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Cloud Computing can be described as the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, process, manage data rather than a local server or a personal computer.Nowadays, so many companies are in the market, which has been offering these computing services are known as Cloud-Based Services.Cloud-Based services have so many different types of services such as Unified Communication including Cloud Telephony, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, etc.Unified Communication ServicesIt is a type of framework was made for integrating various asynchronous and real-time communication tools.The main motive of Unified Communication Solutions is improving business communication, collaboration, and productivity.UC works on an interconnected system of business communication devices and their applications instead of using a singular technology.Its framework has some beneficial business communication tools such as Internet Protocol (IP) telephony and video and audio conferencing.This type of tools is known as Synchronous Communication.Now we are going to discuss the part of Unified Communications Such as:· Cloud Telephony· Audio Conferencing· Video ConferencingCloud TelephonyCloud Telephony is one of the latest technologies of Cloud Computing.
All business owners have excellent business sense and strategies to manage their businesses. But for almost two years, The world is facing one of the most dangerous pandemics – COVID-19 which has lead to a health and economic crisis. The COVID-19 has pushed all the businesses to do work from home (WFH) which is the safest thing to do nowadays but is not as productive as going to the office. Teleworking means working from home or remotely using modern technology and telecommunications to remain in touch with the employer, employees, or customers. Types of Teleworking Solutions: Cloud Video Conferencing Contact Center Solution Hosted Phone System. Cloud Video Conferencing When in-person meetings are impossible or impractical, video conferencing is the best alternative.
What is Cloud TelephonyCloud Telephony is a kind of UCaaS that means Unified Communications as a Service that offers voice communication service by a third-party host.Cloud Telephony can be application or web-based.Cloud-based Communications Providers build, Operate and maintain standardized telephony platform offerings on servers, with customers gaining remote access - via the internet - on a subscription or as-needed basis.Cloud Calling Services allows users to make calls directly from any computer or mobile device with only an internet connection and free businesses from the burden of purchasing and storing stand-alone hardware such as PBX boxes and any handsets.Benefits and Drawback of Cloud Telephony and Contact Center SolutionCost Efficient: By using Offloading hosting and management responsibilities to a cloud communications provider with its subscription and pay per use systems that allow resources pooling.Most CT services built-in failover modes that make sure a backup is available if a problem occurs with a connection.Scalable: Any enterprise can typically add or change their employee telephone number on demand but via a self-service portal they can add or change their employee telephone number on their own or by a support team of Service providers.Transparent: Most of the UCaaS platforms provide rich data analytics, offering information about user behavior and insight into optimizing employee efficiency.Cloud telephony vs. VoIPVirtually all cloud telephony platforms use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, but all VoIP systems are not run in the cloud.Basically, the term VoIP indicates how calling data travels over the internet via IP packet-switched connections.An Organization can select to house its VoIP system on-site (PBX) or outsource it to a third-party provider (cloud telephony).Some enterprises create hybrid VoIP environments that use both cloud-based and on-premises calling technology, often as part of a long-term cloud migration strategy.Cloud Telephony is also known as Cloud PBX System, so if anyone wants to choose Cloud PBX India Instead of Cloud Telephony then they can also come to the Cloud Telephony Provider and opt for Cloud PBX Service.Cloud Telephony is the bright future of telephony services, when ordinary telephone system like Landline, mobile and PBX could not fulfil need to business then Cloud Telephony was invented.
Cloud Telephony is the bright future of telephony services when an ordinary telephone system like Landline, mobile and PBX could not fulfill the need to business then Cloud Telephony was invented.Hosted telephony refers to an online business communication system and requires to setup own data-center to provide it regular monitoring and carve out the best results and services.How does Cloud Telephony work?In Cloud Telephony, all calls are made through the published number that is actually a Cloud or Hosted Telephony number.In this system, the customer doesn’t make calls to your office's lines or your mobile directly.Basically, the entire process gets migrated to the cloud communication systems.Hosted Telephony can be used for outgoing as well as incoming calls.Firstly, it is used for Incoming calls and second for Outgoing calls.Call Can be Taken OnMobile PhoneLandlineLaptopSystemBasic Areas, where Cloud Telephony can help you for your businessesSmooth Customer SupportEvery business has the most important part of their business is Customers but fielding customer calls can be overwhelming— “Customers come from different as well as multiple locations and they need your executives solving different issues, customers run over-time, missed calls are beeping most of the time and worst of all, they need your executive glued to their seats.” But through Cloud Telephony, all calls can be managed infinitely easy with the ability to receive multiple calls in parallel, record calls to analyze issues, track time and route calls.Supports Remote WorkingThis technology inherently allows today’s remote and flexible work culture and supports employees to receive calls on their own mobile devices.Nowadays, many businesses operate from multiple locations, and hosted telephony makes this process easy to allow employees to work from anywhere.
