A member of the London Assembly has asked why the Metropolitan Police is still running Windows XP on thousands of its computers.Figures published by Greater London Authority Conservatives claim that 27,000 Met Police computers are still running the dangerously out-of-date software, which launched in 2001.Conservative Assembly member Andrew Boff said he did not think it was cost effective to keep paying for security patches to keep the software secure.Microsoft ended security support for Windows XP in 2014, but the government agreed a deal with the technology giant to keep providing support for the thousands of government computers that were still running the software, at a cost thought to be around £5.5 million.This initial deal ended in April last year.Operating Systems age more like milk than wine, and Windows XP is well past its sell-by date, Mr Boff said.
View photosMoreThe company said the filter was inspired by Japanese animation.Snapchat has removed one of its filters that people say promoted racist Asian stereotypes.The social media app has numerous filters – also called lenses – which allow people to change their appearance with silly faces or morph themselves into cartoonish animals and other characters.One filter that Snapchat says was inspired by Japanese animation placed slanted eyes on a user s face – but it was met with heavy criticism from users on Twitter.Los Angeles-based Snapchat quickly pulled the filter and said it will not be used again.The company says its filters are meant to be playful and never to offend .
View photosMoreA woman places flowers to pay tribute to French priest Father Jacques Hamel outside the parish church at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen, France, July 28, 2016.PARIS Reuters - Messaging encryption, widely used by Islamist extremists to plan attacks, needs to be fought at international level, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Thursday, and he wants Germany to help him promote a global initiative.He meets his German counterpart, Thomas de Maiziere, on Aug. 23 in Paris and they will discuss a European initiative with a view to launching an international action plan, Cazeneuve said.French intelligence services are struggling to intercept messages from Islamist extremists who increasingly switch from mainstream social media to encrypted messaging services, with Islamic State being a big user of such apps, including Telegram."Many messages relating to the execution of terror attacks are sent using encryption; it is a central issue in the fight against terrorism," Cazeneuve told reporters after a government meeting on security.I have sent a number of them to my Germany colleague," he said.
The keyless entry security system in nearly a hundred million Volkswagen group cars is vulnerable to a simple hack that could grant entry in under a minute, researchers have warned.Security experts at the University of Birmingham in the UK have identified a tiny handful of common codes which the automaker apparently used across cars with VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda badges from 1995 onward, with only the very latest models switching to a more secure system.The exploit is based on a combination of eavesdropping and reverse-engineering analysis of Volkswagen's security systems, the researchers have explained.On its own that would be insufficient for gaining entry to the car, but it's a different story when combined with a unique ID held by each vehicle.With some fairly basic equipment - you could outfit an Arduino board with the radio components required, and have something small enough to slide into a pocket - that ID could be grabbed.You'd need to be fairly close to the target vehicle to receive it, less than around 300 feet or so, but it's still distressingly straightforward.
We all knew this was coming, but it doesn t hurt our wallets any less.Disney has just announced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming to 3D Blu-ray November 15th.The four-disc set will include a feature commentary by J.J. Abrams and new deleted scenes.Which, honestly, are the biggest selling points.The 3D will surely look great at home I ve almost always had better 3D experiences at home than the cinema but it s those new features that get me.The answers are probably Not Much and Things not as exciting as the first release, but it s still intriguing.
It s a veritable certainty that North America s first people arrived via the Bering Land Bridge, but less certainty exists about how and where they migrated from there.For years, scientists thought they had travelled along an ice-free corridor in western Canada, but new research suggests this was impossible.As these sheets melted, a 930 mile-long 1,500 kilometre-long ice-free corridor appeared, opening up a potential migration route from Siberia through to Alaska and into the continental interior.This ice-free corridor, located between the Cordilleran and Laurentide ice sheets in what is present day western Canada and much of the northern United States, was long thought to be the only way for humans to migrate into North America.These early North Americans made their way past the ice sheets by either walking along the ice-free sections of the coastal beaches, or more speculatively, by sea travel.Importantly, the authors of the new study say the ice-free corridor could have still been used as a migration route by other Asian settlers, particularly the Clovis people who entered North America between 13,400 to 12,800 years ago.
The United States Geological Survey s @USGS Seismic Twitter account is the best place on the world wide web for news and updates about earthquakes and other seismic activity around the globe.If you want to know about glacial seismological activity, and why wouldn t you, it s got you covered.The other day, however, things changed.— USGS Seismic @usgs seismic August 10, 2016I m only here for the earthquake stuff, not the snake stuff, but I can t tell if these snakes are fighting or doing it.A video entitled Snake mating was published four years ago, and it appears to show the snakes winding themselves into a coil, just as our friends up top are.
