For a layman to use the words advice and feedback interchangeably is quite bearable. If a C-suite manager does the same, the entire business is likely to get disrupted.

The concepts of feedback and advice have a lot in common- both are developmental coaching tools, and share the mutual goal of stimulating growth.

Nonetheless, the two are poles apart.

The keywords “recommendations” and “future action” are what majorly distinguish feedback from advice. Unlike advice, feedback in its truest sense does not include concrete suggestions or recommendations, rather it is about one’s feeling and reaction to an event.

Feedback- noun

Feedback is a response to an activity or process that provides information about how a person feels about what they have used, experienced, heard, or seen.

Synonyms include– observation, assessment, retaliation, evaluation, sentiment, criticism, and comeback.

Advice- noun

Advice is an opinion or recommendation offered by a person as a guide to action or conduct for future action.

Synonyms include– recommendation, consultation, encouragement, instruction, information, and proposition.

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