sentenced to 35 years in prison for what is still considered the largest leak of classified government documents in history.Manning s attorneys waited to file her appeal to the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals until yesterday, the deadline for submitting.The unprecedented case posed a number of difficulties for Manning s defense attorneys, says Vincent Ward, co-counsel for the Chelsea Manning Legal Defense team.The case not only involved enormously complicated legal and technical issues, he says, but also involved a mix of classified and unclassified information that was logistically difficult and time-consuming for defense attorneys.Despite the lack of any evidence that he intended any harm to the United States, Manning faces decades in prison.
Here s what s on the Thursday menu.Theranos voids two years of blood-test results, issues thousands of corrected reports.WSJ Google appeals French right to be forgotten order — which calls for Google to apply removals of links to all its domains, not just ones in Europe — to France s highest court.The students who are suing Google over email scanning have asked magistrate judge Paul Grewal, who is overseeing procedural matters related to the case, to recuse himself because he has accepted a job with Facebook.He starts next month.In meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, China regulator stressed Chinese users security.LinkedIn said Wednesday it s working to invalidate 100 million potentially compromised passwords that were taken during a 2012 breach, after reports that a hacker is selling them.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos responded Wednesday to recent accusations by Donald Trump that he and the company have tax and antitrust issues, saying it s not an appropriate way for a presidential candidate to behave.Washington Post Taxi prices around the world have declined because of what Deutsche is calling the Uber effect.Photo: Judge Paul Grewal poses in his office in the federal courthouse in downtown San Jose, Calif., Friday, Jan. 23, 2015.Grewal, a magistrate judge, is set to start working at Facebook next month as deputy general counsel in charge of litigation.
Eric NorrisA US federal judge in Tacoma, Washington has put himself in a Catch 22: ruling a man charged with possessing child pornography has the right to review malware source code while also acknowledging that the government has a right to keep it secret.As Ars has reported previously, since defense lawyer Colin Fieman filed his third motion to compel discovery in January 2016, there have been two other judges overseeing related cases in different states that have ruled to suppress evidence found as a result of the NIT.Earlier this month, a defense attorney in West Virginia filed a new motion to withdraw a guilty plea based on these other rulings.You can t have it both waysBrian Owsley, a former federal judge who is now a law professor at the University of North Texas, said that such a conundrum is "not that uncommon."He pointed to a 1957 Supreme Court decision, Jencks v. United States, which involved an undercover informant and an alleged Communist who demanded government records from the investigation.Ahmed Ghappour, a law professor at the University of California, Hastings, came to a similar conclusion.
Do you struggle to come up with compelling headlines for your blog posts or subject lines for your marketing emails?The good news is that new online tools can help you review and improve your titles and headings so that they work much harder for you.A whole load of research has gone into this and now a simple test can give you an actual rating that can be used to judge how well your headline will be received by the audience reading it.The Emotional Marketing Value is a score that looks to assess how a group of words follows these emotional harmonics, and how likely they are to elicit an emotional response from a reader.The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is a tool based on research that has been made freely available by the Advanced Marketing Institute.A perfect score would be 100%, but that is rare unless your headline is fewer than five words.
You can go right now to your nearest shop, slam down a credit card and purchase Nathan's Drake's last adventure.No one cares whether Indiana Jones does his own laundry or which Chinese takeaway is his favourite.Yet, somehow, Naughty Dog have managed to make a short domestic sequence Drake shares with his wife Elena one of the most exciting and engaging parts of the whole Uncharted 4 package.When you consider that this is a game where you travel the world looking for hidden pirate treasure in an effort to save your estranged brother, that's quite an achievement.Based on all of the crap Nate and Elena leave lying around in their bedroom, and the towel hanging over the shower curtain in their scruffy bathroom, the couple seem pretty comfortable in each other's company.Dirty plates sit in the sink ready to be washed, a pet hate of mine that caused me to judge Nate and Elena appropriately.