Hinkley Point: Britain's new nuclear power station explainedUK Prime Minister Theresa May is being urged to scrap the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant proposals after the Chinese company providing a third of the funding has become embroiled in a nuclear espionage lawsuit in the US.An indictment names nuclear engineer Allen Ho – employed by the China General Nuclear Power Corporation CGNPC – and claims the firm conspired with China from 1997 to April 2016 to develop nuclear material in China without US approval to "secure an advantage for the People's Republic of China".Assistant US attorney-general John Carlin said: "Allen Ho, at the direction of a Chinese state-owned nuclear power company allegedly approached and enlisted US-based nuclear experts to provide integral assistance in developing and producing special nuclear material in China."Ho did so without registering with the US Department of Justice as an agent of a foreign nation or authorisation from the US Department of Energy," Carlin continued."Prosecuting those who seek to evade US law by attaining sensitive nuclear technology for foreign nations is a top priority for the National Security Division."
MoreThe logo of Foxconn, the trading name of Hon Hai Precision Industry, is seen on top of the company's headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan March 29, 2016.TOKYO Reuters - Taiwan's Foxconn said on Thursday China's anti-monopoly authorities approved its acquisition of Japan's Sharp Corp, paving the way for the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer to seal a $3.8 billion deal.With all necessary regulatory reviews complete, Foxconn and Sharp "will now move to complete the transaction in accordance with our agreement as soon as possible," the Taiwanese company said in a statement.Seeking control of Sharp's advanced panel technology and to strengthen its position with major client Apple Inc, Foxconn, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, plans to spend 388.8 billion yen $3.84 billion to take a two-thirds stake in Sharp.Foxconn was unable to complete the acquisition in June as planned due to the prolonged Chinese antitrust review, raising fears among investors that the deal might fail and sending Sharp shares briefly below the planned acquisition price of 88 yen. Reporting by Makiko Yamazaki, editing by David Evans
Hall Confidence within the UK tech sector has fallen by 23% according to a poll from industry trade body techUK.The poll asked 237 UK tech executives whether they were positive about the UK tech sector s potential for growth over the next twoWhile 70% of UK replied "overall positive", that's still down considerably compared to 93% in March 2016, two months before the
The Met Office says the best time to view the meteor shower in 2016 is the night of the 11th and the morning of the 12th August.The Perseid meteor shower is generally regarded as the brightest in the calendar and NASA calls it reliably active so it s a good opportunity for amateurs to do some stargazing.For every bright shooting star you see, there are always fainter ones, and this will make it easier to see the fainter meteors and ring up the numbers.The Perseid meteor shower is a result of debris falling from the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet and bursting into the earth s atmosphere causing tails of light to appear across they sky.The Swift-Tuttle comet which has an orbit period of 133 years creates small particles of ice and dust as small as a grain of sand and these enter the earth s atmosphere as meteors.Most of the particles have been part of the Perseid cloud – the stream of debris – for thousands of years.
A paralysed patient who suffered a severe spinal cord injury has regained the ability to walk with crutches after undergoing groundbreaking treatment involving virtual reality and robotics.Eight patients who went through the same treatment and each has recovered some sensation in their legs, while four reported such strong muscle control that their diagnosis was upgraded from complete to partial paralysis after a year.Scientists, led by neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis, of Duke University in North Carolina, US, used a virtual reality system which worked with the patients own brain activity to simulate control of their legs during the long-term training programme.Researchers at the Walk Again Project in Sao Paulo, Brazil, believe the treatment could offer hope to people who have suffered spinal cord injuries, strokes and other conditions where they will need to regain strength, mobility and independence.Among those who took part in the rehabilitation training, five people had been paralysed for at least five years while two had been paralysed for more than a decade.As first reported in the Independent, the researchers stated in an article in the journal, Scientific Reports, that one patient had regained the ability to walk: In one example, Patient 7, started at score 6 and progressed all the way to score 12, which means that he/she was capable of walking with two crutches and lower limb orthoses hip-knee-ankle-foot orthoses , while requiring no assistance by a therapist.
A network of dark canyons lines Saturn s moon, Titan, but just what s inside those trenches has remained mysterious—until now.Researchers just confirmed that those canyons are flowing with liquid methane.Scientists had spotted the dark canyons on the surface of the moon years ago.But they weren t sure yet if what they were seeing was flowing liquid, like they d also seen in the moon s methane seas, or just some really dark rocks.The answer to that question finally came when NASA s Cassini radar spotted glints off of the canyons surfaces, just like the ones that had been spotted on the moon s smooth seas.In addition to confirming that the canyons were also filled with liquid methane, the radar measured just how deep they extend.
