A famous English proverb that says 'Health is wealth' found its true meaning in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the entire world. With the continues spread of novel coronavirus globally, there has been an increasing rate of medical emergencies. Public authorities like hospitals are implementing various measures to contain or delay its spread. The whole experience of pandemic highlights one of the most crucial aspects of everyone's life- health. To ensure proper health, hygiene and, cleanliness become a vital component for health care sectors. This hygiene factor should necessarily be included in the laundry process of the hospitals. And to enhance the maintenance of hygiene and infection control, the hospitals must be fully-equipped with functional, sterile equipment that can provide strict levels of hygiene and prevent the spread of any disease.

There are many different types of equipment designed for doing hospital laundries such as washing machines, washer extractors, dryers, irons, beds, tables and many more. But one equipment which is very important for a hospital is the washing machine for hospital use.

There is a wide range of washing machine for hospital use available in Indian laundry equipment market. The hospital must choose a washing machine depending upon its cleaning and laundry requirements. This is because there are different types of laundry clothes present in a hospital that require following the different cleaning process. So, a hospital must first analyze the cleaning requirements of the laundry and then select a washing machine accordingly.

Leading laundry washing machines by Girbau

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Girbau is a leading and trusted multinational corporation that supplies commercial and industrial equipment for the laundry industry in India. We offer a wide range of special laundry equipment that are designed for hospitals, clinics and all kinds of sanitary establishments that comply with the strictest hygienic standards and regulations. From washer extractors with sanitary barriers to batch washers, we deliver the best industrial washing machine for hospital use to meet the washing needs for these kinds of centres, assuring the strictest hygiene. For the commercial sector too, we deliver high-class services commercial laundry equipment including commercial washing machines, commercial laundry press machine, and dryer.

So, keeping the demands of the sanitary sector in mind, we’ve designed the best reliable and durable machinery with disinfecting, sanitary barriers and other options.