When the U.S. Supreme Court authorized changes to Rule 41 that would expand the government s hacking authority, Senator Ron Wyden immediately indicated that he would try to block the ruling.Now, Wyden and several other senators have introduced legislation to counter the Rule 41 changes and limit the hacking power extended to the government.In the past, Rule 41 has restricted magistrate judges from issuing search warrants beyond their own districts — which has prevented them from authorizing the Justice Department to hack computers located elsewhere.The change says it will allow judges to issue a warrant to use remote access to search electronic storage media and to seize or copy electronically stored information located within or outside that district, and will go into effect on December 1 if Congress does not try to block it.Wyden has partnered with Senators Rand Paul, Tammy Baldwin, Steve Daines, and Jon Tester on the Act which is amusingly abbreviated as the SMH Act .Such a substantive change with an enormous impact on Americans constitutional rights should be debated by Congress, not maneuvered through an obscure bureaucratic process, Wyden said in a statement announcing the bill.
Dubbed the Stopping Mass Hacking SMH Act, the Senate bill PDF aims to roll back changes the Supreme Court recently issued in its stance on Rule 41 computer search warrants.Those changes allow a warrant to be issued for a computer search without the need to determine jurisdiction.Senators Ron Wyden D-OR and Rand Paul R-KY have proposed a series of amendments that make up the SMH Act and would specifically require that locational information, forcing investigators to get a warrant from a judge with jurisdiction over that area."Such a substantive change with an enormous impact on Americans' constitutional rights should be debated by Congress, not maneuvered through an obscure bureaucratic process."Rule 41 was brought to the forefront by the recent FBI bust of a child sex abuse site and its use of a Network Investigation Technique NIT and magistrate judge warrant to track down users.The bill is also co-sponsored by a bi-partisan group comprised of Tammy Baldwin, D-WI , Steve Daines R-MT and Jon Tester D-MT .
Until people get their hands on it, the photonics chip remains a mystery.There are some subtle differences between mixed and augmented realities, with the latter tending to lay stuff onto surroundings while the former mixes the person into them.I watched miniature humans wrestle each other on a real tabletop, almost like a Star Wars holographic chess game.The focus on fun means the headset is closer to the Oculus VR than Microsoft s HoloLens, which has been demoed doing work-focused tasks.Facebook, which bought Oculus for $2 billion last year, has been promoting VR heavily and Google announced a new platform for the technology at its I/O 2016 keynote event, which was held this week.Ultimately, Magic Leap s secrecy means no one can accurately judge the technology without trying it, and the world is unlikely to see it anytime soon.
A judge in a high-profile child pornography case, in which a website called Playpen was accessible only through Tor, is trying to decide whether the FBI should disclose the NIT"s source code to the defendant.Judge Robert Bryan of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington wrestled with the competing interests in a case status order he issued in the U.S. v. Michaud case this week."What should be done about it when, under these facts, the defense has a justifiable need for information in the hands of the government, but the government has a justifiable right not to turn the information over to the defense?"The FBI's strategy with NIT-aided investigations appears to involve hiding its use of hacking tools, and, in some cases, pressing for guilty pleas before defendants and their lawyers question the investigative techniques, said Nathan Freed Wessler, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union.The FBI has defended NITs, saying their use is limited.In the Michaud case, the defendant's lawyer had agreed earlier to view the source code using FBI-approved security measures, but the FBI backed away from that compromise.
