Step Up, a show based on the film franchise which has already seen five feature releases, will see 10 episodes produced as part of its first season, with Channing Tatum as its executive producer.YouTube is currently the most watched VoD service across much of the world but is most popular as a free ad-supported service showing content from amateur video producers and small, independent production companies.YouTube RedStep Up marks the first time a big-budget show has been purchased by YouTube Red for its exclusive use.The launch of YouTube Red in late 2014 marked a movement of the service in the direction of its subscription-based competitors which - outside of Hulu - do not feature ads on their platforms.Recent years have seen a huge increase in the amount of original programming coming to the competing streaming services as they have sought to differentiate their offerings.Check out our list of the best Netflix shows
Fishing for B2B success: How to use AdWords to land a big one Jun 24, 2016 by Jacob BaadsgaardLike fishing, refining your AdWords campaign takes time and patience.Columnist Jacob Baadsgaard outlines his process for catching big leads in B2B.Why retailers shouldn t overreact to the voice search revolutionJun 24, 2016 by Andy TaylorColumnist Andy Taylor of Merkle RKG shares data and provides insight into how voice search is impacting retailers.YouTube adds mobile live-streaming to catch up to Facebook, PeriscopeJun 23, 2016 by Tim PetersonYouTube Live isn t all that different from Twitter s Periscope or Facebook Live, but its execs claim it s faster and more reliable than its rivals.Facebook is getting closer to putting ads in Live videosJun 23, 2016 by Tim PetersonAt VidCon, Facebook s video product boss, Fidji Simo, said the company will test different monetization models for Facebook Live over the next couple months.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated 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Subscription video-on-demand SVOD streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV have had a profound impact on the world of broadcast television over the past several years and according to the latest figures from Nielsen, they re showing no signs of slowing down.In other words, there are just as many US households that have DVRs as there are those that subscribe to at least one SVOD service.What s more, 72 percent of homes have either a DVR or access to a subscription VOD service, up from 67 percent a year ago, while 28.8 percent of US homes have both.Even with the growing number of streaming video and music options, traditional radio and television continue to enjoy the greatest reach.Three or four hours, you might guess?Mobile devices and the proliferation of streaming services allow us to consume media virtually anywhere we go and based on the data, we're certainly taking advantage of that luxury, for better or for worse.
You favorite streaming services have restocked with some great titles coming in July.Robot" and "Ballers."There's also the "ultimate edition" of the polarizing "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."Here's the complete list.We've highlighted some of our top picks you shouldn't miss in bold.View As: One PageSlides
Alex Gibney never stops working.Last year, the Oscar-winning filmmaker gave us documentaries about Scientology, Steve Jobs and Frank Sinatra.This year, he s offering up Zero Days, a look at Stuxnet, the computer malware that was intended as a joint American-Israeli cyber weapon.The virus effects spanned far more than its intended target, Iran s nuclear program.The Huffington Post and its parent company, AOL, have an exclusive clip from Zero Days that spells out the horror unleashed as a result of Stuxnet.Gibney s movie opens in theaters and arrives on VOD platforms this weekend.
ABC has relaunched a streaming service that takes a page from Crackle s book — it offers the network s older shows for free, as well as a handful of original series.The service is ad-supported rather than requiring a pay TV subscription or monthly payments, which is the case with FOX's new livestreaming service and the vast majority of VOD streaming options like Hulu.The content will be offered under "ABCd."Find Cable & Satellite Television Services in Your Local Area.A total of seven original short series will be offered on the service, as well as 38 of the network s older shows.The older content will include shows like Felicity, School House Rock, My So-Called Life, Ugly Betty, and Sports Night.
New capital open to more acquisitions within MTG's digital operations MTGx. Earlier on Tuesday reported Breakit of the media group MTG's latest quarterly report. The report highlights the company's CEO Jørgen Madsen Lindemann especially the transition from classical linear television network. When Breakit reach him on the phone, he argues that it is a development that is strong compared to the rest of the market. It is difficult to compare this figure with our competitors, but I do not think there are many who may show an increase of 2.5 times, he says, and continues: Our focus is that we can see a strong development in OTT video content distributed over the Internet and VOD video on demand, while we see that consumption of video content generally increases sharply.
