If you're a landlord that has tenants living in your home, you need to ensure that the living conditions in your home are up to all of the applicable standards. One of the things to consider in your rental home is the condition of your windows. Windows play a large role in the integrity of a home, and they are something that can drastically improve your mental well-being. Window installation in Cold Lake is something that you'll want to consider if the windows in your rental home are beginning to show their age. No tenant wants to get back home to living conditions that are bitter cold in the winter or scorching hot in the summer.

Window Installation In Cold Lake

If you have a rental home in Cold Lake, the condition of the windows is your responsibility as the landlord of the home. If the tenant is responsible for the poor condition of the window, then they will be responsible for the busted window.

Windows Causing A Draft

A window that is causing cold and drafty air can become very uncomfortable and unsettling. Living in this type of environment can have you wanting to get out of the house every chance you can get. If the tenant is responsible for the damage that caused the drafty air seeping into your window, then they will be responsible for replacing it. If the drafty air is due to the deterioration of the home, then you as the landlord will be responsible.

Window Replacement

If you're looking to get a window replaced, you or the tenant should typically be at the home to receive the quote and be there to open the door for the window contractor. If the tenant can't be there, you should give them ample notice ahead of time so that you can be at the home when the window contractor arrives to do an inspection.

Things To Discuss With The Window Contractor

When the window contractor gets to the home, there are a number of things you'll want to discuss with them.

Full-Frame? Retrofitted?

The first thing that the window contractor will want to do is inspect your windows. They'll be able to see how much damage and deterioration that the windows have gone through and be able to give you an idea of how to proceed. In many cases, replacement is the best option to go with. Sometimes the contractor will say you can get retrofitted windows if your window frames are still in good condition. It always pays to go with a high-quality window that is manufactured by a reputable company. Windows are something that should last decades in your home, and if you only got a few years out of your last ones, then that's a major red flag into either the window manufacturer or the installer.

Energy Star Certification

You'll want to select windows that have the Energy Star certification sticker on them. This sticker proves that the windows have undergone all of the applicable testings to ensure they are energy-efficient. If you're living in a severely cold climate, you'll want to stay away from windows that don't have the Energy Star rating.

Fire Code Regulations

Another important thing to consider is the fire code regulations on your windows. If you're installing a window in a bedroom in your rental, that window must be fire-coded. That means it should be a size that is big enough for people to safely exit in case there is a fire that occurs in the home. The person in the bedroom should be able to operate the window without having to use any tools to easily get it open. The window will also need to be able to give a sufficient amount of ventilation in the room.

Specifications For Egress Windows

Egress windows in Ontario have to meet all of the required specifications:

  • Accessibility without having to use special tools
  • Not obstructed in any way
  • Max height of 1,000mm above the floor
  • If there is a window well, it needs a clearance of 550mm
  • A sash shouldn't lower the clearance if there is an emergency
  • If it's a sliding window, it needs to meet the applicable dimensions

What Types Of Windows Are There?

If you're looking for an egress window, you'll always want to make sure that it meets the criteria and standards for the room you're installing it in. Some common egress windows are:

  • Casement windows
  • Slider windows
  • Single/double-hung windows

No matter what type of window you're considering, make sure that it meets all of the criteria. No one wants to run the risk of installing what they think is an egress window and then have to later remove it and start over because it wasn't.

Multiple Window Replacement

If you're considering multiple window installations in Cold lake but aren't sure that you want to spend the money, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get it done. If you've been living in your home for twenty years and have replaced your windows since purchasing the home from the previous owner that also might not have replaced the windows during their homeownership, then it might be best to just get all of the windows replaced at the same time. Sometimes you can benefit from discounts and promotions if you're installing a large number of windows at the same time.

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