Traditionally, phone numbers were tied to a physical location, specific phone, device, or office.These phone numbers were designed to work for a single phone which is physically connected via a public switched telephone network (PSTN).In cases where businesses need to have more than one phone number, they either have to add a new phone number or an on-premises PBX for routing calls.International Local PresenceBusinesses can deploy Virtual Number based on the area code in different cities or states, allowing foreign businesses to establish a local presence where they're not physically located while reducing the cost of your incoming calls.Measure and optimize Sales, Marketing, Or Advertising Campaign performance.It's imperative that you measure the effectiveness of the sales, marketing, or advertising campaigns with the right metrics for better ROI.
Cloud Telephony Solutions is also known as Unified Communications as a Services that the new age business communication model which serves from the cloud.It can replace the traditional method of business communication through software.CloudConnect is a cloud telephony provider which makes a solution for the new-age digital era.It offers a superior business communication platform to our clients with Hosted IVR to improve their business productivity with 99% uptime.Cloud telephony completely moves the entire business telephony system to Cloud that can reduce the hardware installation, setup, and maintenance cost.Hosted or Cloud telephony business communication system allows real-time call monitoring feature through that live customer calls can be tracked and managed in the dashboard.CloudConnect is a provider of Cloud Telephony, which offers important core features like live call feed, users' online and offline status, call transfer, and call recording which increases the performance of the users and their productivities. 
Business Communication is one of the most important parts of businesses.Communication is the most important part of business growth, and we all know that communications are two types, one is Internal and the second is external.Both communication processes need a way that can help in business communications.Now we are going to discuss Business Communication solutions that are Cloud Telephony.What is Cloud Telephony?Cloud Telephony is also known as hosted telephony, which is a modern technology that moves your telephone system on the cloud.This is not a traditional PBX; it is Virtual PBX systems that can be set up at zero infrastructural cost or zero CAPEX.There are innumerable benefits that this telephony system offers over the conventional PBX system.Cloud Telephony productsVirtual number     A 10-digit business phone number, at the back of which multiple phone numbers can be mapped.Toll-free number  A virtual number that lets your callers make call you for free.Interactive Voice Response      IVR interacts with your callers via DTMF keypad tones or voice, and routes call as per the caller’s requirement.Distributed Call Centre  You can manage all your call centers from a single centralized location, on the cloud.Bulk SMS     This can enable you to send a large number of voice mail to different recipients at once.Why Cloud Telephony is Best?Keep your business awake while you even sleep.Expand your business territory with a single 10-digit number.Give holiday to your receptionist.
After Adopting Cloud Businesses have been growing at a faster rate than ever before, accelerated following the recent crises by Covid-19 Lockdown, and businesses of all sizes are hugely benefiting from cloud adoption.From improvements to your customer journey to better-engaged staff, right through to costs savings on office space and in-house hardware.Cloud Telephony Solution is just a way in which your business can take benefits from migrating to the cloud.Now we are going to discuss some benefits of cloud adoption in the form of UCaaS.It Can Save MoneyWe all know that Traditional PBX Systems are expensive.They need maintenance, they can quickly become outdated and they take up valuable space in your office.Cloud Telephony or Cloud-Based Phone System is more cost-effective than a traditional landline as it runs across your already installed internet connection, saving you cost on your line rental.We can move away from making large investments in bulky hardware.No matter you have 1 or 1000 Users, a hosted telephony system from CloudConnect will give you the professionalism and capability of a fully-featured traditional phone system.Your productivity will increaseMoving to a cloud-based phone system is quick to set up and really easy to install your business systems.It will handle all of your inbound and outbound calls and will ensure your customers can always reach you, no matter where you are.It’s more reliable than a traditional phone systemBetter Communication is fundamental to our business’ success.