If you don t have both a 4K Ultra HD TV and a Dish subscription, prepare for a serious case of jealousy during NBCUniversal s coverage of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.Not only will subscribers have access to thousands of hours of NBCUniversal Olympic coverage, both linear broadcasts and on-demand, Dish is making it easier to stay on top of the Games many events in 4K.Dish channel 148 will serve as an exclusive sports hub, allowing users to navigate through 10 NBCUniversal networks.Those with the Dish Hopper 3 and 4K Joey will be able to watch NBC s coverage in 4K on linear channel 146 and in the VOD catalog.Set on a one-day delay, events featured will include popular ones like swimming, track and field, basketball, and more.Dish customers who prefer to live-stream will be able to login to use the NBC Sports app and
NEW DELHI—A new wave of affordable smartphones has brought hundreds of millions of Indians online for the first time, giving them access to better education, jobs and entertainment.Nestlé SA, NSRGY 0.27 % Coca-Cola Co. KO 0.64 % and others selling consumer products to India s 1.2 billion people say that as their poorest customers start spending on smartphone data, they have fewer pennies left over for snacks, sodas and shampoo.We are competing for the consumer s wallet not just with beverages and other impulse categories, but also with data services on smartphones, said Venkatesh Kini, the president of Coca-Cola in India and Southwest Asia.Indians generally can t afford monthly data plans, and only get online when they have some spare change.For a quick peek at Google or Facebook, for example, Vodafone Group VOD -0.06 % PLC offers data plans for as little as 15 cents at a time, roughly the same price consumers pay for a bag of salted chips.There was a time when kids would come here and blow their pocket money on chips and chocolate, said Anup Kapoor, who runs a mom-and-pop grocery shop in New Delhi.
North Koreans can now get Manbang to brighten up their eveningsNorth Korea has it s very own Netflix-style on-demand service via a new IPTV set top box called… erm… Manbang.Manbang actually means everywhere or every direction in the native tongue, according to NK News, reporting on the story.Anyway, the Manbang is coming hard at users with a host of documentaries about the Supreme Leader and his band of merry men, as well as giving North Koreans the opportunity to learn Russian and English via their TV sets.If a viewer wants to watch, for instance, an animal movie and sends a request to the equipment, it will show the relevant video to the viewer…this is two-way communications, said Kim Jong Min who is leading the project.It s more IPTV than VOD like Netflix, but it s certainly the closest North Korea has.
At Google s NewFronts presentation in May, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki declared that the video site captures more attention from 18- to 49-year-olds on mobile alone than does any single cable network or broadcaster overall.She also highlighted an announcement from media agency Magna Global on moving $250 million from TV to Google video.That is some heady talk, and it s the kind of talk that many publishers and agencies have been using for years to entice advertisers into spending more on digital.To any advertiser focused on cross-channel or audience-based media planning and analysis which should be nearly all of you , these kinds of statements leave a lot to be desired.Going beyond just digital and TV, it becomes clear that there is a different way to plan and buy the audience on every single channel and sub-channel, including social media, mobile, display, VOD video on demand , OTT over the top and so on.The measurements Wojcicki is using to measure audience on YouTube are probably from Google Analytics, and that s a problem, since advertisers currently compare audience numbers using a Nielsen GRP gross rating point system.
Next month a film called Laid in America hits video on demand, and tells the story of two foreign-exchange high-school students who get kidnapped while attempting to get laid on their last night in America.As if the straight-to-VOD release wasn't enough to signal film studio Universal's confidence in the film, The Independent has spotted something even stranger.In the press notes about the film, rather than talk up the acting chops of the stars, they have instead decided to list the cast and how many followers they have on a number of different platforms.Because that's what really matters, right?Our understanding is that the more followers or subscribers someone has, the better they are at acting.Demi Olatunji - 5,458,218 YouTube subscribers
Samsung had loads to say at its IFA event today, covering everything from new kinds of kitchen goods to UHD TVs and those smartwatches it keeps chucking out.On the boring old services side of things it revealed that its TV Plus hybrid VOD/streaming system is coming to the smart TVs of the West.Samsung calls this a virtual service, as it works by letting users flip between streams as if they were watching the usual old list of terrestrial stations.This, according to Samsung, makes hunting for things more of an exciting activity, as instead of specifically firing up an app to watch stuff from one particular provider, everything's all served up in one pot for viewers to pick the best parts out of -- with no tiresome signing in, either.TV Plus has been available in Korea since late last year, where it launched for owners of 2015 and later smart TVs with 33 streams to choose from.Samsung arbitrarily gave these pretend channels numbers between 500 and 600 so they looked like the sort of real channels you might scroll through on a rainy Sunday while desperately looking for an episode of Columbo you've not seen, with content sourced from Korean broadcasters.