Over at Wired, Andy Greenberg reports that security researchers have discovered how to use software defined radio SDR to remotely unlock hundreds of millions of cars.The findings are to be presented at a security conference later this week, and detail two different vulnerabilities.The first affects almost every car Volkswagen has sold since 1995, with only the latest Golf-based models in the clear.Led by Flavio Garcia at the University of Birmingham in the UK, the group of hackers reverse-engineered an undisclosed Volkswagen component to extract a cryptographic key value that is common to many of the company's vehicles.Alone, the value won't do anything, but when combined with the unique value encoded on an individual vehicle's remote key fob—obtained with a little electronic eavesdropping, say—you have a functional clone that will lock or unlock that car.VW has apparently acknowledged the vulnerability, and Greenberg notes that the company uses a number of different shared values, stored on different components.
If you've tackled the Elite Four from the original Pokémon Red and Blue in 1996 and yes, we know it was originally Red and Green in Japan through to 2013's X and Y – not forgetting remakes and spinoffs such as Pokkén Tournament – you may think you have.But have you cracked Pokémon Uranium?Answer: you haven't, but don't drive yourself crazy thinking you've missed a core entry in the Pocket Monster saga.Uranium is a fan-made title that's been in development for more than nine years and is finally available on PC.In a grim twist, only two Pokémon are naturally this type – the rest have been 'corrupted' by radiation.Unlike the official releases, developed by Game Freak, Uranium allows players to control a male, female, or gender-neutral lead character, and features a 'Pokémon Speech Translator', allowing you to talk to your creatures.
An error made by Microsoft in the way it set up the testing and debugging of Windows 10 means that users can bypass hardware protections designed to ensure non-Microsoft operating systems can't be installed on Windows PC, tablet and mobile devices.Discovered by researchers 'My123' and 'Slipstream', the problem revolves around Microsoft's use of Secure Boot and the policies associated with that process.Typically, as part of the boot process for a Windows tablet or phone, the system will check that the operating system has a signed signature, and the right policies, to continue with the boot process.Part of this process involves checking the integrity and source of the OS is signed with a Microsoft certificate.If it's not - say, if you're trying to get Linux to run on your Windows RT tablet - it won't work.However, by accidentally leaking a development mode policy that disables this protection in machines that ultimately became part of the retail chain, that 'golden key' so called as it unlocks OS policy permissions has ended up online, allowing anyone to bypass the protections.
When you hear Best HP Laptop, you probably think of the impressively thin Spectre 13 or maybe one of HP s high-end hybrids.But sometimes greatness doesn t come with an outlandish price tag.The HP Stream, maybe the best Windows laptop you can buy for just £180, just got a much deserved upgrade.The biggest update is actually a completely new machine: a 14-inch HP Stream that replaces the previous 13.3-inch model.Despite its increased size though, the 14-inch Stream is impressively thinner and lighter.The machine also comes with an upgraded Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and about 11 hours of battery life according to HP .
Google Ventures founder and CEO Bill Maris has announced his intention to leave the Alphabet subsidiary he helped bring to life seven years ago.Under his leadership, Google Ventures - known simply as GV since last year - grew to become a venture capital firm that has $2.4 billion in assets, investments in popular companies like Uber and Nest, and offices dotted around the US and UK.Recode reports that David Krane will be taking over duties as CEO once Maris has wrapped up his tenure with the company, and got the chance to sit down with Maris for a brief interview about why he's leaving.Maris actually gives multiple reasons for his departure, saying that he wants to spend more time with his wife and his 11-month-old son, and that GV is currently in great shape while noting that it wouldn't be the right time to leave if the company wasn't doing as well as it is.Maris also said that he has some ideas churning in his head, and he needs some time away from the hectic investment word to let those ideas "incubate."When asked if that meant that we'd be seeing these ideas come down the pipeline in the future, Maris responded by saying, "Who knows about the creative process.
Ideally spoken in your best Snape voice.A first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone is expected to fetch up to £20,000 at auction thanks to an error on page 53.Have a look for yourself:Nope, sadly there are no 'breasts' in the top line.Instead, 1 wand has been listed twice, when everyone knows it should just say 2 wands once.A complete waste of a line.
Chris Evans may be gone, but the future of Top Gear is still far from clear.The motoring show s resident handsome man has revealed that even he is being kept in the dark about the next season, explaining the situation to American network CBS.Asked if he was returning to Top Gear, LeBlanc said, I don t know.There s nothing officially happening yet.As the most popular new presenter of the revamped car series, it would be a shock to see the BBC turn its back on the former Friends star, though why he still hasn t been told whether or not he will reprise his role on the show beats me.He also revealed that his favourite part of the show was the travel, before reiterating his love for motoring by saying, "That show has a pretty broad demographic.