If you want to apply for a Russian visa for purposes like a vacation, studies, business, or any other important work, it is essential to have a Russian visa letter. This document indicates that you have been authorized by a licensed travel company or an organization in Russia to apply for a Russian visa. A Russian invitation letter is an essential document without which you cannot get any Visa.

Two different kinds of Russian invitation letters can be applied for. This depends upon the purpose of your visit to Russia as well as the duration of your stay. The good news is that you can now apply for the Russian invitation letter online. The process is very simple and easy-going.

Here is how you can apply for the Russian invitation letter online:

  • The invitation letter is issued by the Russian tour operator Russia support. It is authorized by the Federal Tourism Agency of the Russian Federation of the Ministry of Economic Development, respectively. You can visit the website and get an invitation letter to the country for a tourist visa in a PDF format.
  • Fill up the form and put all your personal information, including the length of your stay in the country, the hotels where you are planning to stay, etc. If you are staying in an apartment, it is essential to indicate the details of the same.
  • After filling all the relevant information, you can initiate the payment process using different payment modes listed on the website.
  • Once you are done filling the Russian invitation letter online, you will receive the letter by email. It is further suggested to present this letter to the consulate to apply for a Russian visa. This letter should be accompanied by a passport as well as proof of payment of the consular fee.
  • You will be provided with a tourist visa at a maximum of thirty days of your application.

Applying for a Russian invitation letter online has become a very hassle-free job. Now that you are aware of the application's details start applying for the invitation letter and get ready to visit Russia.