Samsung had loads to say at its IFA event today, covering everything from new kinds of kitchen goods to UHD TVs and those smartwatches it keeps chucking out.On the boring old services side of things it revealed that its TV Plus hybrid VOD/streaming system is coming to the smart TVs of the West.Samsung calls this a virtual service, as it works by letting users flip between streams as if they were watching the usual old list of terrestrial stations.This, according to Samsung, makes hunting for things more of an exciting activity, as instead of specifically firing up an app to watch stuff from one particular provider, everything's all served up in one pot for viewers to pick the best parts out of -- with no tiresome signing in, either.TV Plus has been available in Korea since late last year, where it launched for owners of 2015 and later smart TVs with 33 streams to choose from.Samsung arbitrarily gave these pretend channels numbers between 500 and 600 so they looked like the sort of real channels you might scroll through on a rainy Sunday while desperately looking for an episode of Columbo you've not seen, with content sourced from Korean broadcasters.
With the announcement of the new iPhone 7 last week it is time for some reflection on just how far we ve come in our connected world.The newest rendition of Apple s now ubiquitous smartphone weighs in at 4.87 ounces and features 256GB of memory, a 12 megapixel camera, an HD retina display and is retailing for $649.My new documentary, Silicon Cowboys, the David vs. Goliath story of Compaq Computer, will be released in theaters and on VOD this week and gives us a reminder of what was once considered the cutting edge in mobile computing and started a revolution in technology.And no one had dared to take on the behemoth IBM, the only name in computers for four decades and now the standard-bearer for personal computers with its IBM PC.Compaq s founders, Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto, three mild-mannered nerds from Texas Instruments, dreamt up the idea at a Houston diner where they sketched the original design on the back of placemat.In 1981, there was no frenzied climate of angel investors and billion dollar IPO s we ve now come to know in Silicon Valley.
Apple Inc. was told to pay $302.4 million to VirnetX Holding Corp. for infringing patents covering secure computer and mobile communications, following a federal jury trial in Texas.The jury in Tyler, Texas, said Friday Apple infringed two patents related to its FaceTime calling feature.The damage award also includes the amount Apple must pay for use of VirnetX technology in Virtual Private Network on Demand, also called VOD.This was the third trial in a case that began in 2010.An appeals court upheld a portion of the first verdict, which found Apple s VOD infringed two patents, leaving the jury only to determine how much Apple should pay.Separately, the appeals court ordered a reconsideration of whether FaceTime infringed two other patents.The last time a jury heard the case -- the second trial -- VirnetX was awarded $625.6 million, though that also involved newer versions of the two Apple products.A trial judge threw out that case in July, saying it was unfair to Apple to combine all the issues.The amount was on point with what VirnetX argued it was entitled to during Sept. 26 opening arguments, based on the billions of dollars worth of products sold by Cupertino, California-based Apple.The iPhone maker countered that VirnetX was entitled to no more than $25 million.VirnetX, which had 20 full- and part-time employees as of Dec. 31, has been unsuccessful in marketing its own software and relies on patent licensing for revenue.
The tech giant has been ordered to pay $302.4m for infringing VirnetX s patents.A US federal jury in Texas ruled that Apple has infringed on patents held by security firm VirnetX, and ordered the iPhone maker to pay $302.4m in damages.VirnetX has two patent infringement lawsuits against Apple in US Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division.The lawsuits include unresolved remanded issues related to damages owed to VirnetX for infringement by Apple s original VPN-on-Demand VOD and the alleged infringement, damages and willfulness of the tech giant s original FaceTime product.VirnetX argued that it owned the technology s patent and Apple used it without permission.Apple said it intends to appeal the latest verdict.