The next frontier in the battle between the FBI and technology companies over encrypted communications will be more legally complicated -- and messy -- than trying to get into the iPhone of a dead terrorist.Messaging tools like Facebook Inc. s WhatsApp and Internet services that automatically encrypt the content of texts, phone calls and other data while they re being sent are increasingly becoming a problem for national security and criminal investigations, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Capturing that data while it s in transit is essential, the agency says.Supporters of Islamic State and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula have already found alternatives to U.S.-based apps, potentially limiting intelligence gathering on terrorist plots after a year in which scores were killed in attacks in Paris, Brussels and San Bernardino, California.Although the FBI found workarounds for two high-profile cases involving data on locked iPhones, law enforcement agencies confront unique legal challenges to compel companies to provide access to encrypted communications, including laws written more than two decades ago when the Internet was just emerging.And as players in the debate stake out their positions, the results of new cases are likely to define the rules for digital rights for several decades."This is the new frontier and it is a much more expansive frontier in terms of its effect on law enforcement investigations," said Edward McAndrew, a former federal prosecutor who s now a partner with the law firm Ballard Spahr LLP.While the FBI and other law enforcement agencies can seek court orders compelling companies to comply with wiretap orders, at least two issues make it harder for agencies to get the data they re seeking in cases that are likely to come:WhatsApp on April 5 finished giving its users encryption by default as well as complete control over the keys for all its messaging services, including photos, phone calls and group chats, said spokesman Matt Steinfeld.Apple Inc. said it began offering full end-to-end encryption for its iMessage platform and FaceTime video service about five years ago.WhatsApp s encryption arose as an issue in Brazil this month, when a judge shut down the service for a day for not making data available to law enforcement.While Telegram has blocked public message channels used by Islamic State, it has said it won t limit encrypted private messages, which can self-destruct on a timer.Sometimes the only way to obtain the content of communications is when it s in transit because companies don t retain it on their servers, according to the FBI.In a limited number of cases, even encrypted information can be useful to the bureau.
A photographer is in court, facing charges over a photo she took of a victim outside the venue.Photojournalist Maya Vidon-White is facing charges in France over a photo she captured during the aftermath of last November s terrorist attacks in Paris.Reports show the man was attended to by paramedics, but succumbed to his injuries.Once in the hands of UPI, according to BuzzFeed News, the image was sold to a French photo agency, from where it was purchased by VSD, a magazine that published the image on November 17, 2015.Vidot-White s lawyer, Vincent Tolédano, is attempting to get the case dismissed by the judge due to the law only applying to victims who are still living, not deceased.Furthermore, Tolédano referenced a document presented to the Judicial Ministry wherein he notes that the law specifies that a photo of a deceased victim in and of itself is not degrading, a very specific detail mentioned in the law.
For the better part of the last month, a uniquely designed floating home named Flood House has been slowly navigating the Thames Estuary located just due east of the city of London.Designed by London-area architect Matthew Butcher, Flood House s main task is to monitor temperature, wind speeds, and moisture around different parts of the estuary in an effort to judge the home s varying levels of livability.Though it s since traveled roughly 20 miles since beginning its journey, Butcher has yet to officially dive into the full set of data.While designing Flood House, Butcher gleaned inspiration from various other homes he s seen along the estuary s shores such as the stilt-sitting Maunsell forts constructed during World War II.Unlike the World War II era, however, the tech Butcher has at his disposal to comb through the data should provide dramatically better insight.With a month s worth of data and information stashed away, Flood House s time in the Thames Estuary has come to a close but Butcher s work is far from over.
When it comes to the privacy of telephone calls and written documents, U.S. law is clear: Government officials and agencies can t access that communication without going before a judge and getting a search warrant based on probable cause., the Wallace and Beverley Woodbury University professor at the George Washington University Law School, argues that subpoenas and court orders—as long as the target is notified—actually offer more privacy protection than warrants, while promoting fairness in civil investigations.The Supreme Court generally has interpreted this to mean that government officials must obtain a warrant based on probable cause and issued by a neutral, detached judge to search anything in which an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy.Storage was expensive, and most service providers limited how many emails could be stored and for how long.As email has become a dominant form of communication for business and pleasure, stored messages record the most intimate aspects of our lives: relationships, health, finances, political beliefs and many other subjects in which we have a reasonable and deep expectation of privacy.Although the affected party may later challenge the warrant as violating the Fourth Amendment, the government already will have obtained the emails, and privacy will have been destroyed.