How many times have you said you want to improve your multi-location business’s localized marketing strategy but never get around doing it? Or, have you not yet considered how a strong localized marketing strategy can help your business? Either way, it’s time to take action and scale up your multi-location business’s localized marketing strategy.

Many businesses have been experiencing a lull in traffic due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Rather than sitting idle during this time, you can use it to your advantage and maximize your localized digital presence. A scaled-up localized marketing strategy will ensure that your business bounces back from COVID-19 and stands out amongst competitors. From social media to ratings and reviews to local listings, there’s a lot to cover! We’ll walk you through the key tactics to scale up to match consumer’s digital fist behaviors amid COVID-19.

Develop a social media strategy across all locations

Social media is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways your multi-location business can communicate with your consumers and target audience. While your multi-location business may already have a social media strategy in place, there are plenty of opportunities to scale up your strategy in social and make it more relevant to the situations we are all facing due to COVID-19.

For instance, your multi-location business should be using social media to promote safety precautions you’re taking during this time to keep consumers safe. If your business is currently open, are you requiring masks, and are your employees wearing them? How often are you sanitizing the store and checking the health of your employees? This is information that consumers are looking for right now. The virus is affecting every area differently – it’s essential to localize these updates to remain relevant. It is important to make consumers feel secure and highlight how your business is proactive in keeping them healthy.

In addition to using social media to highlight what measures your business is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s also important to share any changes to business operations that may have happened. Many businesses have reduced their hours, which should be highlighted on your social media channels. We understand that these hours may vary per location, so your multi-location business must have a local Facebook page for each site. Your business may also have senior hours or hours that differ for takeout and delivery, all of which should be highlighted on your social media.