YakoVoice is the No.1 Cloud Telephony Service Provider in India.Cloud-based call center solutions incorporate best practices in call record management, lead optimization, IVR routing, and database management.Call center software can truly revolutionize the way that you see call management.For more information, visit our website or contact us at 7874078740.
A Contact Center Software enables the business to handle customer interactions.Traditionally, call center customer service solution has been equated with only voice interactions.But nowadays time is in progress and the customer have moved on from only voice calls to some other mode of communications.With this solution the agents can easily place their outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track key call center metrics.Through this, agents also can perform easily workforce management and upload automated scripts.Now we switch to Cloud PBX Solution this is a business phone system which is hosted entirely on servers in offsite data centers and powered over the internet.Cloud PBX Solution can help you to provide more features than a traditional PBX Phone system, which enables a non-technical administrator to easily set everything up.You can also use Cloud Telephony Solutions for your Business Communications.
YakoVoice is the No.1 Cloud Telephony Service Provider in India.Find how Cloud-based call center solutions help the business to simplify your business communication process.Cloud-based call center solutions incorporate best practices in call record management, lead optimization, IVR routing, and database management.For more information, visit our website or contact us at 7874078740.
YakoVoice is the No.1 Cloud Telephony Service Provider in India.If you are new to cloud telephony or don't want to take the burden of handling cloud telephony, We will do it for you.Just give a call and our dedicated team will take care and handle each and every aspect of cloud telephony for your business.For more information, visit our website or contact us at 7874078740.
Business Call Management system is an integrated system that routes your business calls through the telephonic system using some parameters, rules, and conditions.Find out how your business gets advantaged by adopting an advanced call management system.For more information, visit our website or contact us at 9638899885.
Basically, cloud telephony means, voice services managed through a cloud.This system is cost-effective and it is not required to set up any physical infrastructure for the same.Learn how start-ups can use cloud telephony to improve customer experience and service quality.For more information, visit our website or contact us at 9638899885.
Number masking is the ultimate process to secure a customer's numbers from getting misused.Yako number masking is also utilized by companies to hide their personal number when interacting with customers.It applies the same when a customer is calling any unknown representative for services.For more information, visit our website or you can also contact us at 9638899885.
Cloud telephony is the real solution where you won't need any old telecom lines and all your business communication will be switched to the cloud.For more information, visit our website or you can also contact us at 9638899885.
This also refers to the services of contact centers through a cloud Platform.Let’s begin by understanding what cloud contact centers are.A Cloud Contact Center is a robust collection of resources and software for call centers or a company's customer service departments.A contact center in the cloud can include Cloud Telephony tools and applications, messaging like chat, SMS, social media, bot, etc.Modernization strategies for call centers will easily change everything and produce more efficient outcomes.Over the last few years, customer support has made numerous strides.Like email, chat, text the most popular tool for all businesses and chatbots is also considered.Modern Contact Center Solution FeaturesLet's take a look at the standard aspects of current cloud based Contact Center solutions to understand how business support and sales processes are modernized.Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Interactive voice response is one of the most common software features in the contact center.The customer has a good deal of time with an IVR that encourages agents to take advantage of the time to help their customers rather than to find and route them.
Of course, On-premise suits you better.However, as cloud telephony shift every year at 27 percent, you have started wondering if it might be right for you too.Perhaps you are the kind of company for which the right answer is cloud telepathy.What businesses are opting for a cloud telephony system and why?Organizations with offices spanning multiple locations and/or having a remote workforce.The development of an on-premise phone system may be a challenge for organizations, whose staff are dispersed in different locations.Protection, implementation — it has a logistic nightmare in its entirety.Join the cloud, with an internet connexion and the right passwords, and you can access data anywhere in the world without thinking about protection-it is a burden for your company, not on your own.From every corner of the planet, your people will talk to their customers.Particularly now that a telephone call is not the best way to solve things quickly — features such as video conferencing, virtual meeting rooms and working resources such as to monitor, file, media, and the information exchanged quickly became the modal role of conventional telephone systems that are not easily accommodated.
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