Vodafone Group VOD 0.22 % PLC intends to work with an Iranian internet-service provider to help improve its local networks, becoming the first big Western firm to jump into Iran after the U.S. moved earlier this month to make it easier for companies to do business in the Islamic Republic.telecommunications carrier said Tuesday that it plans to assist Iran s HiWEB, a small, privately owned operator, in modernizing infrastructure and expanding landline and mobile internet services for personal and business customers.Vodafone didn t disclose details, including any planned investment in the venture.Vodafone isn t the first—or even the biggest—Western company to enter Iran after world powers started lifting global sanctions earlier this year, following Iran s agreement to curb its nuclear program.Earlier this month, the U.S. Treasury loosened restrictions on Iran s ability to trade in the U.S. dollar, and widened the pool of potential business partners in Iran for non-American investors.Washington ruled that non-American investors can become partners with Iranian entities even if those entities are still on the U.S. sanctions list, as long as the entities weren t controlling shareholders in any new venture.
Hulu s new live TV service got a bit of a bump in clout this week as the streaming video company and Netflix s understudy announced new partnerships with 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company.The service, which was announced back in May and is slated for a 2017 launch, intends to compete with the two current contenders in the live TV streaming market, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, and will likely share many of the same channels and features.According to The Verge, Hulu has already signed a deal with Time Warner, which owns CNN, TNT and TBS – can count on being able to watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory if you haven t had enough laugh track-filled episodes already, and the new deal will bring channels like FX, National Geographic and Fox Sports all owned by 21st Century Fox , as well as ABC, A, the Disney channels and ESPN all owned by Walt Disney into the fold.While the House of Mouse and the Home of Peter Griffin are the two latest additions to the service s line-up, they won t be the last as Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins stated that more partners are on their way soon.The grab is a major one for the streaming service, perhaps giving Hulu enough firepower between its VOD content and new live TV site to overtake Netflix once the live TV portion launches sometime in 2017 to the tune of around $40.
If the year 2015 saw Netflix and Amazon go head to head in the video-streaming realm, this year we ve seen more of the same, as the two companies ramped up their respective efforts to capture the cord-cutting video generation.Here, we take a look back at some of the notable developments in the worlds of Netflix and Amazon in 2016.In January, Netflix launched in 130 new markets, taking the service truly global and giving the company a serious leg up on rival Amazon, which was limited to just a handful of countries.That remained the case for nearly a year, until Amazon revealed it was launching Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 markets for $6 per month.Amazon s big international push was perhaps more notable, because its video-on-demand VoD offering had traditionally differed from Netflix in one key way — it was bundled alongside Amazon s broader Prime subscription service, which costs $99 per year.I ve long argued that Amazon should spin Prime Video out as a standalone subscription service, like Netflix, and that s exactly what it did in April.Prime Video was already available as a standalone service in the U.K. and Germany though it was hard to find , but spinning out the video service in Amazon s domestic U.S. market laid the foundation for what was to come — a global VoD service available to just about everyone, everywhere.For Amazon, going global was pretty much imperative, given its aspirations in the original content realm.The company had invested a reported $250 million in the talent behind the BBC s Top Gear, and in November it launched a similarly themed show called The Grand Tour, starring Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond.The Grand Tour represents Amazon s biggest content investment to date, so to capitalize on the popularity of the trio of presenters, Amazon needed to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible — and a global rollout of Amazon Video was inevitable.Both Netflix and Amazon continued to boost their slate of original or exclusive titles throughout 2016.Shortly after Amazon announced its big arrival on the international scene, Netflix announced it had secured a major content deal in India, after signing up Shah Rukh Khan s Red Chillies for all past and upcoming films.Elsewhere, Netflix extended its deal with DreamWorks Animation to add a ton of exclusive content to its global streaming service.But nominations don t automatically convert into wins — Netflix scooped up a personal record nine awards, while Amazon took home five.