MVP stands for a minimum valuable product. It’s a product with just enough features to be usable by first customers.

For Uber-like apps, the MVP feature would be connecting drivers to riders in the area. According to this model, the app comes without handy features like arrival time estimation and cost-sharing just because they would take more time to develop and release.

Whenever you have an idea for a startup that you want to pursue. Almost every big company you know today started with an MVP. Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, Dropbox, Uber, Spotify, you name it. MVP development services may help you in this issue.

Outsourcing is often the only option for idea-driven startups without a big budget.

First of all, outsourcing helps startup owners avoid long and costly hiring (not talking about office-related expenses).

Secondly, it helps to save money by choosing a company with affordable hourly rates. For example in Ukraine, the average hourly rate that software development companies charge is between $37 - $50. In the US this rate ranges between $100 - $180.